Lung disease remedies that work!

Lung disease remedies

This article will cover lung disease remedies,our lungs are crucial to our health as they breathe in the oxygen we need to survive from the air. But, did you know, that over 500 years ago we had twice as much oxygen in the atmosphere than we do today?

The fact is that industry has removed billions of trees from the planet, trees are so important because because trees recycle the carbon dioxide created by fossil fuels back into life saving oxygen that we need.

Lung disease causes Lung disease causes

Let’s look at lung disease causes and lung disease remedies, first several health conditions come from the removal of do many forests in the global ecosystem. Other lifestyle issues add to the problem for example smoking, a sedentary lifestyle where people don’t breathe properly as well as a stressful life adding to breathing problems.

Bad food causes lung issues

The choice.of foods that are available to is nowadays is staggering, you  sn choose healthy food or the unhealthy food or food that is laden with chemicals or junk food, all can have negetative consequences on the lung health.

By not eating the correct type of healthy foods for example foods that are rich in enzymes and nutrients like fruit and vegetables can lead to fungal and yeast overgrowth in turn your lungs can become inflamed.

Lung inflammation over a period of time coupled with excessive smoking and a sedentary lifestyle can lead to a degeneration in the lungs.

Lower absorption

When all of these factors combine there is a lower level of oxygen being absorbed causing inadequate breathing, most people need medical attention in the form of a never ending supply of drugs I to a downward spiral.

I watched my own mother suffer from a lung condition called chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD) before she passed away at the too early age of 60.

Pharmaceutical treatment

Most people that have lung disease are left in the hands of big pharma and more than likely are not aware of natural lung disease remedies, it’s possible to recover from lung disease if you follow the steps that Mike Tawse took.

Mike Tawse was in a tough situation in 2006, he had some major issues with his lungs and heart, both were failing, Mike was confined to a wheelchair his doctor had prescribed 14 different drugs his health was so bad that his family thought it was only a matter of time. Mike read a book called “the Miracle Enzyme” part of the book showed long disease remedies Mike went on and started on the lung disease remedies he found relief within a short space of time.

Six years later Mike now goes to the gym he has stopped taking drugs, his sight has improved

Many people may feel that once you have to turn to ‘big pharma’ it’s all over, but this isn’t the case. In fact, recovery from lung disease is possible if the proper steps are taken. Let’s take a look at two situations.


Margaret’s father

Margaret contacted me with great concern for her father whose life mostly consisted of sitting in a chair while strapped to an oxygen mask. Doctors were certain that his condition was terminal and would only worsen.

Margaret’s father was initially resistant to changing his diet, but she convinced him to take the first step in the form of taking the supplement Serrapeptase from the people at Good Health Naturally.

Eventually her father was able to discard his oxygen mask and began enjoying a more mobile life as a result and his life was extended.

Lung disease remedies RECOMMENDED PRODUCTS


Serranol is the ultimate top selling lung health product combining a powerful blend of enzymes including Serrapeptase, Ecklonis cave extract, Vitamin D3 and Curcumin.

Serranol customer testimonials

This product has helped my COPD enormously. My lung function was below 50 percent. It is now up to 64. My consultant says I should have deteriorated, instead of which I now have a much better quality of life. I go to exercise classes and do my own housework and gardening.

Definitely reduction with inflammation.

January 10 Sat am Kanth More

My Mum is 75 , she’s been taken Serronal for a year now and has totally changed her live , she was always wanted to have a lay down and nap but not any more thanks to Serronal . She more lively and last the whole day without sleeping in between.


I hope that you have all the information on lung disease remedies that work, give these natural enzymes time to get unti your system you should find improvement within 4-6 months if you stick to the recommended dosage.


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