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Month: August 2018

High Blood pressure supplements review

High blood pressure supplements review High blood pressure is a serious long-term condition, according to the World Health Organization high blood pressure is responsible for over 7.5 million deaths worldwide each year. Because of the side effects of prescribed blood pressure medication many people want to find out what are the best natural high blood […]

L Arginine Heart Testimonials

L-Arginine has been proven to help in reversing heart disease, please read some of the thousands of L-Arginine heart testimonials and judge for yourself.   Arginine and L-citroline in one product .. Excellent Posted by Hani-Abdel-Kader on October 26 2015| Verified Purchase As a pharmacist and a natural medicine therapist, I recommend using this product, which is two […]

Nattokinase testimonials

Nattokinase or Natto has been used by the Japanese people for thousands of years, the rate of heart disease in Japan is ten times less than the Western world. Please read Nattokinase testimonials and you will find that Nattokinase is helpful for heart problems and it has other health benefits. I had a pulmonary embolism […]

Serrapeptase COPD Testimonials

COPD or Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder is a progressive illness that affects your breathing, there are natural alternatives that have worked to relieve breathing. Serrapeptase is a preteolytic enzyme used for many years by healthcare practitioners, read Serrapeptase COPD testimonials. ‘I call it a MIRACLE’ “I’ve had a persistent cough in the summer and winter […]

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