Where is hip bursitis pain located?

Where is hip bursitis pain located

Hip bursitis is a common problem so this post will explain where is hip pain located, what are the symptoms, causes and treatments.

If you have hip pain it could be hip bursitis , you may ne wondering where is hip bursitis located, its it’s a very good question and one that I can help you with because I had hip bursitis pain for a couple of years until the pain in my hip got so bad that I had no choice but to go to my doctor for a diagnosis. One of the main questions from my doctor was where is hip bursitis pain located.

My doctor wasn’t 100% sure what my problem was because my symptoms were similar to arthritis and bursitis in the sense that I had shooting pain in my left hip that would spread down as far as my knee, I had hip pain standing up, sitting down and lying down.

As you can imagine my hip pain was starting to affect my daily life, from the moment I woke up until I went to sleep I had pain, at the time I often asked myself “is my hip bursitis ever going away”. To answer the question where is hip bursitis pain located ,

Hip bursitis pain can be located in several places depending on the length of time that you have it and to what degree your pain is.

Hip examination where is hip bursitis pain located
Hip examination


My doctor decided that the best course of action was to send me for a hip X-ray so that it could be determined what exactly my problem, from what I had read I was pretty sure that it was hip bursitis but until I had the hip X-ray we could not be sure.

The hospital radiologist completed my hip X-ray and passed it on to the consultant, he informed me that the X-ray confirmed the cause of my hip pain was wear and tear on the cartilage surrounding my hip bone. This affected how the hip functions, cartilage is essential for the smooth functioning of the hip, so if you have wear and tear like my case where 50% of the cartilage had worn away it will cause pain.

What are bursa?

Bursa are very small fluid filled sacs that are found in different locations in the body, for example the heel, knee, elbow and shoulder, they are located between the bones and soft tissue, they function by acting as a cushion to reduce friction when the hip moves.

Hip jointWhat is bursitis?

Essentially bursitis occurs when the bursa or bursa (plural) become inflamed, in your hip there are two main bursa the greater trochanter and the iliopsoas bursa, the greater trochanter covers the body part of your hip while the iliopsoas is located on the groin side of the hip.

Typically what happens is the bursa become inflamed because of irritation or wear and tear, if this happens in the trochanteric bursa it is called trochanteric bursitis or hip bursitis or if it happens in the groin area it is called hip bursitis.

The more common of the two is trochanteric bursitis or hip bursitis both require the same treatment.

Symptoms of hip bursitis

The symptoms of hip bursitis can vary but in my experience these are the main symptoms:

• Hip pain on or around the hip bone

• Hip and leg pain when standing

• Hip pain when walking

• Hip pain when standing

• Hip pain when lying down

• Hip and leg pain when sitting

Hip bursirtis imageHip bursitis treatments

In my experience and following my diagnosis of hip bursitis these treatments were outlined by my consultant

• Rest

• Pain killers

• A gel for inflammation of the hip

• A cortosteriod injection

• Hot and cold treatment

• Hip exercises

• A hip replacement

Let’s look at each treatment in detail.


In my experience resting the affected hip does help to alleviate the hip bursitis pain but only for a short time, the hip pain will come back, basically take the weight off that leg and elevate it.

Pain killers

Pain killers like ibuprofen and others are also known as NSAIDs, they do work to calm the inflammation and pain but only for a short while, some have side effects like stomach ache and leg pain.

Anti inflammatory gel

There are a number of anti-inflammatory gels on the market, again these will provide a certain amount of relief but in my experience these just don’t have the power to get to the cause of hip bursitis which is inflammation.

Cortosteriod injection

A cortosteriod injection can be administered by your doctor, from speaking to people that have had this procedure roughly 50% said that the hip pain had gone while the other 50% reported that the injection didn’t make any difference.

Hot and cold treatment

Apply a hot pack to the affected area for 4-5 minutes then use a cold pack for roughly the same amount of time. I found that this does help but wasn’t a long term solution.

Hip exercises
Hip exercises

Hip exercises

Hip exercises can help with hip pain if you feel that you can do them on a regular basis for example hip stretching exercises would be

• Gluteal stretch

• Illotibial stretch standing

• Illotibial stretch side leaning

As well as hip stretching exercises you could do hip strengthening exercises like,

• Straight leg raise

• Side lying leg lift

• Prone hip extension

• Wall squat with a ball

• Side plank

• The plank

• Clam exercise

Try Serrapeptase for hip bursitis pain.

I have tried many of the above treatments however to be honest many of them didn’t address the actual cause of hip bursitis pain to any meaningful degree. What did work for me through trial and error was Serrapeptase a natural preteolytic enzyme.

How did Serrapeptase get rid of my hip bursitis?

I read that Serrapeptase digests unwanted tissue and acts as a natural anti-inflammatory by calming the inflammation that causes the pain in the hip.

What dosage did I use?

In the beginning of treating my hip bursitis pain I started taking a low dose of Serrapeptase 80,000 IU, I took 4 tablets per day for one month, the results were a little less than I expected, the hip and leg pain that I was experiencing did subside somewhat but didn’t go away altogether.

I searched for a stronger Serrapeptase dose and found a good quality Serrapeptase from the Good Health Naturally people, the dosage was 250,000 IU three times stronger than the first dose.

I reduced my intake to three 250,000 IU per day, results weren’t immediate however after four months the hip and leg pain associated with hip bursitis had gone altogether.

Does this mean that hip bursitis pain will stay away forever?

The short answer is no because regular use of the hip joint is unavoidable as we go about our activities of daily living, walking, sitting, running, bending. All of these actions make your hip bone and the surrounding cartilage meaning over time there will be a certain amount of wear and tear causing inflammation of the bursa.

I’m sorry to have to tell you this but there are no guarantees that hip bursitis will ever go away permanently, however with my recommendation you can lead a full and active life.

My recommendation for hip bursitis pain

If you have had a diagnosis of hip bursitis and you don’t mind trying something natural then may I recommend that you try the best quality Serrapeptase for your hip pain. I’m confident that it will work for you just as it did for me.

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