How to lower blood pressure fast

How to lower blood pressure fast

I have been asked to write a piece that answers the question how to lower blood pressure fast, I believe that Nattokinase does lower blood pressure in fact if you need a natural alternative to hypertension medication then I recommend Nattokinase.

In this article I will tell you why you should consider taking Nattokinase not only to get blood pressure down but to improve blood circulation that can only be good for your health,

High blood pressure

I’m assuming that you have high blood pressure the chances are you have been prescribed hypertension drugs to deal with this condition, some blood pressure medications reduce blood pressure but at what cost to your health in the long term.?

Health practitioners will tell you that blood pressure medication should only be used when am immediate result is needed or if changes in lifestyle haven’t produced results the preferred alternative is to look to reduce blood pressure naturally.

How to lower blood pressure fast

A natural solution for high blood pressure

My top recommendation to lower blood pressure naturally is to take a nutrient rich enzyme that comes from a Japanese food called natto, I use Nattokinase myself (my blood pressure is about as normal as you could get 120 over 80 ) so I know how it works. Nattokinase does lower blood pressure , of that I am certain.

How does Nattokinase work?

High blood pressure or hypertension is recognised when your systolic is 130 mm hg or higher and your diastolic is 80 mm hg or higher the causes of hypertension  can be an unhealthy lifestyle, not doing enough in terms of regular exercise, some health conditions like obesity and diabetes are risks.

One of the main causes that sometimes becomes overlooked is hyper viscosity a thick, sticky, sick, and inflamed blood clot that hinders the normal blood supply.

Nattokinase was first discovered because of its ability to dissolve fibrin, fibrin is a component of a blood clot so it works by reinforcing the body’s own enzyme plasmin as it breaks down fibrin therefore preventing unusual thickening of the blood.

Age related plasmin production

As you age plasmin production will slow, Nattokinase is a genuine support for people that want to lower hypertension naturally.

In some cases, reports show that people that take Nattokinase for high blood pressure end up reducing pressure by systolic 10-20 points and diastolic by 5-10 points.

How do you lower blood pressure fast using Nattokinase?

I need to point out that if you take blood thinning medications you must not take Nattokinase drugs like warfarin, Coumadin and others because the blood may become too thin and may not clot.

If you are taking a low dose aspirin 75 mg it is safe to use Nattokinase in conjunction because aspirin works differently to Coumadin in the sense that it makes platelets less sticky.

Similarly, don’t use Nattokinase with fish oils if the amount is over 3 grams per day, the reason for this is the omega 3 fatty acids in the fish oil supplements makes blood less sticky so there is less risk of a blood clot.

Nattokinase dosage.

Nattokinase is packed in pill or capsule form, each one contains 2,000 FU, FU stands for fibrinolytic units or units of activity, I have checked all the Nattokinase clinical trials no more than 2,000 FU was given to participants twice a day.

I recommend that you take a quality Nattokinase from the Good Health Naturally people, it’s the one that I use because it works,

Make sure you take it on an empty stomach first thing in the morning and last thing before going to bed.

Be sure to get your blood pressure checked regularly as the effects of the supplement starts to kick in, I’m sure that you will be pleasantly surprised as your blood pressure comes down naturally with Nattokinase.

Is it safe to take?

When taken by mouth in doses of not more than 2000 FU twice a day, Nattokinase is likely safe to take, however we didn’t find any information on how safe it is to take more than 2 x 2000 FU per day. Nattokinase originates from the soy food natto in Japan where the incidence of heart disease and hypertension is much less than in the Western world.


I hope that you have enjoyed reading my article on how to lower blood pressure fast using Nattokinase, from my own experience I can recommend this wonderful enzyme Nattokinase because it works without any seriouside effects.

Written by Fintan Duggan QQI Healthcare


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