Is Nattokinase in the uk?

Is Nattokinase in the uk,?

I have been asked to write post in reply to a question is Nattokinase in the UK? by one of my blog readers, this post will give you the information on Nattokinase, it’s health benefits, side effects and where you can go to buy the best Nattokinase in the UK.

Nattokinase studies

The background to Nattokinase

Many people suffer from chronic sinus and nasal inflammation also called chronic rhinosinisutis it is a very common chronic condition in adults, the main characteristics of CRS is persistent symptomatic inflammation the sinuses and nasal mucosa.

Scientists knew that Nattokinase has some powerful properties so it was decided to do a study of Nattokinase and CRS mainly because of excess fibrin deposits in the nasal passageway this excess fibrin causes nasal polyps a common characteristic of the disease.

A new study has come out that indicates Nattokinase the enzyme derived from a traditional Japanese cosh natto can have a powerful effect on improving CRS.

Conventional drug treatment for CRS tends to have negative results but the bacterium Bacillus natto that is added to boiled soybeans during the process of producing Nattokinase may be a strong natural alternative for this condition in the UK.

Following that study researchers at Japanese university Fukai wanted to investigate further the potential for Nattokinase to improve symptoms of CRS such as nasal polyp formation as well as asthma.

The study proved that Nattokinase could reduce the nasal polyps by dissolving the fibrin, the researchers reported that not only did the fibrin dissolve but the density of the nasal and sputum in the participants with CRS and asthma reduced significantly.

The authors of the study concluded that Nattokinase could be an effective therapy option for patients who have CRS and asthma by breaking down the nasal polyp formation caused by fibrin. Not only could Nattokinase be useful for those conditions but it could also be useful for conditions like copd sinusitis and bronchitis.

Is Nattokinase in the uk

How much Nattokinase could be taken?

During the studies participants were give a standard dose of 2000 FU or 100 mgs of Nattokinase either one or two tablets a day, they do warn that Nattokinase should not be taken in conjunction with anti platelet drugs such as Coumadin, aspirin, Ticlid or Plavix because it may increase bleeding.

In the UK Nattokinase is used extensively by health practitioners to treat many common ailments such as high blood pressure, deep vein thrombosis, poor circulation, chronic sinusitis and poor circulation, I hope that that information answers the question is Nattokinase in the UK.

Nattokinase for atherosclerosis

Scientific studies on Nattokinase have focused on the proteolytic properties of the enzyme in other words its ability to dissolve fibrinogen, fibrinogen is a dangerous component of atherosclerosis and blood clots.

Elevated levels of fibrinogen in the arterial system are a clear marker for cardiovascular disease some believe that there is a bigger connection between fibrinogen levels for premature deaths from heart disease than there is for cholesterol.

Nattokinase for arterial health

Nattokinase was identified for its clot busting properties accidentally by Doctor Hiroyuki Sumi back in 1980, he was studying a number of conventional drugs and decided to drop some natto into a petri dish holding a thrombus (blood clot).

To the surprise of the hood doctor the blood clot was dissolved completely within 18 hours, this took far less time to happen compared to conventional drugs he was working on.

Later on he decided to isolate Nattokinase to study it in more detail, further studies since then have shown that Nattokinase dissolves can overload of fibrin in blood vessels, this improves blood circulation, reduces the risk of severe clotting.

The clinical studies also showed that Nattokinase can reduce LDL or bad cholesterol while increasing HDL or good cholesterol blood viscosity while improving blood flow and lowering high blood pressure.

Nattokinase in the UK health benefits

Further studies

Further Nattokinase studies where 73 participants with high untreated high blood pressure were given the enzyme while some were given a placebo, it was obvious from the results that Nattokinase could lower high blood pressure.

At the end of the eight week study participants that were given Nattokinase showed a substantial reduction in both systolic and diastolic pressure when compared to the placebo group.

Nattokinase in the UK

Nattokinase in the UK is provided by the people at Good health naturally based in Kensington London, regarding guidelines for the dosage of Nattokinase up to 3,000 FU (fibrinolytic units) FU have been used without any side effects or issues however the people at GHN recommend that you take no more than 2,000 F each day. Each capsule contains 2000 fu each bottle contains 90 veggie capsules.

What can Nattokinase in the UK help with?

Nattokinase is a natural blood thinner, by taking the recommended dosage daily you can:

• Increase blood flow

• Reduce high cholesterol

• Reduce inflammation in the arteries

• Help with sinusitis

• Help with poor circulation

• Help with atherosclerosis

• Reduce high blood pressure

A natural remedy

Nattokinase is a timeless natural remedy, remember it comes from a food natto, in Japan where the incidence of heart disease is very low they eat natto daily because they know how beneficial it is for health.

Nattokinase supports more consistent blood flow, it degrades fibrin making oxygen rich blood more available throughout the cardiovascular system leading to better overall health, Nattokinase is suitable for vegans.

Buy Nattokinase in the UK from good health naturally

Nattokinase has more than 50 well researched scientific articles written showing the health benefits of this natural enzyme, I hope that you are satisfied with the answers to the question is Nattokinase in the UK. You can purchase the best quality Nattokinase in the UK from the people at Good health naturally they use good manufacturing practice when formulating and producing their natural products.

Good health naturally care about you and will go out of their way to assist you with any further questions that you may have about is Nattokinase in the UK.


From all of the scientific studies that have been done on Nattokinase it is safe to assume that it can be taken orally each day if you want to improve blood circulation, by doing that your health will improve you will feel better and hopefully live a longer healthier life.


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