Serrapeptase health benefits

Serrapeptase health benefits

Let’s talk about Serrapeptase and Serrapeptase health benefits, this wonderful enzyme has been around for over 30 years because it helps with so many inflammatory conditions making the health benefits of Serrapeptase unique in many ways.

Serrapeptase is one of the hardest working enzymes that’s safe to take it helps you to stay healthy and feel better, Serrapeptase health benefits are many, as an enzyme it does a good job breaking protein down into valuable amino acids in a much faster way.

Enzymes are vitally important to our bodies they are compounds that are in charge of breaking down fats, proteins and sugars all the way through your stomach and pancreas into smaller particles that our bodies can easily absorb. Enzymes don’t just stop there they are essential for protecting our bodies against harmful bacteria, keeping inflammation down and healing, enzymes are the catalyst that provides a start for chemical and biochemical responses in the body.

Serrapeptase health benefits

One of the many Serrapeptase health benefits is that it can be taken to help fight against inflammation, encourage the immune system response and reduce pain.

It’s main attribute is the amazing ability it has to dissolve protein in the intestine and in scar tissue, it can also dissolve mucus build up and decrease inflammation. It’s also known as SerraEnzyme, Serratiopeptidase, Serraplus, Serratia E-15 protease, serralysin, serratia peptidase, it helps to weaken bio films associated with antibiotic resisted bacteria meaning a faster recovery for you while taking Serrapeptase with antibiotics. Let’s look at Serrapeptase health benefits in more detail;


One of the earliest proponents of using Serrapeptase was the German physicist Doctor Nieper he discovered that Serrapeptase supported normal blood clotting and helped his patients with varicose veins, studies have confirmed that Serrapeptase may be effective in removing Atherosclerotic plaque by dissolving it without causing any harm to the arteries. Serrapeptase can be more effective for cardiovascular health when used in conjunction with Nattokinase, that combination is called Blockbuster.


Serrapeptase has become very popular throughout the world as a supplement for trauma that occurs through an injury or following surgery, it works by reducing fluid caused by inflammation which causes swelling to go down. Many sports people use Serrapeptase for minor cuts and bruises, Serrapeptase can also be used to help your pet animal with scarring.

3. Reduces breast swelling

During a double-blind study of fibrocystic breast disease, some the of the participants were given Serrapeptase, in 85% of cases it was reported that the women found a reduction in breast tenderness due to the fibrinolytic and pretolytic properties of Serrapeptase meaning that it dissolves scar or dead tissue.

4. Promotes ear, nose, & throat health

Serrapeptase health benefits encompass ear, nose and throat disease, a double-blind study of patients with chronic ear, nose and throat conditions were give Serrapeptase they said that they experienced significant improvement in their symptoms, Serrapeptase reduced the mucus viscosity and allowed it to drain away.

5. Carpal tunnel syndrome relief

Carpal tunnel syndrome happens when the median nerve that runs along the wrist becomes pinched causing inflammation and pain, it affects people that use their hands in a repetitive manner each day for work. A clinical trial of 20 patients with carpal tunnel found that 65% reported clinical improvements from taking Serrapeptase, there were no side effects.

Health benefits of Serrapeptase

6. Swelling and fluid balance

Over the past 35 years Serrapeptase is an approved standard natural remedy for swelling and fluid balance mainly because it was shown in studies on patients following surgery that Serrapeptase reduced swelling by nearly 50% after the third day.

7. Complete systemic support

When Serrapeptase is introduced into the body it provides a vast array of functions, everything from supporting the nervous system, respiratory system, cardiovascular system, prostate, ear, nose and throat, Serrapeptase has positive benefits for scarring, inflammation, swelling and plaque reduction.

8. Promotes faster healing

Inflammation is our bodies way of dealing with injuries, Serrapeptase promotes faster healing by decreasing swelling following an injury or surgery, it speeds up tissue repair, this was shown to be the case in a study.

9. Decreases inflammation

When inflammation occurs our bodies response is to send fluid to the affected area, the excess fluid causes swelling and pain, its thought that Serrapeptase is beneficial for decreasing inflammation by thinning out the excessive fluids and allowing them to be drained away from the site of the inflammation.Doctor's best Serrapeptase

10. Scar tissue

Scar tissue is an issue in so many conditions for example, blocked fallopian tube, fibrocystic breast disease, ovarian cysts, injuries or copd all have one thing in common, scar tissue causes swelling and pain, here is a great example of Serrapeptase health benefits. When used in a high dose 120,000 IU Serrapeptase can reduce scarring right down providing relief from the symptoms of excessive scar tissue.

11. Calms Redness

Several studies have shown that Serrapeptase is good for redness and swelling, it works at a cellular level to promote a harmonious calm environment.

12. Assists antibiotics

Everyone has had to take antibiotics at one stage or another during our lives they are designed to kill harmful bacteria that you body is finding it hard to deal with, Serrapeptase is a really effective way to speed up the work of antibiotics by weakening the bio films around bad bacteria.

Which Serrapeptase

Is it safe to take?

It is generally safe to take Serrapeptase especially if you have chronic inflammation and pain, however if you are taking medications or other supplements that are formulated to thin fluid then don’t mix he two, for example fish oil is a mild/moderate blood thinner combining it with Serrapeptase doesn’t necessarily mean your blood will get too thin but it’s better not to mix them.

Other prescription medications that are designed to thin the blood include aspirin, warfarin, clipodogrel or any other blood thinners, best not to mix Serrapeptase with these. Before adding Serrapeptase to your routine check with your doctor or health practitioner.

How much should you take?

I hope that you now know about Serrapeptase health benefits but you may like to know how much should you take and when should you take Serrapeptase.

The Serrapeptase enzyme can work very well for scar tissue, mucus build up in the nasal passageway, poor circulation, heart disease, carpal tunnel, fibroids, cysts, fibrocystic breast disease, COPD, sprains, excessive fluid and redness.

Serrapeptase or SerraEnzyme is sold in capsule or tablet form, if you check the label you will notice the IU beside the numbers such as 80,000 IU, 120,000 IU or 250,000 IU, what it signifies is the IU stands for units of enzymatic activity so the bigger the number the more active the dose is.

Recommended doses per condition

Swelling and pain

Take 3x 2500,000 iu SerraEnzyme

Scar tissue

Take 3x 80,000 iu Serraplus

Carpal tunnel

Take 3x 250,000 iu SerraEnzyme


Take 4 x 250,000 IU SerraEnzyme

Cardiovascular disease

Take 4x 250,000 iu Blockbuster

Best times to take Serrapeptase

The best times to take Serrapeptase are one hour before a meal and two hours after with a glass of water.

Best Serrapeptase to buy

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