Gout testimonial Serrapeptase

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Gout Testimonial Serrapeptase

One healthcare practitioner describes the effectiveness of Serrapeptase for gout treatment:

“I have a client who has suffered with a severe gout-like arthritic pain for 5 years, possibly as a result of taking ecstasy in his youth. His general health also suffered, he developed a lung problem and he was at a very low ebb. He was taking large doses of Ibuprofen, with little relief. He started taking Serrapeptase, but after 3 months he was still in some pain and was going to give up. I persuaded him to carry on and he started to improve. He is now fully recovered, playing golf and enjoying life again. He is absolutely delighted.

Hi Robert

“I’ve been purchasing Serra Enzyme for over a year now, taking one cap a day for gout and arthritis. It works for me. I’m also taking curcumin and applying your oxygenated olive oil for my psoriasis which flared up this winter.

My sister in law is in remission from breast cancer and was suffering unbearable pain after having a mastectomy more than two years ago. I recommended the supplement to her two months ago and in one month her pain had reduced in scale from 10 down to 3. The pain has even been reduced in her spine.

I also have a friend with severe ankylosing spondylitis who had lost his zest to live. However, after taking Serrapeptase for less than two weeks, the symptoms went away and to date, all his pain has gone.

God bless”

– Titus


‘Physician heal thyself’ is a maxim dear to Karla Graham’s heart. A complementary therapist she says she won’t recommend anything she hasn’t tried herself.

“I have to know it “works” and isn’t just another wonder substance. That’s why I am recommending serrapeptase to my clients. I think it is fantastic!”

Karla is 62 and for the 17 years has suffered from severe arthritis and gout. She tried everything to rid herself of the pain even painkillers although she dislikes tasking orthodox medicine.

I know that gout is caused by an excess of uric acid and so I had eliminated those foods, which contain it. But the gout didn’t go. I came to the conclusion that my body was producing excess itself. I consulted a medical doctor and believe me it takes a lot for me to do that. A test confirmed there was uric acid present and he prescribed a medicine.

“I had to take it every day and I was aware that over time it would create side effects such as affecting kidney function. I knew I had to find something natural.

“One day I was sitting in my chiropodist’s waiting room and I read about serrapeptase in a magazine. I decided to give it try and persevered for three months. In my experience you have to give complementary medicine a fair length of time; it doesn’t work over night.”

Karla began with the optimum dose of Serrapeptase, 3 capsules, 3 times a day. Within weeks she was able to run up and down stairs and dispensed with her other medicines. She is now down to a two capsules twice a day dose and a walking advertisement for the results.

“There is another important factor in this,” she points out, “You have to want to help yourself. You have to want to be happy and well instead of ill and miserable. I have two brothers-in-law who suffer appalling pain. One is so crippled with arthritis it wakes him in the night the other has spondylitis and has to walk with the aid of sticks. I’ve told them both about serrapeptase, suggested they look it up on the website but they do nothing. They don’t want my help.

“It’s the same with everything in life,” she smiles “Even learning to drive. You have to make the effort to help yourself.”


“I am so glad to have spoken with you again today.

I have been taking Serrapeptase + MSM+ Trace Minerals for around 12 weeks now and would like to share some good news.

I no longer need medication for Arthritis or for Gout and am feeling so very much better.

Thank you for a GREAT product

I can recommend it to all my clients and will be happy to do so.

Kindly greetings,”

– Karla Graham

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