About Nattokinase benefits

About Nattokinase benefits

I have been asked to write this article about Nattokinase benefits, so Let’s jump right in and tell you where Nattokinase came from, what are Nattokinase benefits, what is it used for, are there any side effects, finally I will tell you where you can purchase the best Nattokinase supplement.

Nattokinase is a popular health supplement that is produced from a fermented soy food called natto, Nattokinase is a very effective natural food supplement for a number of conditions that involve blood circulation, diseases caused by inflammation and as a fertility aid.

This powerful enzyme is part of the protease family of enzymes and plays a pivotal role in digesting or breaking down body protein as well as plaque in the arteries, Nattokinase and Serrapeptase are closely related because both have similar mechanisms, the main difference is that Nattokinase is a blood thinner while Serrapeptase is not.

Nattokinase acts to promote the normal blood flow, it improves circulation, & maintains normal range blood pressure.
About Nattokinase benefits natto dish

How is it made?

The base ingredient of Nattokinase is natto, a Japanese dish that doesn’t taste that nice, natto is a soybean they are taken and fermented using a bacteria known as Bacillus subtilis, Nattokinase is the enzyme that is produced from natto into a food supplement that doesn’t have any taste at all, when you take Nattokinase it finds it’s way into your bloodstream where it acts as a blood thinner and can protect you against blood clot conditions like a heart attack, stroke, angina, and clogged arteries in the legs, .

Let’s take a closer look about Nattokinase benefits and find out what Nattokinase can do for you in terms of becoming healthier.

1. Lowers blood pressure by thinning the blood and dissolving any accumulation of blood clots that may be harmful thus lowering blood pressure.

2. Pain reduction
Nattokinase is also an anti-inflammatory enzyme, so it can deal with chronic inflammation symptoms and conditions caused by inflammation such as arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, painful period pain, clogged blood vessels in the legs, Nattokinase dissolve unwanted protein do it is possibly effective for fibroids in pain reduction.

3. Vision help Nattokinase ability to dissolve proteins or fibrous tissue makes it an ideal therapy for people that suffer from cataracts.

4. Clot dissolution is something that Nattokinase is particularly good for because it can dissolve fibrin that form a large part if a clot.

5. Varicose veins are caused by blood clots forming in the small blood vessels in the legs, that build up and cause pain, Nattokinase is particularly useful as a natural alternative for varicose veins, spider veins and hemorrhoids.

6. Migraine headache is very common, there are many causes including blood thickening and poor circulation, Nattokinase can benefit migraine sufferers by dissolving the cause of the blood thickening and improving the circulation.
Nattokinase benefits good health naturally

7. Nattokinase can help with erectile dysfunction if it is caused by a lack of blood going to the veins in the penis, low volumes of blood in that area can cause low libido or sex drive, Nattokinase can be helpful to for men who find themselves in this position.

8. Cardiovascular health is compromised by plaque build-up in the blood vessels, about Nattokinase benefits is its ability to clear plaque from arteries thus reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease conditions like a heart attack or stroke.

9. One or two studies on Nattokinase suggested that it may be able to reduce amyloid plaque in the blood vessels going to the brain, some studies seem to suggest that amyloid plaque is responsible for Alzheimer’s disease.

10. Improves metabolism by dissolving any unwanted fiber or blood clots that may be inhibiting blood flow, when normal blood flow is restored it improves metabolism and overall wellness., one of the very strong characteristics about Nattokinase benefits.

11. Increases Fertility endometriosis and fibroids can become chronic and painful for some women and may lead to infertility, Nattokinase has been used to help with dissolution of these of fibroids, endometriosis causes tissue to thicken it breaks down and causes bleeding during the menstrual cycle, there is no way out for the enlarged tissue, Nattokinase has been used successfully to get rid of the trapped tissue this giving the woman a be6tte chance of increased fertility.

12. Edema is the medical word for poor circulation, studies clearly show that Nattokinase improves poor circulation by reducing edema especially blood clots that form in the legs ( deep vein thrombosis)

Is Nattokinase going to work by itself?

I would like to be able to tell you that Nattokinase will work all by itself for any number of health conditions but that isn’t true, Nattokinase benefits are many but only as part of a more holistic approach to your health condition.

It makes sense to take the recommended Nattokinase dosage of 2,000 fu each day in conjunction with a healthy diet, regular exercise, less stress, enough sleep, and even some meditation wouldn’t be out if place. Nattokinase is derived from a food source (natto) so it is safe to take right up to 6 months according to all of the research papers that I have read.
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Nattokinase warnings side effects

Nattokinase isn’t for everyone because there may be so e side effects, it is a very potent blood thinner isn’t should not be taken with blood lowering or blood thinning medications without the consent of your doctor providing he is well versed about Nattokinase benefits.

Similarly, if you are prone to bruising easily or have a bleeding disorder it isn’t advisable to take Nattokinase in case it exacerbates the problem.

If you are prone to heavy periods or are allergic to soy products it’s best to stay away from Nattokinase.


I hope that you have all the information you need about Nattokinase benefits, Nattokinase has a number if health benefits mainly to do with blood circulation, blood clots, getting rid of blockages in the blood vessels and as a natural alternative for inflammation type conditions.

Where to buy Nattokinase

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