About Me Synergy Heart & Health

About Me Synergy Heart & Health

Let Nature help to manage lowering cholesterol serrapeptase

Hello, my name is Fintan,  thank you for visiting, you are most welcome to my website. I work in healthcare, and this page is about me synergy heart & health. I believe in letting nature take care of us, especially when it comes to our health. 

I have had my own health challenges over the years, I started this website because I believe that natural products can help with many common health conditions including how to manage high blood pressure.

Research on natural solutions

Thanks to my research on natural solutions I have been able to overcome my own health challenges and become healthy again thank God, if you have have some health challenges you may find a solution in my natural health store.Advanced Bionutritionals

I have been down the road of prescribed medications, to be honest in my case I have found natural products gave me much more effective and longer lasting results without side effects.  

This doesn’t mean that by stopping medications in favor of a “natural” product is a wise thing to do.  

Having said that I am in favour of natural products that are backed by science and supported by doctors.

Heard about Collagen?

Collagen complete support for your skin from withinFor example Collagen,

A number of studies show that Collagen supports your skin’s natural structure and firmness by reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Collagen supports and repairs damage to skin caused by everyday activities, it is the key to the suppleness of joints and bone strength.

Collagen is a large proportion of your internal organs and muscle mass, by supplementing your diet with collagen peptides you support your body’s natural production of collagen.

Take a look at the newest Collagen Complex

Doctor Sam Robbins

I particularly like what Doctor Sam Robbins and his team are providing in the area of natural pain reduction supplements 

I prefer to give you as much information as possible on health conditions, causes, symptoms, treatments, side effects, along with a natural alternative or to supplement your existing treatment.  

Vita Balance USA

I’m a big fan of Vita Balance, they are based in the USA, they source all their own herbs so they can stand over their products quality.

For diabetics that struggle with the symptoms of diabetes I recommend that you take a look at their natural product Blood Sugar support.

For people that suffer from prostate problems I recommend that you take a closer look at this natural alternative to prescription medicines that doesn’t have the same side effects.

Take care of your prostate

Should you have any questions on the products or a health question, please use the contact form at the top.

I will get back to you with an answer within 24 hours.

This is the home page of Synergy Heart & Health, this website was inspired by reading the success stories of people that were willing to try natural alternatives in conjunction with or in place of prescription medicines.

About Me Synergy Hearth & Health: Doctors prescribe medication

I realize that doctors are trained to prescribe medicines from your pharmacy for every conceivable health condition, however I feel that there are products where the formulas are based on science that are  backing up natural products like Serrapeptase and Nattokinase.

Doctor formulated supplements

I am an affiliate of Advanced Bionutritionals company, so if you ever purchase any of their doctor formulated supplements from this site I will get a commission that helps me to maintain this site and keep you up to date with the latest research and information on natural health products.

Heart disease

Heart disease is a disease that affects millions of families every day, people are dying from heart attacks or stroke, I believe that supplements for heart health do work if people are prepared to give them a fair try. Continue reading about me synergy heart & health.


From my research I discovered a wonderful enzyme Serrapeptase and what it could do for people in terms of inflammation, swelling and pain, since then Serrapeptase has become known as the “Miracle Enzyme” it has gained in popularity because of its anti inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

Serrapeptase is wonderful enzyme it is used extensively throughout the world for many ailments such as;

  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Poor circulation
  • COPD
  • Blocked fallopian tubes
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome

Serrapeptase is safe to take even with other medications it can be purchased in different strengths ranging from 80,000 to 250,000 IU meaning units of enzymatic activity.


Good Health Naturally

The Good Health Naturally website has all the details on Serrapeptase and many other successful enzyme formulas that are helping people with a multitude of health conditions worldwide.

This website will give you all the Serrapeptase information that you need, product reviews, scientific references, Serrapeptase customer testimonials and so much more.

I particularly like the enzyme Serrapeptase because of how it has helped me with painful inflammation in my left hip known as bursitis.

In fact this website contains a lot of information on Serrapeptase “The Miracle Enzyme” including what Serrapeptase is good for, Serrapeptase side effects, Serrapeptase dosage and Serrapeptase studies. 


One other excellent enzyme Nattokinase is a good natural alternative for heart related conditions like heart disease and high blood pressure.

I like to write about common health conditions such as bursitis, heart disease, high blood pressure, arthritis, osteoporosis, how to lower high cholesterol and much much more. 


I research each condition thoroughly citing any scientific evidence related to a natural remedy for that condition. 

I go into detail about the causes, symptoms and treatments for each health issue. 

I am always searching for new information on inflammation, high cholesterol and heart disease and other inflammatory conditions so that I have the best scientific information to bring to you. 

New online health magazine available here.

Natural treatment for pain and inflammation

Recently, I came across a new Curcumin product that is used to reduce pain and inflammation, if you suffer from arthritis or other long term pain, this new Curcumin supplement formulated by doctors may be of interest to you.

My blog can be found at the top menu, it is one of the top 75 heart blogs in the world. 




The following products are from Advanced Bionutritionals, and I absolutely love the quality of this companies products – I can’t recommend it enough.

PerfectAmino Tablets

Cutting Edge Amino Acid Supplement Formula

This supplement gives you eight essential amino acids to support and maintain your body’s muscular, skeletal, enzymatic, and hormonal systems.

Our supplement includes the following amino acids: L-Isoleucine, L-Leucine, L-Lysine HCl, L-Methionine, L-Phenylalanine, L-Threonine, L-Tryptophan and L-Valine.

PerfectAmino® tablets contain no soy, dairy or gluten and is vegan sourced from non-GMO ingredients. This amino acid supplement is designed to be efficiently used by the body, producing very little waste.

PerfectAmino® is manufactured in the USA from globally sourced ingredients in a GMP FDA registered facility.

This formula is also available as an amino acids powder.


CircO2 Nitric Oxide

Support Healthy Nitric Oxide Production

As you probably know, nitric oxide is a little gas molecule produced in our bodies. It impacts the health of every cell, tissue, and organ.

It is an important signaling molecule between cells. It plays a critical role in supporting healthy circulation. And recent studies show nitric oxide plays a major role in supporting a healthy immune system.

In fact, it is so important that the scientists who discovered what it does for us won the Nobel Prize.

Nitric oxide is vitally important to our health. That’s why it’s so important to maintain healthy nitric oxide levels as we grow older.

Now you can support healthy nitric oxide production in your body with our nitric oxide lozenges.


Advanced Memory Formula

Protect Brain Health & Support Mental Performance

This cutting-edge memory supplement gives you nine powerful, well-researched nutrients shown to support mental performance and protect your brain health as you age, including…

#1:NeuroFactor™ —This powerful, newly-discovered ingredient is the first natural compound that’s been shown in studies to increase BDNF (brain-derived neurotropic factor) in humans.

#2: Bacopa — The Rishi holy men attributed their ability to recite hours of prayer to a tea brewed from bacopa which grew on the banks of the Ghanges River.

You’ll also find Alpha-GPC to support the neurotransmitters in the brain. Phosphatidylserine (PS) to support healthy brain cell membranes. Acetyl L-Carnitine (ALC) to support myelin, the white matter that protects nerves. Luteolin to support a healthy inflammatory response in the brain. Blueberry to keep your memory sharp and stay coordinated as you age. And finally Gingko biloba, long used in Chinese medicine to support healthy circulation in the brain.

Many people who take Advanced Memory Formula begin to notice a difference in the first month. Of course, the longer you take it, the sharper you’ll likely feel.

Advanced Memory Formula is manufactured in the USA from globally sourced ingredients by Formulation Technology, Inc.

Tens of thousands of people have used this memory supplement to support their memory, enjoy mental clarity and focus, and help protect their brains as they age.


Advanced Liver Support Supplement

Support Your Liver With These Vital Nutrients

Every day the liver has to perform over 500 essential functions. Which is why it’s vitally important that you support your liver to keep you healthy.

Your liver does not work in isolation. It gets support from other systems in your body. So it’s just as important to support those other organs too. Check out these nutrient rich ingredients that support both your liver and other important parts of your body:

#1: Alpha Lipoic Acid – An antioxidant powerhouse that helps recharge Vitamin C and Vitamin E.

#2: Phosphatidylcholine – Helps support your brain and is also vital for liver health.

#3: Milk Thistle – Supports a healthy inflammation response.

#4: Selenium – This helps your liver produce an enzyme that protects against oxidative stress.

In addition, there are also four other vital nutrients for liver support:

Glycyrrhizin found in licorice supports the liver as well as the adrenal glands.

Royal Agaricus is a medicinal mushroom that includes beta-1,3-glucans to help support your immune system along with supporting your liver’s natural detoxification process.

Quercetin supports a healthy inflammatory response in the liver.

N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine is a precursor to glutathione, which is your body’s “master detoxifier.”

Advanced Liver Support is manufactured in the USA from globally sourced ingredients by Formulation Technology, Inc.

Join all the people that use this formula to support their liver and other organs as they age.


Ultimate Bone Support

Includes Ten Bone-Supporting Nutrients

Research suggests there is an often ignored mineral that helps support bone growth and collagen growth in women.

This ingredient is called silica. Studies suggest that silica helps support the production of osteoblasts, the cells that build bone.

Silica is available in our bone support supplement. This advanced formula gives you a mix of nine bone supporting nutrients including:

Vitamin K2 which supports the production of two proteins in your body called osteocalcin and matrix-gla. These proteins help deposit calcium to your bones.

Vitamin D3 or cholecalciferol, a highly absorbable form of vitamin D. Study after study demonstrates the important role vitamin D plays in bone health.

L-lysine to support the collagen in your bones. Collagen is like “glue” that holds your bones together.

Plus the minerals strontium, boron, manganese, copper and zinc to support your bones too.

Our bone support supplement was designed for women to support strong and healthy bones. Join the more than 77,000 women to date who have started taking Ultimate Bone Support.


Pure Sleep

Honokiol Magnolia Bark, Passion Flower & Melatonin

This remarkable formula helps fight occasional sleeplessness. It calms and soothes your mind and helps support your natural body rhythms.

Pure Sleep features Honokiol, an extract from magnolia bark. Honokiol helps raise GABA levels in the brain. GABA is a brain chemical that helps act like the “brakes” on your brain. It helps slow down your racing mind that makes you feel anxious and stressed at night.

Traditional Chinese Medicine has used honokiol for 2,000 years to help with stress and occasional anxiousness.

Along with honokiol, Pure Sleep features 17 other ingredients to help support healthy sleep. Including …

Lemon Balm contains compounds that bond with the receptors in the brain that promote relaxation and positive feelings.

Passion Flower has been used for centuries as a soothing solution for occasional sleeplessness.

Melatonin is a hormone that helps regulate your day/night cycle.

L-theanine helps your brain generate alpha waves. Alpha waves help relax the mind without inducing drowsiness.

L-tryptophan is an amino acid that helps promote serotonin production.

Plus an exclusive blend of Traditional Chinese Herbs to improve your overall sleep quality.

Why toss and turn all night? Pure Sleep is a safe, easy way to experience restful, relaxing sleep.

Pure Sleep is manufactured in the USA from globally sourced ingredients by EcoNugenics, Inc. in a facility that meets or exceeds Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

Join all the people that use this formula to help them fall asleep and stay asleep.


Perfect Amino Powder

Our Best Tasting Amino Acid Supplement Powder

This cutting-edge amino acids powder gives you eight essential amino acids to support and maintain your body’s muscular, skeletal, enzymatic, and hormonal systems.

These include: L-Leucine, L-Valine, L-Isoleucine, L-Lysine HCl, L-Phenylalanine, L-Threonine, L-Methionine and L-Tryptophan.

It is designed to be efficiently used by the body, producing very little waste. It contains no soy, dairy or gluten and is vegan sourced from non-GMO ingredients.

Perfect Amino is manufactured in the USA from globally sourced ingredients in a GMP FDA registered facility.

This formula is also available as an amino acids tablets.


Advanced Blood Pressure Formula

Promote Healthy Blood Pressure

This special blend of herbs and nutrients is designed to promote healthy blood pressure and support the heart and circulatory systems. These blood pressure support nutrients include:#1: Hibiscus – In a randomized, double-blind, placebo controlled clinical study on 65 adults, those subjects who took hibiscus saw better blood pressure support than those who took a placebo.

#2: Magnesium – Contributes 50 mg elemental magnesium—the amount in two tablespoons of peanut butter or one medium avocado.

#3: Chinese Herbal Blend – A blend of 11 Chinese herbs that has been used for over 2,000 years in traditional Chinese medicine to support healthy blood pressure.


Chinese Salvia Root
Rhizome Tree Peony Root Bark
Chinese Skullcap Root
Gardenia Fruit
Rhizome Pearl Shell
Scabrous Gentian Root
Rhizome Rehmannia Root
Tuber Achyranthes Root
Prunella Vulgaris Fruit Spike
Chrysanthemum Flower

Advanced Blood Pressure Formula is manufactured in the USA from globally sourced ingredients by Formulation Technology, Inc.

Join all the people that use this formula to support healthy blood pressure as they age.


Advanced Vision Formula

Tired Eyes & Fatigue Caused By Eyestrain?

Relieve tired eyes, reduce fatigue caused by eyestrain, and support eye health with this vision supplement. It contains essential nutrients and antioxidants to support the health of your eyes.


#1: Astaxanthin. There are protective sheaths around the retina that protect them from damage called the blood-retina barrier. This barrier keeps out harmful fungi and bacteria. Unfortunately, it also keeps out most antioxidants (including beta carotene). But in a landmark study, researchers at Johns Hopkins found that astaxanthin can cross the barrier! Now using AstaZine® brand natural astaxanthin.

#2: Bilberry. You may already know that bilberry is a potent antioxidant that WWII pilots took to improve their night vision.

#3: Lutein is an important carotenoid for eye health. But many formulas skimp on lutein … or leave it out completely! Advanced Vision Formula features an impressive 10 mg of lutein daily.

#4: Citicoline® gives you neuroprotective support for the nerve cells in your eyes.

#5: Beta Glucan: is a powerful polysaccharide that helps slow the absorption of higher level glycemic index carbohydrates to promote eye health and function.

#6: Zeaxanthin is another carotenoid that supports your eyes. You’ll find a full 3 mg daily.

#7: Gingko Biloba supports healthy blood flow to the eyes.

#8: L-Taurine has been shown to support the retinas.

And 8 more ingredients shown to protect your eyes from free radical damage.

Advanced Vision Formula contains 15 nutrients to support healthy vision. It is manufactured in the USA from globally sourced ingredients by Formulation Technology, Inc.

Join all the people that use this supplement to support the health of their eyes as they age.


Advanced Blood Sugar Formula

Advanced Blood Sugar Formula Description

This formula for blood sugar contains a blend of herbs and nutrients including such as Bitter Melon, Turmeric, Berberine and more to promote healthy blood sugar and normal insulin sensitivity throughout the body.Benefits of these herbs include:

#1: Berberine. Used for centuries in traditional Chinese Medicine, berberine has more recently been show to support insulin sensitivity and normal blood sugar levels.

#2: Bitter Melon. Research suggests that bitter melon supports healthy blood sugar. It also supports healthy levels of AMPK – which supports healthy thyroid function, insulin levels, and glucose metabolism.

#3: Turmeric. This yellow spice has been used to promote proper inflammatory response for over 2,500 years.

#4: Gymnema sylvestra. This Indian herb is a staple in most blood sugar formulas, and with good reason. Studies suggest that gymnema supports healthy blood sugar and insulin levels.

#5: Amla. This India fruit supports your heart, arteries, nerves, and eyes.

Plus the nutrients chromiumcinnamon, and magnesium.

Advanced Blood Sugar Formula is manufactured in the USA from globally sourced ingredients by Formulation Technology, Inc.

Join all the people that use this formula to support healthy blood sugar as they age.


Curcumitol-Q – BioBDMC Curcumin Supplement

Curcumitol-Q® Benefits

Protects Your Heart – Studies show curcumin can help you maintain healthy cholesterol levels and protect your heart.

Sharpens Your Memory and Thinking – A UCLA study shows curcumin supports the nerve networks in your brain that are vital to learning and memory. And can help ward off age-related memory loss.

Strengthens Your Cartilage – Curcumin protects the cells found in cartilage called chondrocytes from inflammatory compounds.

Improves Your Digestion – Curcumin supports a healthy inflammatory response in your gut and supports healthy digestion.

Brightens Your Moods – Curcumin has been shown to lift blue moods by supporting healthy levels of brain derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF).


Integrative Digestive Formula

Integrative Digestive FormulaTM Description

This cutting-edge formula helps support healthy digestion and provides temporary relief of heartburn, bloating, gas, indigestion, constipation, and diarrhea.It does this in five important ways:

#1: It “warms” your digestion with a combination of herbs and spices traditionally used in Chinese medicine to support digestion including ginger root, black pepper, cassia bark, lesser galangal root, tangerine peel, and Henon bamboo.

#2: It supports your entire digest tract with herbs that have been used in the Ayurvedic tradition to support digestive health for thousands of years including pomegranate seed, cardamom fruit, sacred lotus, and deglycrrhizinated licorice.

#3: It supports a healthy immune system with medicinal mushrooms like Hericium, Maitake, and Poria.

#4: It supports mineral balance by providing zinc and chromium.

#5: It replenishes digestive enzymes to help you better digest fats, proteins, and carbohydrates.

See how much better you can feel and how much easier it is to digest the foods you love!

Integrative Digestive Formula is manufactured in the USA from globally sourced ingredients by EcoNugenics, Inc. in a facility that meets or exceeds Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

Join all the people that use this formula to support their digestion.



Circutol® Description

Designed by Dr. Isaac Eliaz, Circutol® supports healthy circulation and promotes the health of your heart. This special blend of ingredients includes:

Medicinal Mushrooms, Chinese Salvia Root, Nattokinase, Hawthorn berry, Reishi, Cordyceps, and L-carnitine.

Thank you for reading about me synergy heart & health

There you have it, about me synergy heart & health. I hope you benefit from these products as much as I do.