How to clean clogged arteries

How to clean clogged arteries

How to clean clogged arteries means that you will need to follow my how to clean clogged arteries in 12 months program to unclog blocked arteries, improve blood flow to your heart and other areas of the body and reduce your risk of a heart attack or stroke.

How do arteries become clogged?

Arteries become clogged over time, in fact statistics will show that arterial plaque can start to build-up in the arteries as early as your 30’s plaque consists of bad cholesterol, calcium, fat, waste products in the blood and fibrin a clotting agent.

When arteries become clogged the plaque hardens causing an obstruction to blood flow, when blood flow to the heart and other parts of the body is blocked by the plaque a number of life threatening things can happen.

The worst possible scenario is that a heart attack or stroke ends in premature death, that is the case in the USA where heart disease is way ahead of every other disease that you can mention in terms of deaths.

According to the American Heart Association one person dies every thirty-seven seconds from cardiovascular disease, that one in every four deaths or approximately 650,000 people.

How to clean clogged arteries imageClogged arteries are a massive problem can you unclog arteries or more specifically can I show you how to clean clogged arteries. I believe that I can.

Is it going to be easy to clear blocked arteries, yes and no, removing plaque that has built up over years in the arterial walls will be difficult in fact doctors will tell you that it just isn’t possible without invasive treatment, instead the recommendation is to try to stop any more plaque forming by a combination of heart medications, changes in lifestyle and diet.

The immune system

Blood vessels are made up of capillaries and arteries, these tubes move oxygen rich blood to all extremities of the body as long as these blood vessels stay open good health will prevail, however small blockages alerts the immune system causing the body to produce inflammation.

Inflammation in the arteries is a leading cause of a heart attack or stroke by learning how to clear clogged arteries by reducing inflammation is the first step in reducing the risks of a heart attack or stroke.

The well-known Doctor Louis Ignarro wrote a book some years ago called “no more heart disease” he actually got a Nobel prize in medicine based on his findings in relation to heart disease. Doctor Ignarro essentially discovered that a little known molecule Nitric oxide is a vasodilator that controls blood flow to all parts of the body.

His discovery showed that the human body produces nitric oxide to keep the blood vessels smooth and to keep plaque build up away, he also showed that as we age our Nitric oxide production starts to reduce causing arteries to harden and plaque to build-up.

My how to clean clogged arteries in 12 months program addresses the issues of plaque build up and the inflammation that follows.

Can arteries be unclogged naturally

You may have read some articles or heard about natural supplements to unclog arteries but are these claims built on any scientific evidence that these natural products work. Unfortunately you won’t find a plethora of studies supporting the argument that arteries can be unclogged naturally.

Having said that there is quite a bit of anecdotal evidence that certain natural alternative medicines in the form of capsules and powder formulations have actually worked to clean clogged arteries.

It must be acknowledged that many of the studies on Serrapeptase, Nattokinase and L arginine have been conducted on animals with success in many cases, however a natural product to treat clogged arteries will by itself not work effectively unless it is combined with a health anti-inflammatory diet, a reduction on stress, moderate alcohol consumption, no smoking and regular daily exercise of at least 45 minutes.

How to clean clogged arteries is outlined in detail in my how to clean clogged arteries in 12 months program you can download the program here.

Direct your efforts

By directing your efforts into reducing the levels of LDL bad cholesterol and increasing the levels of HDL good cholesterol you give your arteries a chance to unclog, now combine that with a healthy diet for example a heart health diet that contains a lot of good fats and small amounts of bad fats:

  • Add more unsaturated or good fats like nuts, olives, fish or avocado to your diet
  • Cut out trans fats or artificial fats like snacks or cookies
  • Reduce sources of saturated fats like dairy and fatty meat, instead eat lean meat and plant based meals.
  • Reduce sugar intake processed foods contain high amounts of sugar, always check the ingredients label before purchasing, reduce sugar levels it can be bad for your heart health.
  • Eat more fiber foods like vegetables, fruit, lentils oats and beans.

Become active

If you haven’t been particularly active regular exercise is one of the ways to clean clogged arteries, become active get at least 45 minutes per day of exercise be it walking, cycling, swimming, tennis as long as you incorporate daily exercise into your heart health strategy it will make a difference.

Reduce excessive weight

It’s normal to put on a fee pounds but remember being overweight can be detrimental to your cardiovascular system by increasing LDL or bad cholesterol causing more plaque to build-up in your arteries, watch your food intake and exercise are the key ways to reduce excessive weight.

Stop smoking

If you are a smoker you may or may not know that some inhalation raises your bad cholesterol levels that can contribute to clogged arteries, speak to your doctor about a smoking cessation program.

Reduce alcohol consumption

Alcohol is fine in moderation however too much alcohol will affect your heart because alcohol contains a lot of sugar and can cause your LDL or bad cholesterol levels to rise. Any rise in LDL or lipoprotein levels can cause arteries to clog so remember alcohol in moderation.


Chances are you are reading this because you have clogged arteries, I’m assuming that you have been given prescription heart medications that will keep your cholesterol down, maybe slow your heart down or lower your blood pressure.

You may have been told that an angiogram is required to discover where your arteries are blocked, lifestyle changes may not be enough to unblock your arteries.  Your physician may recommend that you have some invasive treatment to bypass any blockages going to your heart.

During a heart bypass the doctor will take any artery from somewhere else in your body and use it to bypass the artery where you have the blockage, on the other hand your doctor may decide to insert a small stent into the blocked area in an effort to keep it open. This allows blood to flow better to your heart and would be the preferred option.

Do any of these procedures unblock arteries?, I have spoken to many cardiologists and unfortunately the answer is no, however they will mean a better quality if life for you, an even better quality of life is possible by learning how to clean clogged arteries by following my how to clean clogged arteries in 12 months program, it is available to download here.


I sincerely hope that you have found that information on how to clean clogged arteries useful, if you have been diagnosed with clogged arteries this is the time to get healthy, you can unclog your arteries by following my 12 month program here.

Do as much as you can to help the process by eating a heart healthy diet, keep stress out of your life if possible, get at least 45 minutes of exercise each day, watch your alcohol intake, if you smoke stop, take your food supplements as directed.

A healthy lifestyle is important to all of this and remember, once the plaque inside your arteries starts to reduce down the benefits to your health will be worth all the effort. If you have any questions on how to clean clogged arteries in 12 months program please contact me here.



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