Blockbuster allclear reviews

Blockbuster AllClear reviews

I’m going to cover Blockbuster allclear reviews in this post because I believe based on my own experience that this product does exactly what it says on the tin, it slowly but surely removes plaque build-up from inside the arteries by dissolving it through the two main ingredients Nattokinase and Serrapeptase.

Blockbuster AllClear is one of a range of natural products formulated by Mr Robert the ” Serrapeptase guy” and his team of people at Good Health Naturally.

Blockbuster AllClear was formulated to deal with blockages throughout the arterial system so not only is it good for heart disease, it can also be beneficial for varicose veins, stroke or high blood pressure.

Blockbuster all clear testimonials

Blockbuster AllClear testimonials

“I had a very serious heart attack at age 45 that almost killed me, I had a heart stent put on, since then I have been taking my prescription heart drugs until a year ago, I started getting chest pains back to the hospital again for two more stents.

I started to research why so many people die from heart disease across the world it turns out that high cholesterol calcium and unwanted debris in the blood vessels combine to form plaque over time the plaque will cause a blockage and result in a heart attack or stroke.

I did my research to find a natural alternative to reverse the build-up of plaque, I discovered Blockbuster AllClear I have been using it for over a year now, my arteries are slowly but surely starting to unclog, I feel better my blood flow is increasing thanks to Blockbuster AllClear. FD Ireland”

Recent Blockbuster all clear reviews

We recently got the following review of Serrapeptase anti-inflammatory enzyme formula, Blockbuster AllClear from in the Serrapeptase News. We’ve reproduced it here as it gives an idea of some of the ways people are using this product:

“I’m Sheila Balmer, a practitioner. I have used Serrapeptase/Nattokinase myself for a varicose vein and over several months it has cleared up. One of my patients used Blockbuster Allclear for deep vein thrombosis which has cleared up and he found that his Diabetic retinopathy also cleared up and he is convinced that it is the Blockbuster Allclear as he has not taken anything else. He is now on a maintenance dose and has been taking the product for a year.”

~ Sheila Balmer, Practitioner

Blockbuster allclear reviews

What is in Blockbuster AllClear?

In my Blockbuster AllClear reviews I’m going to go through the product, the ingredients, the way to use it, what it can be used for and Blockbuster AllClear customer testimonials.

Blockbuster AllClear is a really powerful combination of enzymes such as Nattokinase, Serrapeptase, Antioxidants, Digestive enzymes and Grape seed extract.

Blockbuster AllClear is now available in a delayed release capsule meaning that it won’t lose any of its potency until it gets into the intestines where it is discharged into the bloodstream.

Arterial plaque is the reason for heart disease, many studies have shown that Serrapeptase can be helpful to treat arterial plaque. A well-known German physician Doctor Nieper regularly used Serrapeptase on his patients with good results for arterial plaque.

Nattokinase is another powerful enzyme with fibrin dissolving properties particularly effective for high blood pressure, heart disease and deep vein thrombosis.

You will find in the Blockbuster AllClear reviews from customers that the product is ideal for people that have

• Heart disease

• Blocked arteries

• High blood pressure

• Venous blockage


• Carotid arteries


Blockbuster AllClear contains Nattokinase a powerful enzyme extracted from natto a traditional Japanese soybean dish, the process involves fermenting the natto with Bacillus natto a bacterium that has been used as a folk remedy for heart disease bad circulation and cardiovascular disease for many centuries.

Nattokinase can help to reduce hardening of the arteries and help with:

• Varicose veins

• Diabetes

• Muscle SPASMS

• Wound healing

• Chronic inflammation

• Fibromyalgia

Serrapeptase & Nattokinase


Serrapeptase is one of the best proteolytic enzymes for inflammation it can help to dissolve

• Blood clots

• Cysts

• Blocked fallopian tubes

• Arterial plaque

• Swelling

• Inflammation

• Dead tissue

Serrapeptase can be used for just about any condition that is caused by inflammation as part of a healthy lifestyle.


Lipase is a very important enzyme because it is responsible for breaking down fats into smaller parts that are more easily absorbed into the system. Lipase is the catalyst for disassembling solid fats into categories free fatty acids, glycerol, triglycerides and monoglycerides.


One of a number of digestive enzymes is amylase it breaks down starch into smaller molecules, it assists the body to excrete excess dead white blood cells, this may help to slow degenerative diseases when coupled with a healthy lifestyle.

Low levels of amylase may cause excessive irritation it is also thought to be a factor in a number of diseases such as:

• Blood sugar imbalance

• Carbohydrate & sugar cravings

• Hypoglycaemia

• Type 2 diabetes

• Food sensitivities

Amylase may help with inhibiting cell metastasis, resistance to swelling, autoimmune response, reduce the effects of ageing.


Protease is an important enzyme that takes care of digesting food proteins, food proteins are difficult to metabolize, if undigested they can go to the circulatory system or other parts of the body.

By taking Protease in strong doses can help your body to reduce unwanted protein on the circulatory system, in turn clean the blood stream restore balance and energy.


Cellulase breaks down the carbohydrate cellulose a major part of the cellular structure in vascular plants, Cellulase assists in turning cellulose into energy strengthening blood sugar levels so it may help keep cholesterol healthy, keep free radicals at bay.

Acerola extract

Acerola extract is found in a south American cherry it a natural source of Vitamin C with a wide range of uses including preventing the beginning of diseases that are related go ageing.

Acerola extract acts to fight against free radical damage also good for fighting against colds, cough, sore throat and diarrhoea.

Amla extract

Otherwise known as the Indian gooseberry alma extract is brimming full of nutrients a great source of vitamin c, polyphenol compounds such as zinc, iron, vitamin b, alma extract is a powerful anti-oxidant that makes this extract a unique free radical scavenger when it combines with polyphenols.

Amla extract is thought to be helpful for;

• Reducing cholesterol

• Helping diabetics

• Slowing the ageing process

• Protect against degenerative disease


Lactase breaks milk down into glucose and galactose it helps in the digestion of dairy products like milk, cheese and ice cream, lactase aids digestion, may help with IBS, reduces bloating and gas, reduces irritation, cramps sooths the digestive tract.

Blockbuster all clear by Good Health Naturally

Blockbuster all clear is essentially a heart supplement it is the best selling arterial health supplement in America and is now available for worldwide shipping.

Because Blockbuster all clear is such a top selling heart supplement people have asked for Blockbuster allclear reviews so please find below Blockbuster call clear testimonials and Blockbuster all clear questions and answers.

According to the NHS in the UK a large portion of the population have some form of atherosclerosis causing more than 125,000 deaths from cardiovascular disease.

Over in the USA the situation is much the same with more than 250,000 people dying each year from heart disease.

Blockbuster all clear was formulated to deal with many diseases related to poor circulation containing natural enzymes and other nutrients that work together to help

• Unblock unhealthy arteries

• Create healthy blood pressure

• Create a healthy circulatory system

• Help with the digestive system

• Help with the ageing process

• Help with healthy eyes

• Help with a healthy brain

Blockbuster all clear Q&A

Q: Is Blockbuster all clear safe to take?

A: The ingredients in Blockbuster AllClear are natural with no harmful fillers or chemicals, it is safe to take even over a long period of time. Always consult your doctor before embarking on a new supplement.

Q: Why try Blockbuster AllClear?

A: Blockbuster AllClear may help with a range of health conditions results will vary from person to person.

Q: How much should I take?

A: Take two or day as directed on the label, people may decide to take more than that contact customer support if you want advice on this.

Q: Can it be taken with other medications?

A: Blockbuster AllClear may not be safe to take with heart medications like blood thinners aspirin or warfarin, consult your doctor.

Q: When will I see results?

A: Like any new treatment it takes time for it to work, in the case of blocked arteries that took time to develop so it will take time to remove the plaque build-up, Blockbuster all clear is part of a healthy lifestyle regime designed to make you healthier.

Q: Are there side effects?

A: On the whole side effects with this product are few however some people may have nausea, stomach upset headaches or dizziness.

Q: Do I need a prescription?

A: Blockbuster AllClear is a dietary supplement that doesn’t require a prescription.

Q: Where do I purchase Blockbuster AllClear?

A: Blockbuster AllClear is now available worldwide from the people that formulated the product in the first place, get your Blockbuster AllClear from the Good Health Naturally people.

Q: Can I trust Blockbuster allclear reviews?

A: Blockbuster allclear reviews was written by Fintan a heart attack survivor that was looking for a product to reverse his heart disease. He has successfully treated his blocked arteries by taking the recommended  Blockbuster dosage for one year and feels much more healthy now.

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