Month: April 2018

Serrapeptase warnings Why should we listen if someone tells us or if we hear or read a Serrapeptase warning? To be honest the best reason to heed a Serrapeptase warning or any other warning about a natural supplement or drug that we are about to put into our bodies should be taken seriously. We hear about reported […]

Serrapeptase testimonials-Real people These are unsolicited Serrapeptase Testimonials from people who use our natural products because they work! Hi Robert, In January, my bad cholesterol was 212, my triglycerides were 476, and my blood sugar level was 124. The doctor couldn’t measure my good cholesterol, because my triglycerides were so high. In the second week […]

Serrapeptase benefits two weeks Serrapeptase is a wonderful pretolytic enzyme, so good for many health conditions including reducing inflammation, pain and swelling, the benefits of using a natural enzyme like Serrapeptase are many. So what are Serrapeptase benefits two weeks? Serrapeptase history Serrapeptase aka Serratio Peptidase is a protein dissolving enzyme (pretolytic) meaning it can […]