Can you reverse clogged arteries?

Can you reverse clogged arteries?

This post will answer the question can you reverse clogged arteries, clogged arteries mean that blockages inside the arteries can stop blood flow to your heart and brain leading to a heart attack or a debilitating stroke.

We are led to believe that clogged arteries are part of life and cannot be reversed, it just isn’t true, for over 30 years it is known that just as your arteries can become clogged during your life with the right treatment arterial plaque can be reversed. Let’s take a look at the measures that you can take to reverse clogged arteries in detail.

Statin drugs

Statin drug trials

According to a new study in 2015 involving more than 27,000 patients that had a heart attack or stroke, some had arterial disease, all of the trial participants had a bad (ldl) cholesterol reading of 70 mg/DL or above.

The drug involved in the trial was evolocumab and a placebo, each patient was randomly assigned the drug or the placebo, the trial took two years to complete results showed that those taking evolocumab were found to be 15% less likely to suffer a heart attack, stroke, angina, heart bypass or death compared to the placebo group.

Over the two-year study period patients that took this new drug found their median LDL levels fall by 62 points (92 mgl/dl-30mgl/dl) compared to the placebo group where LDL remained the same. Neither group reported any side effects.

While this clinical trial would appear to be successful in reducing LDL levels and the risk of a heart attack, stroke and other cardiovascular diseases, the prescription of this new drug hasn’t really taken off due to the cost.

Can you reverse clogged arteries in other ways? Plant based nutrition may be the answer let’s take a look at evidence-based plant nutrition to reverse clogged arteries.

Doctor Ornish plant based diet can you reverse clogged arteries

Doctor Dean Ornish

Doctor Ornish is a USA based physician and researcher who has over the years developed a plant-based nutrition diet and lifestyle program that manages to unclog arteries. The lifestyle program includes a plant-based diet plus stress management and exercise.

Doctor Ornish has proven that patients who undertook his program had reductions in narrowing of the arteries and they felt better, that isn’t surprising if you improve blood flow to the body automatically you feel better.

People who took the Ornish lifestyle program were tracked over long periods of time by further tests, the data revealed that heart disease could be reversed by a plant-based diet and intensive lifestyle changes.

The findings over a number of years convinced Medicare in 2010 to recognise the Ornish lifestyle program for reimbursement as a means for coronary artery disease therapy, similarly a program out of the Cleveland clinic by Doctor Caldwell Esselstyn showed improvements in reversing blockages in the heart in those that converted to his plant based diet.

There are more ways than ever before that answer the question can you reverse clogged arteries, let’s take a look at enzyme therapy a natural alternative to reversing clogged arteries.

Reverse clogged arteries enzymes

Enzyme therapy

Enzyme therapy for the reversal of atherosclerosis has shown some promise, a randomized study out of China where 76 patients with clogged arteries were given either a statin drug Simivastatin 20 mg or Nattokinase (NK) both groups showed a reduction in cholesterol, the Nattokinase group showed an increase in good cholesterol (HDL).

The most amazing part of the Nattokinase group was over the 26-week trial period volume of arterial plaque fell by a staggering 37%


Nattokinase is one of the most powerful enzymes that is used to support circulation, normal blood flow and to maintain blood pressure levels. Nattokinase was discovered in Japan by a young scientist while he was working on the properties of natto a traditional Japanese dish, he found that natto could dissolve fibrin.

Fibrin is present in clogged arteries, natto was used to produce Nattokinase studies have proven Nattokinase to be a powerful enzyme in unplugging arteries, Nattokinase can be purchased here.


If we look a little deeper into enzyme therapy for clogged arteries, we find a study in China completed in 2009 involving 60 participants who had carotid arteries were given lumbrokinase two tablets 3 times a day for six months. At the end of the trial measurements (CIMT) were taken of the carotid intima, a measurement to find out the extent of Atherosclerotic vascular disease.

It was found that measurements of the carotid intima were lower in the 50% of participants that were treated with lumbrokinase as were cholesterol levels, lumbrokinase is derived from lubricious rubella, a type of earthworm.

Lumbrokinase is the same fibrinolytic enzyme classification as Nattokinase, a fibrinolytic enzyme is one that breaks down fibrin a protein that is involved in blood clotting, by supplementing your diet with lumbrokinase offers a risk reduction in preventing angina, stroke and heart attack.


Matrix Metalloproteinase-8

Researchers at Queen Mary, University of London conducted a study on mice that showed some promising results in the area of high blood pressure and heart disease, they tested a new treatment using MMP8 (matrix metalloproteinase-8) a proteolytic enzyme on the mice the findings were interesting.

First the research showed that MMP8 the enzyme plays a prominent role in the build-up of fat like deposits on the arterial walls leading to heart disease, ace inhibitor drugs are used in patients with heart disease and high blood pressure however not all patients respond well to ace inhibitors.

The researchers feel that MMP8 could be the basis for a new drug to power up the effects of ace inhibitors and this reduce the risk of heart disease.

Aged Garlic extract for clogged arteries

Can you reverse clogged arteries with aged garlic extract? We know that plant food can help to reverse clogged arteries but can aged garlic extract reverse clogged arteries?

Garlic has many beneficial health properties that have been proven in numerous studies, the most recent study conducted in 2016 used garlic extract on trial participants showed reduced plaque build-up in the arteries leading to the heart,.

Garlic is also know to lower blood pressure, good for blood clotting and lowering cholesterol, it’s also a very good antioxidant, aged garlic extract capsules are available on the Prohealth website.

Pomegranate for clogged arteries

Pomegranate was tested on mice reductions in hardening of the arteries (atherosclerosis) were found, however it’s hard to find any comparable tests on humans apart from one study in 2009 where pomegranate juice was given to 5 participants for 3 years, results showed a small reduction of plaque in the carotid arteries.

Chelation therapy for clogged arteries

Its important to look at other alternatives to statin drugs, enzymes, garlic, pomegranate and drugs to find answers to can you reverse clogged arteries one such therapy comes to mind and that is chelation therapy.

Chelation therapy has been around for more than 60 years, on that basis it must be doing some good in the area of reversing heart disease, it would seem that by using disodium ethylene dopamine tetra acetic acid (it’s) heart disease could be reversed.

In 2013 after many years of success TACT or Trial to Access Chelation Therapy published an article that proved there was an improvement in outcomes in patients following a heart attack by using EDTA chelation therapy.

Positive results were also found in patients with diabetes it’s believed that chelation therapy works by reducing calcification and reversing plaque build-up.



I hope that I have been able to help you find answers to your question can you reverse clogged arteries.

Many advances have been made in detecting clogged arteries, preventing and reversing arterial plaque build-up, statin drugs have a part to play, the Doctor Ornish lifestyle program as well as Doctor Esselstyn are nutrition and exercise-based alternatives.

To my mind the proteolytic enzymes therapy such as Nattokinase and Lumbrokinase seem to be able to produce better results in reducing plaque in clogged arteries, I’m sure that if these enzymes were combined with a healthy diet, regular exercise and stress management the results would be even better.

Garlic has been around for centuries we use it in our food it can also be used in aged garlic extract capsules for reversing clogged arteries.


Pomegranate did seem to work on mice but a lot more needs to be proven as to whether it can be useful for clogged arteries in humans.


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  1. Hi.. Do you think.. Using serrapeptise n nattokinases together are better to unclog calcium plagues? Of course…. Added age garlic.. Magnesium… K2 n D3 n coq10 would help significantly as well…


    • Hi Adrian,
      Thank you for your question, from my understanding of artery plaque it consists of LDL cholesterol, calcium, fibrin, and other fatty substances, I firmly believe that Blockbuster Allclear containing Nattokinase, Serrapeptase and other enzymes is the best way to unclog arteries. Nattokinase has a lot of scientific studies behind it showing its effectiveness in dissolving plaque.Serrapeptase on the other hand is a well known anti-inflammatory, it has many studies behind it, Serrapeptase can take care of any inflammation in the arteries. Over time Blockbuster Allclear will unclog artery plaque including calcium, if you are thinking of using Blockbuster Allclear I suggest you give it the time it needs to work, remember it takes years for plaque to build-up in the arteries so it could take some time for it to unclog, aged garlic can help along with a Mediterranean type diet. Hope this helps to answer you question. Regards, Fintan

  2. First of all thank you so much for sharing such an excellent article with us .Your article is really informative and useful  .I can reverse the arteries that are stuck. Much progress has been made in artery detection, arterial blade build-up prevention and reversal, statin drugs have a component, along with the Doctor Ornish lifestyle program, as well as Doctor Esselstein nutrition and exercise-based options. Personally I have been able to get better results in reducing the plaque in the arteries that are stuck in my father’s case by proteolytic enzyme therapy .A healthy diet, regular exercise and stress management have yielded good results .Garlic, pomegranate is very useful .

    Through your articles I have gained a lot of knowledge myself. And I hope my other friends gain a lot of knowledge and will certainly share their new experiences with you. May I share your article on my social media?

  3. While reading I know that Doctor Ornish has proven that patients who undertook his program had reductions in narrowing of the arteries and they felt better, that isn’t surprising if you improve blood flow to the body automatically you feel better. Ornish lifestyle program for reimbursement as a means for coronary artery disease therapy, similarly a program out of the Cleveland clinic by Doctor Caldwell Esselstyn showed improvements in reversing blockages


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