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Month: April 2018

Serrapeptase-Side effects on the liver

Serrapeptase-Side effects on the liver I get asked a lot whether Serrapeptase has any side effects on the liver, I have searched all relevant articles concerning any Serrapeptase side effects on the liver and to be honest there are few if any serious reported side effects or potential risks. Having said that it is prudent […]

Supplements-why should we take them?

Supplements-why should we take them? We hear a lot about natural supplements, they seem to have become really popular over the last twenty years or so. Why you might ask? I suppose many people have read about the side effects of prescription drugs and are looking for an alternative. Generally good quality natural supplements that […]

Serrapeptase warnings

Serrapeptase warnings Why should we listen if someone tells us or if we hear or read a Serrapeptase warning? To be honest the best reason to heed a Serrapeptase warning or any other warning about a natural supplement or drug that we are about to put into our bodies should be taken seriously. We hear about reported […]

Sinus infection symptoms treatment-help

Sinus infection symptoms People sometimes think that a bad cold is a sinus infection, understandably many of the symptoms are the same, runny nose, congestion, headache or facial pain.However, and it’s not the same as a cold because the symptoms of a sinus infection may be may have originated from a bacterial infection. Very often a sinus […]

How to relieve Hip Bursitis pain

How to relieve Hip Bursitis pain Hip bursitis pain is quite common. Are you in extreme hip pain and not sure what is causing it? The pain is always there and the only relief that you get is from painkillers or by sitting down. I know exactly how you feel because I have been there myself. […]

Serrapeptase testimonials-Real people

Serrapeptase testimonials-Real people These are unsolicited Serrapeptase Testimonials from people who use our natural products because they work! Hi Robert, In January, my bad cholesterol was 212, my triglycerides were 476, and my blood sugar level was 124. The doctor couldn’t measure my good cholesterol, because my triglycerides were so high. In the second week […]

10 Ways Serrapeptase can help-hard to believe but TRUE!

10 Ways Serrapeptase can help 1.Pain relief Any pain in your body will alert you that something isn’t right and sometimes the pain can intense. Pain is usually associated with inflammation, which means your body is trying to heal itself, red skin,soreness and pain are common symptoms and you need to do something about the […]

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