Why should we take supplements?

Why should we take supplements?

Why should we take supplements, there are logical reasons for including a food supplement in your diet. We hear a lot about natural alternatives, they seem to have become really popular over the last twenty years or so. Why you might ask?

I suppose many people have read about the side effects of prescription drugs and are looking for an alternative. Generally good quality natural supplements that are made from whole foods don’t have too many side effects, a lot depends on the individual’s health,their metabolism, other medications and lifestyle.

If you are looking for a natural alternative to help with pain or inflammation it makes sense to look for a supplement that has ingredients that you understand, the less ingredients the better so you don’t lose the effect of the main ingredient.

Do your research on why should we take supplements, I understand that it takes time but it’s for the best in the long run.Click here for more on supplements and inflammation.

Why should we take supplements
Whole food base supplements

Whole food supplements

Look for supplements that are have a whole food base, check the label, in other words if you read the main ingredient as a fruit or vegetable that you are familiar with the chances are that supplement will be quality guaranteed.

Multi-vitamins generally contain fruit or vegetable as the main ingredient so you are more than likely going to buy a quality product.

Be careful when purchasing supplements and vitamins because many are filled with binders and fillers which are synthetic. Usually the best quality product made from whole food costs a little more but as usual you get what you pay for.

Organic supplements

A good example of an expensive natural supplement is organic vitamins, generally they are worth the money, so spending a little bit more on a vitamin or supplement that is organic is usually worth the extra investment.

These vitamins and supplements use organic sources and don’t have any additives or chemicals, so in my opinion they should be your number one choice especially if you are conscious and have allergies.

Supplements for pain relief & inflammation


Supplements are made from existing organically grown substances; they help the body in a gentle way without side effects. Because the ingredients are natural they do not work as fast as drugs for inflammation to relieve pain and inflammation.

Having said that they do work well as a natural inflammation treatment offering acute pain relief in the shorter term, whilst over time working powerfully creating a gradual but lasting change in the health condition.

So it’s really about taking the natural alternative to relieve pain and inflammation for longer to give your system a chance to recover from pain and inflammation, this is the reason that natural health practitioners will often ask you to take more of the natural enzymes at the start to give it time to build up in your system.

Follow the instructions on the label, these are the minimum doses (guidelines only) so for acute conditions the dosage can be increased, in some case doubled or maybe tripled.

It is advisable to be cautious as taking too much can have a toxic effect on the body, always ask for advice from the person who sold it to you.