Serrapeptase and blocked fallopian tubes testimonial

AmN Love Posted 11/18/2016Hi ladies!!

I had blocked tubes since I was a teenager. I was diagnosed with pcos which resulted in ruptured cysts from time to time, I had/have endometriosis, and small uterine fibroids. All the women in my family have reproductive issues but I believe Im the worst case so far. Im 26 years old now and was told for years by doctors that I may not be able to conceive in the future due to many issues I have which turned out to be true.

Finally in February of 2016, I decided that I needed to try something different in order to have a child with my current fiancé. We had been BDing unprotected our entire relationship, my cycles were regular (every 28 days), I had positive opks and ov pain on CD14 of every cycle, and I was taking prenatal vitamins and Maca but still couldnt get pregnant. I then remembered what past doctors have said about my “reproductive issues” causing blockages that could result in infertility when i got older.

Since Im into Holistic Health, I found out about Serrapeptase. I started taking four 120,000 unit pills twice a day and continued using Maca and prenatal vits. Not thinking i would conceive quickly, i continued having unprotected sex. The following month (March 2016), I conceived for the first time in my life. I found out that I was pregnant in the beginning of April 2016.

Because my hcg wasnt rising correctly (3800 the first test, but only rose to 4799 two days later), I had to get an emergency ultrasound. To my unfortunate surprise, there was no baby to be found nor any sign of a pregnancy in my uterus. The doctors checked my tubes and my left one was perfect but the right one couldnt be found on the ultrasound. Since i have endo, we assumed my right tube was attached to another organ or it just couldnt be seen. The US techs assumed my baby was in my right tube and told me to either take methrotexate or prepare for surgery. I of course chose methro. Before they gave me the medicine, i went to the bathroom and noticed I was passing big golf ball sized clots. I told the doctors and they gave me another ultrasound to see what was happening. On the ultrasound, it showed something in my uterus that was coming out of me. By that time, it was atleast 12 doctors and students in the room with me trying to figure out what was happening. Half of them believed I was having a miscarriage, but the other half still believed that I had an ectopic so the gave me the methrotexate just in case and sent me home ????

Sorry for the long story!! If I did have an ectopic, i believe the serrapeptase started to clear the blockages but i didnt allow enough time for it to finish so my baby got stuck in the rest of the blockage. If I did have a miscarriage, then the Serrapeptase did clear my blockages enough to conceive and implant but other issues caused the m/c.

Im currently taking Serrapeptase now. Im 9DPO with a lot of pregnancy symptoms so im hoping to have a healthy, viable pregnancy this time!!. I believe Serrapeptase is the answer to a lot of our infertility issues along with progesterone cream!!

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