Natural remedies for sinus headache pressure

Natural remedies for sinus headache pressure

There are natural remedies for sinus headache pressure, in this post I will go through the options that you have for sinus pressure headaches, some of these natural remedies may be able to help relieve your sinus headache pressure.

Sinusitis or rhino sinusitis is predominantly caused by a virus that hangs around even after symptoms like runny nose, nasal congestion and facial pain have eased, in rarer cases sinusitis may be caused by bacteria or fungus. Additionally, sinusitis could be caused by an allergy, nasal polyps or a tooth infection.

The nasal passage or cavities are infected causing inflammation and swelling, further symptoms include facial pain, headache, runny nose and nasal congestion.

Sinuses become inflamed

The sinuses become inflamed, inflammation causes swelling, the swelling prevents mucus to drain putting pressure on the sinuses causing a headache pressure, the more common causes of a sinus headache pressure are allergies, colds or infections.

An infection in the sinuses can be caused by seasonal allergies, nasal polyps, respiratory tract infection or a deviated sputum that is a part of your nose where the right and left nostril are divided these can be crooked in some people making them more prone to an infection in the sinus.

An infection in the sinus can be acute where it lasts for a short period of time or it can be chronic where it lasts for many months.
Sinus headache pressure

What are the symptoms

The symptoms of sinus pressure are headache, you may experience a pain in the face that feels worse if you bend down the pain may spread to your forehead, temple or your cheek, other symptoms include a runny nose, post nasal drip or a persistent cough.

What treatments are available

To tackle the cause of sinus pressure headache namely inflammation treatment must be directed at reducing inflammation inside the sinus pathway and allow them to drain mucus away, this will reduce pressure on the sinuses that is causing the headache.

Most doctors will recommend antibiotics for long term sinus headache pressure however the National institutes of health warns against taking antibiotics because most sinus headache pressure are caused by a virus that antibiotics won’t treat, the agency says that even those sinus headache pressure bought on by bacteria don’t improve any quicker using antibiotics. Fortunately there is a variety of natural remedies for sinus pressure headache.

Before you try antibiotics let’s take a look at natural remedies for sinus headache pressure, natural remedies to decrease the inflammation in the sinuses can achieve the same result these include the use of supplements, steam treatment, nasal irrigation, yoga, saline spray, the use of a dehumidifier, herbs and drinking fluid to stay hydrated.

Supplements to relieve sinus headache pressure

I have seen firsthand how a natural solution like SerraEnzyme can reduce the sinus inflammation, research suggests that SerraEnzyme can significantly reduce nasal secretions and pain in people with sinus headache pressure within 4-7 days.

SerraEnzyme contains Serrapeptase a pretolytic enzyme discovered in the intestine of the silkworm nowadays manufactured in the laboratory by a fermentation process. SerraEnzyme is the original and best Serrapeptase and is definitely worth trying as one of the natural remedies for sinus pressure headache.

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Steam treatment

Steam treatment can help to unblock the nasal passageway effectively, by warming up and moisturizing the sinus passageways helps to soothe the sinus tissue giving you a feeling of clearing the sinuses a little.

A simple way to warm up the nasal passageway is by putting on a hot shower or bath stand in the shower or sit in the bath place a hot face cloth over your nose repeat as often as you want. You could try to boil a kettle of water put the boiling water into a bowel add essential oils like lavender put your head down into the steam with a towel over your head, this can help to unblock those sinuses.


Sinus irrigation can help to ease the symptoms of sinus headache pressure by using a saltwater based solution to force plugged up mucus and germs out of the nasal passageway, it also called nasal wash, lavage or nasal douche.

A neti pot can be used to rinse any debris from the sinuses it must be filled with sterile or distilled water to avoid any germs getting into the sinus pathway, some studies have suggested that sinus irrigation can improve symptoms. Nasal irrigation may be one of the natural remedies for sinus headache pressure that could work for you.

Natural remedies for sinus headache pressure


Yoga is a great way to get your body and mind relaxed some people say that yoga may help in draining mucus away from the sinuses in a supported yoga pose whereby your head is elevated in such a way that it puts less pressure on your sinuses.

The yoga pose is called supported reclined cobblers pose, start by placing a rolled up blanket or bolster under your back lie on the floor or bed, bend the knees bring the soles of the feet together, let your arms relax by your sides, stay in that position for as long as possible.

Saline spray

A saline nose spray may help to wash away any germs or allergies that are causing the nasal passageway to become inflamed saline or salt acts like a dehumidifier that helps mucus build up to disperse.


There may be germs in your environment that are contributing to your sinus headache pressure it may be beneficial to keep your environment moist to assist your sinus passageway to stay open, get a good quality humidifier or vaporizer.


It’s long known that herbs are powerful anti-inflammatory agents, many people use them for cooking to add flavor to meals there is a less well-known herb quercetin that is a component of many vegetables ranging from onions to apples, it is also found in green tea and wine.

Some research points to its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties it can stabilize body cells and reduce the release of histamine, histamine is a chemical that acts to stimulate mucus secretion in the sinuses.

In an article from the natural medicine review it was suggested to take an oral dose of 400-500 mgs up to 3 times per day.

Recommended example of quercetin go to ProHealth for more information

Stay hydrated

Stay hydrated

Most of us know that we should drink more water, in the summer you are naturally thirsty so I suppose you tend to drink more liquids, by drinking liquids it can help to ease the symptoms of sinus headache pressure by keeping your sinuses moist,.

You also feel better because the mucus build up should decrease and flow out much easier, the recommended amount of water to drink each day is 6-8 ounce glasses.

Consult your doctor

You may already have been to see your doctor for a consultation on your symptoms if you haven’t and your symptoms persist or none of the above mentioned natural remedies for sinus pressure headaches haven’t worked then I suggest you pay your doctor a visit for further advice.


I understand that a sinus pressure headache can be so painful that it affects your daily life, work and sleeping, I sincerely hope that you have found the information in this post on natural remedies for sinus headache pressure helpful.

There are a number of remedies that work for people but everyone is unique so it’s best to take the information in and try one of the natural remedies it just may work for you.

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  1. Thanks for sharing  a concise health article.The beauty about medic is in its natural nature, I have been using natural medics to treat my sinus headache,some times I drank plenty of water to stay hydrated,used Salt alkaline.Thanks for bringing this product to my notice,surely gonna give it a trial on my next purchase. 


  2. My husband really suffers with sinus headaches and it can knock him out for several days when it’s really bad so having some natural remedies at hand will help.  I didn’t realise that yoga could help – it is very useful for many ailments.  Thank you for advising specific yoga poses that will help.  



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