Probiotic Gut Health what does that mean?

Probiotic Gut Health

Today we are going to talk about Probiotic Gut Health and what you can do on a daily basis to improve the health of your gut. We will also be looking at what is a Good Gut Health Diet?

Your brain health will continue to be in good shape by following a healthy lifestyle and supporting your brain with the correct nutrients. The University of Illinois has recently come out with some new research that suggests brain inflammation may be reduced by getting more fibre in your daily food intake.

As we age the microglia (immune cells in our brains) can become chronically inflamed, this can lead to a decline in our cognitive function process and reduce the motor function.

By eating more fibre in our diet, it can help to encourage the growth of good bacteria in our gut, the good bacteria can digest the fiber and create a by-product or short chain fatty acids that include butyrate.

According to a new study the butyrate slows the production of destructive chemicals when the microglia becomes inflamed.

A new study rеvеаlѕ butyrate inhibits the рrоduсtіоn of damaging chemicals by inflamed mісrоglіа (glial cells)


Healthy cell function is essential to good brain health the brain breaks down the chemicals and nutrients within each cell by using energy in the form of oxygen and glucose.

These components are provided by the blood flowing through the brain, the brain consumes more than twenty percent of the total energy used by our bodies which equates to more energy than any other organ.

One of the chemicals is linked to Alzheimer’s disease, research has shown that this chemical (sodium butyrate) plays a very important part in enhancing the memory in someone with Alzheimer’s disease.

It is highly unlikely that people will use sodium butyrate directly because of its taste and strong smell, the alternative is to eat more fiber in your diet which may help to deliver the same benefits to the brain as opposed to taking it in drug form.

Researchers conducted an experiment with rats where they discovered that fifty unique genes found in microglia in a high fiber diet reduced the inflammation profile in the older ones, there are plans to extend this type of trial to humans.

What’s good about a high fibre diet?

Consuming a diet high in fibre may increase the blood level of circulating butyrate, this is considered to have an influence on our central nervous system, one study points to a direct connection.

We know that butyrate plays a central role in promoting the activity of genes, they also pay a part in regulating the histones genes, when methyl groups are added to histones it holds back the production of the gene, to increase the gene production a compound known as acetyl groups is added.

Butyrate may help to maintain a high level of histones which allows more gene production leading to better functioning of the brain. Laboratory studies have consistently shown a strong correlation between your brain health and your gut, it is important to care for both your brain health and your bodies health at the same time.


Scientists and nutritionists recommend a high fibre diet to support good brain health, but it is advisable to look at the types of fibre that you are consuming daily because a lot of foods such as grains and bread are thought to full of starchy carbohydrates.

This type of food can lead to spikes in your blood sugar levels, this is known to cause inflammation and may develop into a chronic disease in the body. For this reason, consider eating a wider variety of vegetables such as

  • Beans
  • Legumes
  • Chickpeas
  • Lentils
  • Kidney beans

Gut Health-For best results take a probiotic

We highly recommend taking a probiotic for optimal gut health and support for the digestive system, bacteria that produces Butyrate has a therapeutic effect particularly in those with irritable bowel disease.

The epithelia barrier has two functions first it covers and lines the outside and inside of your body and second it forms and secretes your hormones and other additional substances.

Butyrate has a beneficial effect on your epithelial barrier which means meaning better absorption therefore better gut and brain health.

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Probiotic gut health prescript biotics
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9 thoughts on “Probiotic Gut Health what does that mean?”

  1. Excellent article. I think probiotics can be very beneficial not just to the but but overall health. I am in the research of probiotics for kids, specially in improving constipation. 

    I also work in the health industry and every article or post about helps me a lot. 

    Serrapeptase is an unknown enzyme for me. So everyday you learn something! Now I’ll be researching (if time let’s me).

    Thank you for this valuable information.


    • Hi Michelle,

      I personally recommend Serrapeptase for swelling, pain or inflammation, it has worked very well for me, it is natural with no side effects.

  2. Hi

    There is so much debate about the use of probiotics in your diet; Some say it is essential and worthwhile taking but others say that if you take the probiotics in tablet form the friendly bacteria will never reach it. I personally believe that it does offer some existence to people, but the question is, Does it need to come from eating food or  from taking supplements.

    We are starting to realise how much good gut health has on our general well-being, but with our poor diets and lack of exercise has resulting in poor bowel health.   There are two forms of dietary fibre, where the insoluble one acts as a bulking agent, whilst the soluble fibre acts as nutrition. We need both to develop better health and bowel movements. I have been taking probiotics for years and it has helped me. You most certainly  do not want to get diverticular disease.



  3. While working to make some healthy changes in my daily diet, I was wondering about how to eat more fiber and why,

    Your article helped me to understand the importance of having fiber in the daily diet but not just any food that says it’s rich in fiber. Today I know it’s better to have some beans or chickpeas than a toast.

    I like the product you recommend in your article Prescript-Biotics, as I see it will be good for a month but this way I’ll be sure to have the right amount of the right nutrients my body needs! 

  4. It’s good to know that eating fiber can help with brain swelling reduction. With butyrate I see that it is an essential fatty acid for slowing the production of destructive chemicals and I’m glad to see that it is able to enhance the memory of an Alzheimer’s patient. I agree that it’s important to take of the body and mind alike and I have taken note of your recommendations in things like beans, chickpeas and lentils. With Prescript-Biotics I really like that it is a soil-based, non-GMO, nutrient-rich product. Organic is the way to go these days and it’s no less with Prescript-Biotics. I know some people who might be really interested in this product and I will surely pass along your post to the them, great work!

  5. Great information here. I personally do not have lots of digestive issues, but I have friends that do. They usually just get prescription drugs from the doctor, but like you, I believe in a more natural approach.

    Fiber is very important, and you have explained why. Thank you for this post. I will be sharing it!


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