What about Serrapeptase

What about Serrapeptase

What about Serrapeptase as a natural anti-inflammatory pretolytic enzyme for the reduction of swelling and pain associated with inflammation? To understand more about Serrapeptase we need to look at the history of Serrapeptase how it was discovered and what is the science behind Serrapeptase.

Discovered in the silkworm Serrapeptase is now commercially produced in the laboratory by a fermentation process that brings out the pretolytic properties of the aptly named miracle enzyme.

Pretolytic means that the enzyme can dissolve protein or harmful dead tissue on the body, Serrapeptase is good for your health because it can act effectively and safely as a pain reliever, there are many Serrapeptase testimonials that prove how Serrapeptase really works.

People mistakenly think that Serrapeptase is a blood thinner, actually Serrapeptase does not thin blood, it calms inflammation making blood that much healthier.

What about Serrapeptase enzyme

As stated it is part of the pretolytic enzyme family that also includes protease, bromelian, chymotrypsin, papain, pancreatin and trypsin, supplement manufacturers procure enzymes both from plants and animal source.

To take an example chymotrypsin and trypsin are derived from pigs, while Serrapeptase is derived from the silkworm, bromelian and papain are derived from fruit.

Serrapeptase is commercially grown from plant enzymes, it is suitable for vegetarians, it came to be noticed over 35 years following the discovery that Serrapeptase could dissolve the silk cocoon surrounding it.

Serrapeptase enzyme is the most popular seller of all the enzymes, it has been used by health practitioners and doctors in Europe for over 35 years for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

Doctor's best SerrapeptaseWhat is Serrapeptase good for?

Inflammation in the body is primarily responsible for any number of conditions that you care to mention, for example this is a list of health conditions caused by the body’s response (inflammation) to a threat in the immune system,

  • Cysts
  • Arthritis
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Bursitis
  • Chronic sinusitis
  • Copd
  • Arterial plaque
  • Blood clots
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Carpal tunnel
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Scar tissue

The outstanding health benefit of Serrapeptase is its ability to digest (dissolve) dead tissue and dispose of it through the body, for example blocked fallopian tubes are caused by scar tissue build-up Serrapeptase is the answer for women that can’t become pregnant because the tubes are blocked.

Chronic sinusitis is simply a build-up of mucus in the nasal passageway again Serrapeptase is the answer for people that are suffering from chronic sinus headaches and other symptoms.

Bursitis is caused by inflammation in the tiny bursa (fluid filled sacs) that support the functioning of the hip and shoulder area, bursitis of the hip and shoulder are common issues that affect the daily lives of many people, what about Serrapeptase as a natural alternative to prescription medication?

I can vouch for Serrapeptase for hip bursitis pain, I suffered for 18 months with hip pain, it really was having a negetative effect on my life until I discovered Serrapeptase. I purchased the strongest dosage Serrapeptase (120,000iu) I took 3 Serrapeptase tablets a day for three months, it didn’t work immediately but over the three months my hip pain slowly dissipated and now it is back to normal.

How does Serrapeptase really work?

The scientific evidence suggests that this natural SerraEnzyme has terrific anti inflammatory properties, Serrapeptase induces breaking down fibrous tissue and cuts down excess fluid caused by inflammation, it then gets rid of them as waste products from the body. People with chronic mucus build-up in the nasal area can find relief using Serrapeptase because it breaks down the mucus and makes it easier to be excreted.

Clinical trials have found that Serrapeptase is a good natural substitute for non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs because it doesn’t inhibit prostaglandins ( a group of tissues) produced at the site of tissue damage, Serrapeptase in general does not cause any gastrointestinal issues.

What about Serrapeptase for cardiovascular health

Unfortunately the aging process means that many of us will get some form of cardiovascular disease, after all heart attacks are the single biggest killer of both men and women, sadly some die too early.

What about Serrapeptase as a natural therapy for cardiovascular disease, in fact there is a long history on Europe notably in Germany where doctors have prescribed this pretolytic enzyme to people that need heart surgery.

The results of this enzyme therapy suggest that people had health improvements following treatment, Doctor Hans Nieper was one of the first medical people to try Serrapeptase on his patients for poor circulation related to cardiovascular disease.

Serrapeptase studies

I want to point out that Serrapeptase studies are few, some were poorly structured but the ones that I have referenced suggest that Serrapeptase has strong antioxidant and anti inflammatory properties, if you are in any doubt about Serrapeptase you only have to read the number of Serrapeptase testimonials to see that Serrapeptase really works.

Clinical studies have shown us that this miracle enzyme can bring about anti-inflammatory, fibrinolytic( dissolves fibrin) and anti-endemic (reduces swelling and fluid retention) mechanisms in bodily tissues. Compared to any of the other pretolytic enzymes Serrapeptase comes out on top in terms of healing inflammation.

The dosage for Serrapeptase is in the range of 80,000- 250,000 IU (units of activity) it is thought to be safe to take up to one million IU of Serrapeptase in any 24 hour period, however the condition would need to be of a chronic nature (long-lasting) for a dosage of that strength.

Serrapeptase in the stomach

Serrapeptase in supplement form taken with a glass of water on an empty stomach passes safely through any acid in the stomach and into the bloodstream where it locates the source of inflammation and begins to digest any harmful protein lying there or excess fluid, then the healing begins.

What about Serrapeptase for scar tissue

Our bodies contain fibrin a protein, the protein repairs damage as soon as it happens, for example if you cut yourself your body will use a layer of fibrin to cover up the wound and to help with healing the damaged tissue. When this sometimes happens our bodies create too much fibrin to cover the wound and we are left with a scar, what about Serrapeptase to remove this excess fiber.?

Serrapeptase is available online in a number of formulas, each one is specifically formulated for a specific condition, please follow the information below to discover which Serrapeptase is right for you.Warnings

It is advisable of going for surgery to stop taking Serrapeptase up to two weeks beforehand in case of any internal bleeding becoming excessive, a reader asked if it is safe to take Serrapeptase during ovulation so here is a testimonial from a woman that used Serrapeptase.

“I stopped taking it a week before surgery but two weeks may be the best idea for you. I took it right after surgery and didn’t have any issues but I was not bleeding at all… so better safe than sorry I suppose. Just a note about the Serrapeptase I know it is working because some of my old scars are actually fading – just noticed this yesterday that some old stretchmarks on my tummy are actually not noticeable any longer. I got a ton of them with my first as he was 10.7 pounds. Also, my incision point is healing very well and I really think the Serrapeptase has helped with that so I think it must be working on my insides too! Sinister26 was the one who told me about it and I take two capsule of the Doctor’s best brand every day when my alarm goes off with a large glass of water. I do this because Sinister26 said that is what she did and she has had great results (BFP first cycle TTC). Also, I figure it can’t hurt so why not. I know some ladies take it up to three times a day but I haven’t done any reading on that so you may want to do more research.”


I sincerely hope you have all the information that you are looking for in relation to what about Serrapeptase, there is no doubt in my mind that Serrapeptase is safe, effective and long-lasting benefits for so many disorders associated with inflammation. Serrapeptase is available to purchase online, it is relatively inexpensive without any major side effects.

Of course, this great enzyme is not perfect. Serrapeptase may help treat a variety of diseases, but taking this supplement can also have some side effects, the most important of which is Stevens-Johnson syndrome, a rare and serious disease. The main feature is the appearance of blisters around the body. Other possible effects include: rash, skin flushing, diarrhea, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, nosebleeds, etc.






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