Relief for hip bursitis pain.

Relief for hip bursitis pain

Relief for hip bursitis pain was something that concerned me greatly until I found a natural anti inflammatory enzyme that not only gave me relief from hip pain but got rid of my hip bursitis pain altogether. Let me explain what is hip bursitis, what causes it, what are the symptoms, treatments and I will tell you how to get relief for hip bursitis using a unique enzyme therapy so that your quality of life can improve.

What is hip bursitis

I’m assuming that you have hip bursitis and that you know how painful a condition it is, the primary reason for the condition is inflammation in the bursa in the hip, bursa or bursa are tiny sacs filled with fluid that are located in your joints. Bursae are there between your hip bone and soft tissue to have a cushion effect and reduce friction every time you move your hip, so they are incredibly important to your hip movements, if they become inflamed it leads to problems.

The anatomy of the hip means that the bony prominence is called the greater trochanter and can be found on the outside of the upper thighbone (femur) this section is covered by trochanteric bursa while the groin region is covered by iliopsoas bursa, inflammation of the bursa is more common in the greater trochanteric bursa.

Hip bursitis pain

What are the causes?

Hip bursitis pain happened to me during my middle fifties, my doctor said that it was caused by too much wear and tear on my hip, that is the case for most cases of hip bursitis pain, it is associated with people that play a lot of sport where the hip joint is in use a lot and the bursa become irritated. In other cases hip bursitis can be caused by an injury or a fall, in a smaller number of cases it can be caused by Rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, gout, thyroid disease or a surgical procedure on the hip, leg length differential may increase the risk of having this condition.

How do you know you have hip bursitis?

Remember trochanteric bursitis is the most common type that affects the outer side of the hip, it may start off as a little niggling pain but trust me over a period of time it can develop into a very sharp pain that you will feel when you are sitting, standing, climbing stairs or lying in bed on the affected hip. On the other hand if you have inflammation in the groin area it’s because the illipsoras bursa has been affected, although this is much less likely to happen.

From my experience hip bursitis pain can become so bad that it starts to affect your daily life, everything from walking, standing, sitting, climbing stairs, doing your job, even getting a proper night’s sleep is affected, so find the answer to relief for hip bursitis pain is important for a better quality of life.


If you haven’t already been diagnosed then you need to see your doctor for a physical examination of the hip, it will involve twisting and turning your leg and hip to ascertain where the swelling and pain emanates from, you may be sent for Xray to check if the body spurs could be inflamed and are causing irritation, on a small number of cases an MRI may be called for if it isn’t clear why the hip pain is there so that the doctor will have a more detailed view of the shift tissues and bone structure that isn’t visible on the Xray. A blood test may be needed to check for any infection in the hip area.



Treatments for hip bursitis pain relief will be focused on reducing the primary cause inflammation and pain, you are normally advised to rest and cease any activities that make hip bursitis pain worse, you may be prescribed anti inflammatory medications for inflammation and pain reduction.

More physical treatments using ice, heat, or ultrasound may be recommended or you may be given a corticosteroid injection that may or may not work, if the pain comes back after a few months you may need another injection. I found that most of these non-surgical treatments worked in the short term but honestly non of them actually made the inflammation in my hip go away permanently.


If all of the non-surgical treatments don’t work to offer enough relief from hip bursitis pain your doctor may recommend that you have the bursa surgically removed, that option didn’t fill me with much confidence considering how important the bursa is to hip movement.

Physical therapy

Physical therapy may be recommended for hip bursitis pain, you will be diagnosed and give specific exercises to do at home, your therapist will determine what exercises are best for you or may try to relieve the hip pain with massage.


All of the above treatments seemed to be in the category of managing the pain that was being caused by inflammation, I believed that it would be a better idea to tackle the inflammation once that was brought under control not only would it provide relief for hip bursitis pain but would make it go away altogether.

If you need to work, walk, run, play competitive sport you need a solution that will not only provide you with relief for hip bursitis pain but will be a long term solution and won’t cost the earth to implement, have you heard of enzyme therapy?

Enzyme relief for hip bursitis pain

Enzyme therapy for inflammation

Neither did I until I looked into some research papers on Serrapeptase a miracle enzyme that suggested it could have the potential to not only treat inflammation in the bursa but get rid of hip bursitis pain altogether.

I purchased this much vaunted natural remedy on the strongest dosage that I could get, 250,000 IU, iu means units of activity meaning that Serrapeptase works to actively target the area where the inflammation is, Serrapeptase actually reduces the swelling, the inflammation starts to clear, the hip pain starts to calm and the bursa begins to heal.

I will understand if you find this hard to believe, take my word for it Serrapeptase really works to get rid of hip bursitis pain safely, effectively and at a low cost. It comes in tablet or capsule form, all you have to do is take up to 4 Serrapeptase 250,000 IU each day on an empty stomach until the pain in your hip starts to get better, then you could stay on a maintenance dose for as long as you want.

You don’t want to give up

Doctors or physiotherapists will tell you that the easiest way to treat it is to rest and avoid activities that make hip bursitis pain worse, but who wants to stop work, give up walking, playing a sport that you love or running?  I understand that there are non surgical, surgical and physical therapies that may or may not work in the short term, none of them in my humble opinion will not just provide relief for hip bursitis pain but won’t get rid of it permanently because these options don’t actually treat the root cause of the pain and that is inflammation.


If you are looking at a natural alternative enzyme that truly works for hip bursitis inflammation then why not try Serrapeptase, its natural, safe to take, it works, its convenient to take and doesn’t cost the earth.

As always, I wish you the best of health,





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