Remove plaque in arteries naturally

Remove plaque in arteries naturally

Plaque in arteries is a build-up of fatty deposits and a potential silent killer, this article shows how to remove plaque in arteries naturally by using a heart healthy diet, exercise, reducing stress and a natural supplement to remove plaque from the arteries.

I had a very serious heart attack during my mid forties (now 65) at the time my cholesterol levels were extremely high even though my doctor advised statin medication it didn’t prevent me almost dying from the silent killer.

It really was silent in my case, I had no symptoms, no chest pain just a feeling of being over tired and stressed, it happened while I was jogging on the beach, no words can describe how you feel when your heart stops getting blood supply because of a build-up of plaque in your arteries.

My thoughts at the time were, am I going to die? I have to be honest and tell you, I am one of the very lucky people to survive a massive heart attack, thankfully I have been around for my wife and three daughters since that traumatic event.

Doctors told me that I had 95% plaque blockage in my left ventricle artery that’s the main artery one that goes out of your heart, medically known as LAD or left anterior descending, it supplies blood to the front and bottom of the left ventricle and the septum.

LAD left anterior descending artery

For years, it has puzzled me why are so many people dying from heart attacks and strokes, my research has proven beyond doubt that blocked arteries or atherosclerosis from plaque build-up is the underlying condition that causes heart attacks and other circulatory disorders.

Atherosclerosis can occur in any of the arteries but characteristically those that deliver blood to the coronary arteries (heart) the carotid arteries (neck) and the peripheral arteries (legs) ultimately atherosclerosis can cause symptoms like angina (chest pain) or worse cause life threatening situations such as a heart attack or a debilitating stroke.

Find the answer

It become imperative for me to find the answer to how to remove plaque in arteries, first I have to fully understand the causes of atherosclerosis, I found that it can start in your body even at a young age when fatty material starts to accumulate in the endothelium (lining of the walls in your arteries) these materials are foreign to our body so it produces an inflammatory response.

Your artery reacts to fight the inflammation by repairing the damaged tissue, this action creates fibrous seal over the fatty base, over time this set of events causes plaque to grow causing more inflammation, it goes on and on before the effects are felt.

What can happen?

Heart disease is known as the silent killer for a good reason, you won’t know you have it until something serious happens such as the artery plaque gets too big and narrows the artery causing the blood supply to your heart to be reduced or insufficient.

This may lead to angina (chest pain) or discomfort and it is usually noticed during exercise or physical work, (in my case I didn’t have any chest pain) the worst and most dangerous that can happen is the blood that flows over the plaque can rupture or break off, causing a blood clot.

The clot may block the artery and cause a heart attack or if it goes downstream it can cause a stroke.

Is it natural to have atherosclerosis?

Atherosclerosis is extremely common, it is a disease of the arteries there are a number of risk factors including age, diet, smoking, lifestyle and family history, people in their 60s and 70s find they have plaque in the arteries although not everyone does.

Plaque in the arteries can start in some people during their 20s or 30s however it may not be noticed as the disease is silent for a long period, causes are usually an unhealthy lifestyle and smoking.

How do you know if arteries are blocked?

Unfortunately a lot of people with blocked arteries (atherosclerosis) don’t realize that they have it until they notice symptoms such as chest pain (angina) or leg pain (claudication) caused by not enough blood flow.

In a growing number of cases the first time you know if arteries are blocked is when you have a culinary event such as a heart attack or stroke.

From this information you can see how important or life saving it is to know how to remove plaque in arteries naturally.

Is there a test?

Doctors recommend that patients over 40 should go for a cardiovascular risk health assessment whereby a blood sample will determine if you have high cholesterol, a blood pressure test will test for high blood pressure and your medical history will be taken into account to calculate your risk of a coronary event.

If you are in the high risk category certain lifestyle changes will be recommended and you may be put on heart medications to reduce the risk.

Is it possible to reverse plaque build-up?

I believe it is possible to reverse or remove plaque in arteries by following a strict program of lifestyle changes, prescription medications, reducing stress, exercise and a natural supplement to remove plaque in the arteries.

Things can be done to slow down plaque build-up and dramatically reduce the chance of a heart attack occurring, by changing to a healthy lifestyle and controlling the risk factors is pivotal to slowing down the progression of plaque building up in your arteries.

What are the treatments?

I have been there and worn the t-shirt, following my heart attack I was prescribed heart medications to protect my damaged heart, they included aspirin, to reduce platelets sticking together and stop blood clots from occurring.

I had statin drugs prescribed to lower cholesterol and a beta blocker to reduce the risk of a further heart attack.

If you haven’t had a heart attack but you have symptoms further investigation is needed to find out what medical treatment is needed, you may need to be scanned for heart (angiogram) carotid artery disease (neck) or peripheral artery disease (legs).

Ongoing treatments will depend on the extent of the artery disease, how many are diseased and how bad are your symptoms, for example if your heart arteries are diseased and you are experiencing chest pain or shortness of breath then you may have an angioplasty done and a stent inserted.

If you have many coronary arteries blocked they may recommend that you have a coronary bypass surgery where the surgeon will extract good arteries usually from the leg and use them to bypass the blocked arteries.

Cholesterol medications

Cholesterol medications

Cholesterol medications are recognized as the most effective way to keep LDL (bad) cholesterol at bay however science has shown that statin drugs don’t reduce plaque build-up in the arteries or reverse the damage done to the endothelium (lining of the arteries).

Can supplements work to remove plaque in arteries?

Over recent times supplements to remove plaque in arteries have come to the fore, in fact recently published studies out of China in which 76 participants who had carotid atherosclerosis were given Nattokinase 6,000 FU (3 tablets) or a cholesterol drug simvastatin (20 mg) the findings showed that in both groups cholesterol levels were reduced.

What was interesting the Nattokinase group readings showed that HDL (good cholesterol) increased and most importantly over the course of the 26-week treatment the levels of plaque reduced by an astonishing 37%.

A further study in 2009 on 60 people that had carotid artery plaque symptoms half were given a statin (atorvastatin) and aspirin while the other half were given lumbrokinase (an enzyme extracted out of a earthworm) two a day 6 months.

Following the study a CIMT test was completed, (it measures the extent of atherosclerosis in the arteries) the people taking lumbrokinase showed a reduction in cholesterol and platelet aggregation (accumulation) it was also found to be safe to take.

A study involving fifty people with carotid artery half were given a source of gamma tocotrienol (vitamin e tocotrienol) the study took 18 months to complete results confirmed that 25% of the patients taking the Vitamin E showed plaque regressed significantly.

Proteases these are enzymes that are known as pretolytic because they can break down protein many of whom are associated with cardiovascular disease.

Bergamot is well-known as a natural way to reduce cholesterol, it was used in a study of patients with atherosclerosis over a six-month period, the figures revealed that lipid numbers reduced and there was a major improvement in the CIMT numbers (dropped from 1.2 cm- 0.9 cm)

Serrapeptase is a proteolytic enzyme with many studies behind it, it has a long history as a safe effective anti inflammatory alternative to NSAIDs, Serrapeptase can help with inflammation in the arteries in combination with Nattokinase and other nutrients.

These studies have proven that there is a natural way to remove plaque in arteries providing it is combined with a heart healthy diet, stress reduction, prescription medication and regular exercise, I have proven this to be the case.

Over 18 months ago I researched how various nutrients could help to provide part of the answer to the question of how to remove plaque in arteries naturally knowing that I would still need to eat healthily, reduce stress, take my heart medications and exercise regularly.

I discovered a quality natural supplement for cardiovascular support called NutraSea™ Omega-3, I checked with the people at Natures Way for their formula, it contains 1250 mg EPA/DHA per teaspoon and many other nutrients for cardiovascular support, all of these ingredients are science based.

I have taken NutraSea™ Omega-3 for 18 months, my arteries are clear, this has  confirmed by my surgeon I feel much more energetic and healthy, my advice on how to remove plaque in arteries is for you to try NutraSea™ Omega-3 in conjunction with a heart healthy diet, regular exercise, prescription medications.

Is NutraSea™ Omega-3 safe to take with medications?

NutraSea™ Omega-3 formula contains nothing else but all natural ingredients no harmful fillers or chemical making it safe to take with medications on a regular basis, if you are worried about Interactions consult your healthcare provider or doctor.

Recommended supplement to remove plaque from arteries naturally

NutraSea™ Omega-3

Liquid fish oil



Studies have shown that it is safe to take 1250 mg EPA/DHA per teaspoon daily, 1250 mg EPA/DHA daily for up to 6 months, NutraSea™ Omega-3 has no side effects.

To purchase NutraSea™ Omega-3 and remove plaque in arteries naturally go to the people at Nature’s Way, they will look after you.


I hope that my experience and success at removing plaque in my arteries can help you too, honestly there aren’t many effective options in plaque removal in arteries, follow the dosage and the other lifestyle changes I’m sure that all of them will help.


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