Serrapeptase COPD Testimonials

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Serrapeptase Copd testimonials

COPD or Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder is a progressive illness that affects your breathing.

There are natural alternatives that have worked to relieve breathing. Serrapeptase is a preteolytic enzyme used for many years by healthcare practitioners, read Serrapeptase COPD testimonials.

‘I call it a MIRACLE’

“I’ve had a persistent cough in the summer and winter months for 40 years. I have received treatment for my asthma but nothing has ever worked. I have taken the SerraEnzyme 40,000iu caps since July and I’m now taking 3 x 1 per day. I call it ‘a miracle’. I still have the odd tickle, but only now and again.

Before taking SerraEnzyme, at this time of year I could hardly speak two words without coughing due to suffering with asthma symptoms.” – Carol

‘COPD Relief with Serrapeptase’

Dear Robert,

I wrote to you seven weeks ago about Serrapeptase dosages. I am so pleased to say I am continuing to make progress. I am also taking Oxysorb & Curcumin. I have seen a great improvement in my eyesight (quite unexpectedly). With gratitude from a much improved COPD sufferer.”

– Sheila H.

‘She has never felt so well’

“My sister aged 62 has lived in the Middle East for many years and has suffered from bronchiectasis and emphysema for a long time.

This is not helped by the air conditioning that runs all the time. At Christmas she caught pneumonia and was in hospital. When she recovered from that, someone suggested she take Blockbuster (the Serrapeptase/Nattokinase/Pycnogenol formula). She said ‘Oh, go on then, I might as well’.

She has taken them ever since. She has a lot less rubbish on her chest, so does not cough as much.

She says she has never felt so well.”


Serrapeptase emphemsa 

My husband who has emphysema has used Serrapeptase for a few years now and they really do help, he hasn’t had any flare ups for a year or two now despite having extensive emphysema in both lungs.

He also swears by oil of oregano which he takes every day as this is a natural antibiotic and been taking this for about 5 yrs now and it really helps as he very rarely catches any colds etc he only once got complacent with taking it and didn’t take it for a couple weeks thinking he would be okay and he caught a virus that made him very ill.

His breathing was so bad his Nurse at breathing clinic told him his lungs were that of a 90 yrs old man, he since made sure he never misses a day now, his diet has changed drastically also and he walks a couple of miles every day no matter what the weather.

If I were you I’d try the Serrapeptase but make sure you get a good brand that doesn’t use fillers in their manufacturing,

Good Health Naturally is where we get ours, hope this helps.


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