ProArgi 9 + Customer Testimonials

ProArgi 9+ Customer testimonials

5 0 out of 5 stars Miracle just happened

May 26, 2016

Verified Purchase

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Verified Purchase

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Eileen Romney

We have generations of cardiovascular disease in our family.  I began to show the signs of the disease with plaque buildup in my carotid arteries.  After taking ProArgi-9+ for several months, my plaque buildup had significantly decreased.  This time my arteries were almost clear.  I am delighted with the results from taking ProArgi-9 Plus and have shared this with friends and family.

–Eileen Romney

Bob & Bonnie Wischmeier

I was introduced to ProArgi-9+ in the fall of 2010.

John Hewlett took me to lunch and spoke to me about the product and a little about the business opportunity. It’s interesting because I wasn’t looking for a nutritional supplement or a business opportunity. I had a good job and was in fairly good shape, albeit I was a little thin at the time. In any event, John gave me a copy of Dr. Louis Ignarro’s book, “NO More Heart Disease”. I wasn’t interested in reading a book on heart disease either! But John had credibility with me and was a friend, so I took out the book one evening and began what has become, a fascinating journey of discovery and excitement!

Armed with the Nobel Prize winning research of Dr. Ignarro and his associates, I determined that I wanted to try the ProArgi-9+ for myself. John gave my wife Bonnie and me two canisters and we immediately started on two scoops a day. It was an interesting experience for both of us. After just a few days, I was looking at Bonnie as she came into the kitchen and I commented that she “just looked better”. She is a lovely woman anyway, but there was a look of peacefulness on her face. I think it is best described as her “countenance”.

We talked about it, and she indicated that she was sleeping better and that she had an “overall sense of well being, such as she had never experienced before. It showed. I was sold. Then we watched with wonder as her blood pressure began to come down. That next summer, at her annual physical, her Doctor, Teresa Borino, told her that whatever she was doing, keep it up! It was, according to Dr. Borino, the single best physical Bonnie had ever had as her patient of many years! What Doctor didn’t know, was that Bonnie had been off her blood pressure medication for months! Now she didn’t just stop taking it. As her readings began to come down, she first broke the tablet in half, then again later, into quarters. Then she was taking a quarter tablet every other day until she simply quit taking it altogether.

I too have had a profound response to the ProArgi-9+. Like Bonnie, there has been this over reaching sense of “well being” that is hard to describe, but very real. It’s pretty hard to quantify “I feel better” but there can be no argument regarding test results. I had the opportunity to have a Cardio Pulse Analysis done just as we were getting started on the ProArgi-9+. It wasn’t good. My CASP (Central Aortic Systolic Pressure) reading was 149. The highest number on the graph, for a compromised 90 year old man, was 133. This was not good! Three months later I had another test.

This time my CASP score had dropped by 29 points. Good, but still not great. However, six months after the first test, my CASP had dropped to 103! That’s the heart age of young man in his twenties! I was so pleased, and I felt better than I had in years! For over three years, Bonnie and I have taken our PA9 every day, never missing a single day. It has been life changing for us both! We’re grateful for this remarkable product. As Dane Iorg says, it is the most significant medical discovery of our generation!

We have a mission at hand, to “Save a Million Lives”, and we look forward to sharing what we have discovered with our friend and family across the globe!

–Bob & Bonnie Wischmeier

Kellie Turley, USA

“I used to have foot pain to where it always felt like I was walking on glass. After using ProArgi-9+ for a while, my foot pain disappeared! I love ProArgi-9+.”

—Kellie Turley, USA


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