Natural Hip Bursitis pain relief

Natural hip bursitis pain relief

Natural hip bursitis pain relief

I will show you how I found a natural hip bursitis pain relief that actually works!

I should know how painful hip bursitis is because I had hip bursitis pain for over one year, I found that the pain in my hip started off in a small way and gradually went from being a lit bit troublesome to having a major impact on my day to day activities.

For example if I were to stand up in the one position for more than 5 minutes I would get a very sharp pain in my left hip, it got progressively worse so to get some pain relief I found myself having to sit down, that did help.

At the beginning the pain would be centered around my left hip bone, however over time the pain would extend all the way down my leg almost to my knee. I found that I had hip pain almost every day, it affected me at work, it affected my sleep because I would have to sleep on my good side to get pain relief.

I tried Ibuprofen for hip pain relief but to be honest I found only light relief not enough to make my life more comfortable.

Hip examination

 Hip pain diagnosis

After about the first year of putting up with the pain and hoping it would go away I made the decision to make an appointment with my doctor.

He did examine my hip and leg, he almost turned me upside down, twisting my leg and hip this way and that. He wasn’t sure whether I had arthritis or hip bursitis so I needed to go to a hospital for a hip Xray.

Following the hip Xray the hospital consultant informed me that 50% of the cartilage surrounding the hip had worn away, he said that luckily I didn’t need a hip operation however he did inform me that I would have to live with hip bursitis pain, for pain relief he recommended over the counter painkillers.

Treatment options

His advice on treatment options were over the counter prescription inflammatories or ibuprofen.

To be honest I’m not a big fan of prescription drugs, they are ok for a short time I did not like the side effects like muscle cramps and nausea, I began to look for natural hip bursitis pain relief.

Hip bursitis image
My hip bursitis

What did I do to relieve my hip bursitis?

First off I informed myself about the exact causes of hip bursitis pain, after a lot of research I found that sure enough inflammation is the number one cause of hip bursitis.

The bursa are very small sacs of fluid that surround the hip bone, basically the bursa are there to make sure your hip bone moves smoothly ever time you use it.

How does inflammation cause hip bursitis pain?

Inflammation causes swelling and pain in the hip bursa  area, it leads to discomfort and affects activities of daily living. I did my research on the causes of hip bursitis pain, I discovered that there was a powerful natural enzyme available that could put me on the right path and show me how to get a natural hip bursitis pain relief by dealing with the cause of the pain namely inflammation.


I purchased a good quality Serrapeptase the natural enzyme dosage was 250,000 IU by four times daily, did it work straightaway ? In my case hip bursitis pain relief took about 4 months in total to get rid of the pain altogether, now I am pain free, I can walk, stand up for long periods without any pain.

I can sleep and work without pain, you could call it success as a natural hip bursitis pain relief.

Are you in extreme hip pain and not sure what is causing it?

The pain is always there and the only relief that you get is from painkillers or by sitting down.

I know exactly how you feel because I have been there myself.

Does it hurt when you lie down? Mine did, until I found out how to relieve the pain in my hip.

Your pain may be a condition called hip bursitis, if that is what your diagnosis is Serrapeptase can help to relieve the pain in your hip.

I am going to show you how to relieve hip bursitis pain using a natural hip bursitis pain relief.

What causes hip pain?

It is possible that the hip pain is caused by arthritis, so a Doctor will give you a diagnosis or refer you to a specialist to diagnose your condition. For today I am going to focus on hip bursitis pain and what you can do to relieve the hip pain.

What is Bursitis?

First, let me explain what hip bursitis is, one of the most common spots for bursitis is the side of the hip, the bony bump is covered by a large tendon. We call the bony bump the greater trochanter, when inflammation occurs between this and the tendon we call it trochanteric bursitis.

As we age this becomes more of a problem but sometimes we see it in younger people who are very active and take part in exercises like running, biking or walking.

Natural hip bursitis pain relief
Hip bursitis symptoms

Hip bursitis pain will occur when there is friction between tendons, muscles and bones, within this trio we have what is known as a bursa. A bursa (a small sac of tissue) contains fluid to reduce friction and to lubricate the area.

When we have too much friction because of wear and tear or injury a bursa may become inflamed because of injury or too much friction in that area.

As a result of this the inflammation can cause pain and swelling and standing or walking will not help with the pain.

There are other circumstances where the bursa can become inflamed, for example by falling on the hip, this can lead to a bleed in the bursa and form a hematoma. Whilst this isn’t serious the bursa may become inflamed which can lead to the bursa becoming thickened and this can lead to regular irritation and over time may become chronic.

Hip bursirtisSymptoms of hip bursitis pain

The first sign of trochanteric bursitis is pain in the hip area right over the bump that where the greater trochanter is located, at times the pain will be felt down the side of the leg or outside of the thigh. As the pain worsens there may be hip joint stiffness and limping, eventually the hip bursitis pain will lead to ever present pain and may interrupt sleep.

Hip bursitis relief If the condition is brought on by overuse it can be remedied by changing the way you do your activities or by doing less activity.

Exercise program

In tandem try doing a stretching and exercising program, in young people a course of anti-inflammatory tablets will usually help with the hip pain. A physical therapist will use treatments like ice applications or heat to calm the inflammation.

Alternatively, hand massage therapy will help by improving strength in the hip and buttock areas which will enable the femur to move smoothly in the socket and reduce friction on the bursa area.


Treatment can take up to six weeks depending on the individual. Cortisone injection If rehab doesn’t reduce the bursitis hip pain the doctor will inject cortisone into the bursa to give temporary pain relief, it may not cure the hip pain but it will reduce the pain for a while.

Serrapeptase a natural hip pain relief supplement

Serrapeptase has been known to help with pain, swelling and inflammation for a number of years, it is well worth a try.

Serrapeptase is an enzyme, it is safe to take even with other medications.

It has worked amazingly well for me and you can read how I got rid of my hip pain by clicking here.


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  1. Thanks for sharing that interesting article. I have had hip pain for a while and didn’t even know about Hip Bursitis. 

    My Sister had to go through having a hip replacement last year and I helped her after the operation., so I got to see first hand how bad it can be. 

    I agree that taking anti inflammatory medication can have side effects and it is always a balance of taking theses drugs and functioning well on a daily basis.  

    I have found yoga to be helpful. I am keen to try your suggestions and if it means that it will work without the heavy medications then I think that is a great solution. 

    Thanks for the information.


    • Hi Karen,

      Thank you for commenting on the post, hip bursitis can be very painful so to have a natural solution is a good thing.


  2. Hello there, thanks for sharing this wonderful information. There are so many people who are suffering from this problem and do not have an idea of what it is. Some even go as far as getting drug which doesn’t relate to hip bursitis and it could be harmful bro their health. I’m am glad to have come across this post, as I now have a better understanding of it.I’ll also advice we see a doctor often and not joke with exercising. Best regards

  3. I’ve only recently started looking into hip pain, and I haven’t heard of the term Bursitis before, but I do suffer from pain in this area of my body and I think it’s down to road running every morning. 

    Just recently my morning run has been resulting in hip pain and even pain in my knee joints – I’m thinking this could be down to age maybe?

    Is Bursitis linked to running/jogging?

    • Hi Chris,

      Thank you for your comment, yes read running can cause hip pain but you would need a diagnosis to make sure for certain.


  4. Great, I’m very interested in your post as I have had knee bursitis before (water on the knee) as a runner and even when gardening, so I suspect hip bursitis is in the future for me…
    Your diagram is very helpful and just looking at it makes me cringe at how much pain that would be for the poor people that suffer from hip bursitis.

    Just a clarification on your own testimonial please, did you get a sharp pain on your left hip?
    Wow having that pain run down to your left knee and affecting your sleep and work must have been awful.

    Thanks for sharing your testimonial with Serrapeptase.
    Can I ask does this product help with cartilage regeneration?

    I take a preventative pharmaceutical grade joint health supplement with Circumin/Tumeric and 4 or more other ingredients that work synergistically together to hopefully prevent this type of problem by keeping my knees and hips healthy.

    Thanks so much for sharing, best of health, John

    • Hi John,

      Thank you for your comments, yes I did have a sharp pain almost down to my knee until the Serrapeptase started to reduce the pain, and no it won’t help with cartilage regeneration.


  5. A friend of mine suffers with hip pain, she has been enduring the pain for quite some time, however she did quite recently see her doctor, he done some tests and he suspects it is arthritis, but she is only 44 years old and personally I think this is a bit young to be suffering with arthritis, doctors have been known to make mistakes and though I certainly wouldn’t accuse anyone of making mistakes, I will however forward your post here to my friend so she can read it to see what she things, thank you for sharing.   

  6. Thank you so much for helping me with this post. I have been feeling some pains around my waist lately and a friend told me that I might have hip bursitis. Although I booked an appointment with my doctor already, I just wanted to know how to deal with it if it were really the case and Glady, you have shown how j can deal with it. I am very happy that you can help with defining what bursitis is because it sounded like some incurable problem.

  7. Wow, it’s always very good to get recommendations from someone who had the same issue before because that way, one’s mind will be assured that it can really work. I think that exercise is a basic way to suppress the pain but I believe that making use of serrapeptase and then bringing in good stretch routines etc will be of more benefits and will hasten the process. Nice post you have here. Thanks.

    • Hi Henderson,

      Thank you, yes exercise, stretching and Serrapeptase a great combination to relieve hip bursitis pain.


  8. Thanks for sharing such an Amazing article, it’ll help a lot of people keep being healthy. Hips Burris is one of the most common type of inflammation issues. My aunt Is a victim of this predicament and she’s tried a lot of medications that didn’t seem to be effective. I’ll share this post to her and I’m sure it’ll be of great help to her. Thanks for sharing, its helpful.


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