L Arginine benefits or side effects

L Arginine benefits or side effects

Have you heard about L Arginine benefits or side effects, L arginine is an amino acid, it acts as a building block for proteins, l arginine benefits are worth taking a look at especially in the area of cardiovascular and sexual health for men, there are also health benefits from l arginine for women.

Much like similar amino acids, L-arginine plays an important role in building protein. Our bodies use protein to rebuild tissue and to help build muscle, protein in the body is also used for building bones, muscle, skin, cartilage and blood.

Because l arginine is a building block for proteins researchers have examined l arginine health benefits in relation to how effective it could be in treating tissue waste during serious illness as well as an alternative treatment for wounds.

Food sources of l arginine

Where does l arginine come from?

L arginine is pivotal to creating Nitric oxide gas, nitric oxide is vital for the cardiovascular system because it widens blood vessels creating maximum efficiency in pumping oxygen and nutrient rich blood around the circulatory system.

Our bodies naturally produce l arginine from the foods that we eat for example foods like dairy, fish, poultry, or other meats, seeds, soya bean, peanuts, spiriulina or chickpeas.

L Arginine is created naturally from certain foods that you eat, that’s all fine as you are younger and benefit from L Arginine benefits or side effects.

Red meat, dairy, eggs and fish all contain low enough amounts of l arginine that help our bodies to restore its essential resources, at times our bodies needs for l arginine may be greater than what our bodies can produce normally especially when it comes to certain medical conditions as we age.

In cases like this doctors may prescribe artificial l arginine in the form injections, oral medications or creams, l arginine benefits can accrue from increasing the intake of this amino acid.

L arginine is widely available in supplement form, it can be purchased in powder or capsule form, it is important to follow the dosage Instructions even though l arginine is safe to take in moderate doses.

How does it work?

L arginine works in two ways it converts onto Nitric oxide and it helps in building protein, these positive effects make the health benefits of l arginine beneficial for heart disease, deep vein thrombosis, bad circulation, muscle building wound repair and sexual health.

Although, many l arginine manufacturers claim that it has many health benefits not all of them have scientific studies to back those claims up, let’s examine in a bit more detail scientific evidence on L Arginine benefits or side effects.

Solution for blood flow and circulation

This is the best solution for improving your blood flow & circulation.

Did you know that poor blood flow and circulation can lead to:
– high blood pressure
– blood clots
– a stroke or heart attack
– muscle cramps
– varicose veins
– poor eyesight and hair loss
– cardiovascular disease
– ED problems for men (in the bedroom)

… and other potentially life threatening health issues. However, the good news is that all of this can be avoided with one simple solution.

What does science say about l arginine?

A number if studies have been completed on l arginine health benefits and uses, here are the examples of what does l arginine work for;

  • Reducing high blood pressure
  • Reducing heart disease symptoms
  • Treating ed or erectile dysfunction
  • Treating high blood sugars in diabetics
  • Tissue repair
  • Reducing inflammation in the digestive tract
  • Correcting inborn errors of urea synthesis

In addition to the health benefits of L arginine listed above and while appreciating the fact that more research needs to be done l arginine may also help with:

  • Improving blood flow
  • Wound healing
  • A treatment for burns
  • Enhancing exercise performance
  • Alleviating anxiety
  • For people with congestive heart failure, if any help improve kidney function

L arginine benefits for men

L arginine benefits for men

Science has proven that l arginine acts as a vasodilator, in other words it makes it possible for the endothelium (the inner lining of the arteries) to become expand and contract allowing blood to flow normally, why is this significant in terms of make sexual health or more specifically erectile dysfunction (ed).

In a nutshell if you are experiencing difficulties trying to get an erect penis or trying to keep your penis erect for long enough to satisfy your partner, then I may be l arginine may able to help you, let me explain this particular aspect of L Arginine benefits.

Your penis consists of many small blood and lymphatic vessels, it is a type of sponge structure with thin skin and connective tissue, when you get an erection the blood rushes into the blood vessels and fills the sponge structure up.

Nitric oxide plays a part it increases the blood supply until your penis is rock hard.

According to the statistics getting and keeping an erect penis is a big problem for more than 20% of men over 55 it gets worse when you get to over 75 where the problem doubles.

I suspect that many younger men have difficulty in maintaining an erection so an l arginine supplement may be the answer, in fact studies have shown how extra Nitric oxide produced from l arginine had a beneficial effect (80% success rate)

In people with low nitric oxide levels the study involved the participants taking a mixture of l arginine and pycnogenol for erectile dysfunction.

L arginine benefits lower blood pressure

Studies on patients with hypertension showed that l arginine can decrease blood pressure by dilating the blood vessels causing them to expand allowing blood to flow better.

Boosts endurance

Many athletes and runners use l arginine because of its properties in increasing blood flow, it also increases glycogen in the muscles which is a primary source of energy for the muscles in the body, l arginine reduces some lactic acid build up during exercise so that assists recovery time.

Increases muscle mass

L arginine health benefits extend to increasing muscle mass, there is research to back this up probably why so many body builders take l arginine supplements. It makes a lot of sense when you consider that amino acids make muscles!

So l arginine supplements help to build muscles up in the body not only that but when you are using your muscles you are burning energy up so l arginine helps nitric oxide production meaning increased blood supply and more energy.

As you can tell l Arginine benefits or side effects go hand in hand, so what are the side effects of taking L Arginine.

Side effects

Once you take l arginine in the recommended dose on an empty stomach and two hours before a meal there should not be any side effects, however everyone is different so the potential side effects include:

  • Upset tummy
  • Bloating
  • Diarrhea
  • Low blood pressure
  • Abdominal pain
  • Gout

May help with migraine

Migraine affects many people symptoms are a severe headache along with nausea, light sensitivity or visual distortion. L arginine supplements may help to relieve the symptoms in conjunction with non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen under the supervision of a doctor.

L arginine benefits for women

L arginine health benefits for women

An interesting health benefit of l arginine supplements for women with a history of not becoming pregnant through in vitro fertilization is that L-arginine has been shown to improve fertility.

This is good news for couples trying to have a baby, by supplementing with l arginine (16 gms daily) seems to improve fertilization.

Sexual desire

One study on women with a low libido showed that by supplementing with l arginine plus ginkgo, vitamins, minerals and damiana improved the sexual desire in over 60% of the trial participants, its thought that l arginine increased the Nitric oxide and lifted the libido by intensifying sensation, increasing blood flow and stimulating the vaginal and clitoral area.

Medication contraindications

L arginine benefits or side effects are many however there are potential risks in the following circumstances like:

  • Children and infants
  • Not to be taken before or during surgery
  • Herpes
  • Following a heart attack
  • Blood pressure medications
  • Viagra

Foods Rich in L-arginine

As mentioned earlier l arginine exists in many foods that we consume here is a quick breakdown of the goods that you should eat to boost your l arginine levels

1. Fish like salmon or tuna are a great source of l arginine, salmon contains 1.2 per 100 grams and tuna 1.7 per 100 grams.

2. Chicken is popularly used it has around 70% of the daily protein recommended and around 9 grams of l arginine.

3. Vegetables especially green vegetables like spinach have high levels of l arginine at around 3.3 grams per 100 grams.

4. Pumpkin seeds are a great source of zinc and iron as well as having 7 grams of l arginine in a cup full of seeds.

5. Turkey breast holds the highest amount of l arginine as well as omega 3 and vitamin b.

6. Eggs contain about 0.1 grams per 100 grams of l arginine

7. Lentils in raw form contain 2.1 grams per 100 grams lentils are also a great source of fiber.

8. Nuts like peanuts walnuts or almonds are a good source of l arginine containing between 1-÷.1 grams respectively.

L arginine can also be obtained in supplement form, I recommend that you take a supplement in powder form for better absorption and one that contains both l arginine and Citrulline because studies have shown the combination to be very effective.

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L arginine benefits or side effects

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I hope you have enough information on l arginine benefits or side effects in this post to help you make a decision on whether you could benefit from taking an l arginine supplement,effect.

I highly recommend you try l arginine for health conditions like cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, poor circulation, erectile dysfunction or tissue repair, scientific research has proven the link between l arginine, nitric oxide and better circulation.








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