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  1. Hi Fintan, I wrote to you a few months ago and you sent me very helpful information about taking Arginine and Serrapeptase to clean my carotid arteries. I did get 4 bottles of Serrapeptase 250,000 IU via your website but now I also want to order ProArgi9+ through your website. Could you please send me a link so that I can order the ProArgi9+?

    • Hi Michael,
      It’s nice to hear from you again.
      Hope you are well, how are you getting on with Serrapeptase?
      The ProArgi 9 + can be ordered directly from the manufacturer Synergy worldwide that’s where I get mine from. I like the mixed berry flavour but it’s up to yourself which flavor suits you.
      I buy three boxes on auto ship each month it works out a bit cheaper that way.
      The link is
      Any problems just let me know
      All the best

      • Michael Simmons Sun, Nov 18, 2018 at 7:51 AM
        To: Fintan Duggan
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        Hi Fintan,

        Thanks for your email and I hope you’re keeping very well.

        I’m feeling much better after having taken Arginine and Serrapeptase since March. I started with Cardioforlife then switched to ArgininePro. As soon as I’m finished with the Arginine Pro, I will switch to ProArgi9+ using the link you’ve given me. I was taking varying doses of Doctor’s Best Serrapeptase until I switched to Serraenzyme 250,000IU about a month ago when I bought 4 tubs.
        I’m currently taking 3 separate scoops of ArgininePro daily together with 1 Serraenzyme capsule with the first scoop of ArgininePro.

        In the next few weeks, I will be exactly following your own protocol and I will go for a cholesterol test and a carotid artery scan next February, which I feel sure will show a big improvement on the scan I had in February this year.

        I had a blood test done in June which gave my Serum cholesterol as 5.2 mmol/L – down from 7.3 in February. HDL was down for the same period from 1.836 to 1.09 which I believe should be higher.

        If, in February, my results prove to be as good as yours were, I would be pleased to have your views as to what dosage of Arginine and Serrapeptase I should then continue with, depending on the results.

        I’m very grateful, Fintan, for your help as I felt badly let down by the harsh medical advice I’d been given whilst on holiday overseas and which actually made me feel so much worse.

        Best wishes,


      • Hi Michael,
        I’m delighted to hear that you feel much better,that’s a good sign that the protocol of SerraEnzyme and the Arginine is working (1 tablet of SerraEnzyme with one scoop of Arginine in the morning,followed by one scoop of Arginine later in the day (all on an empty stomach and no food to be taken for at least 30 minutes afterwards)and finally one scoop of Arginine in the evening perhaps one hour before bedtime.
        Doctor Joseph Prendergast was active in the formulation of ProArgi 9+ he has been prescribing it to his patients for a number of years for issues related to cardiovascular disease.Doctor Prendergast has stated that when taking ProArgi 9 + it can take up to 3 years in some cases for the cardiovascular system to become clear again.
        I’m really happy that you are starting to feel the difference and I look forward to hearing about your blood test and caratoid artery test results in February.
        All the best

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