Serrapeptase warnings

Serrapeptase warnings
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Serrapeptase warnings

Serrapeptase warnings are to be honest few and far between, having said that its prudent to be aware of any potential side effects, that’s not to say we should ignore any Serrapeptase warnings.

Supplements are like drugs in the sense that just like a drug that we are about to put into our bodies any warnings should be taken seriously.

We hear about reported side effects concerning many different natural supplement products and drugs.

It stands to reason that each person’s body can react in different ways when something new is introduced to help with a particular health condition.

Warning, is Serrapeptase safe to take?

Based on my own experience and long term use of Serrapeptase, to be honest I haven’t had any side effects since I started taking this miracle enzyme two years ago.

Does that mean that I should talk to you about Serrapeptase warnings or is Serrapeptase safe to take?


Long term use of Serrapeptase and warnings 

We must be cautious about the long term use of this proteolytic enzyme only because we don’t have enough data on any long term studies of Serrapeptase use. However, this enzyme has been used for over 35 years throughout the world, many nutraceutical companies produce the tablet to a safe standard.

Reports of major side effects are few and far between.


Drug warnings

If you consider the side effects of taking pain killing drugs like Aspirin, Corticosteriod, Ibuprofen, for example during 2015 the FDA in the USA strengthened a warning concerning the increased risk of a heart attack or stroke if taking a higher dose of Ibuprofen.

The warning called on people to get medical attention immediately if they suddenly have slurred speech, breathing problems, chest pain or they experience a sudden weakness on one side of the body or in one part of the body.

Serrapeptase side effects

It could be considered a Serrapeptase warning because the enzyme can cause mild stomach irritation in older people,however the reports are rare. There are few reported bad interactions with prescription but it isn’t advisable to take Serrapeptase with blood thinners like Warfarin or Aspirin.

We recommend that when starting to take Serrapeptase only take a maximum of two tablets a day on an empty stomach with the lower doses i.e.: 40,000 IU or 80,000 IU.

We  have no reported deaths from people taking this enzyme, in fact most evidence would suggest that the health benefits outweigh any side effects on most common health conditions without Serrapeptase warnings.

Serrapeptase is unlike Aspirin and Nsaid’s where we see reports of people dying each year in the USA and Canada so there is no need for Serrapeptase warnings.

Serrapeptase recommended dosage

Serrapeptase dosage
Serrapeptase recommended dosage

When dealing with an inflammatory condition like
sinusitis,arthritis,colitis,psoriasis,the recommended dosage would appear to be 10-30 milligram daily (in unit’s of activity that equates to 20,000 to 60,000)

However if you are taking your advice from a health practitioner they may recommend a much higher dose depending on how severe your condition is.

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Take on an empty stomach

Always take Serrapeptase on an empty stomach because if
taken with food it will digest the food but won’t start to work on the inflammation.
In my experience I use enteric coated Serrapeptase because stomach acids can’t break down enteric coated Serrapeptase.

This will allow the enzyme to reach into the small intestines where it will be absorbed into the bloodstream and gets to work reducing inflammation effectively, on the whole I must say that Serrapeptase warnings are few and far between.