Natural remedy copd can reverse the condition

Natural remedy copd

Is it possible that there is a natural remedy COPD, I have taken a special interest in copd which is an umbrella word for many breathing conditions that include chronic bronchitis, asthma and emphysema because the effects are catastrophic for people.

Most people think that COPD is an irreversible disease despite what modern medicine has to offer I think it is sad to see people who previously were very active to needing inhalers to needing a mobility scooter and in the end a breathing machine. A while back I wished that I had known what I know know that COPD is a reversible disease using a natural remedy COPD, breathing exercises, getting the sun, eating healthily and exercising.

Mainstream medicine focuses on managing the symptoms of COPD diseases such as chronic coughing, breathlessness, recurring chest infections by prescribing inhalers to relax the blocked airways, the theory is that this action will make breathing easier by expelling mucus build-up, chest infections are managed by prescription antibiotics where necessary, in some cases where the progression leads to pneumonia antibiotics are prescribed continuously.

Many people are grateful that these medicines are available but many are looking to natural remedies for COPD as an alternative to conventional medicine to better cope with the symptoms of COPD diseases.

Causes of COPD

People that smoke or are in situations where the air that they breathe isn’t healthy tend to progress to diseases like COPD, the main issue is the chronic build-up of mucus in the airways, ae know that inhalers help with relaxing the airways making breathing a little easier,. Excess mucus in the airways can only be removed by coughing it up which isn’t too hard to do if your lungs are healthy, however if your condition is chronic continuous coughing can wear you out and be extremely irritating.

Natural remedy for copd

Some time ago I came across this wonderful enzyme Serrapeptase, it has the ability to digest mucus in the body and get rid of it through the normal waste channels making breathing so much easier, Serrapeptase is commonly used for chest cough and chronic sinusitis. By clearing up excess mucus breathing should be much easier, the irratition and tiredness should also improve.

As a natural remedy COPD Serrapeptase works rather quickly providing you stick to the recommended dosage in conjunction with an anti-inflammatory supplement called Curcumin 4000 x to calm the inflammation caused by the coughing. It’s also important to incorporate a healthy diet that includes fruit, nuts, organic vegetables, sunshine (where possible) and regular exercise into your new regime for a better and healthier life.

The immune system

Youd immune system is going to be compromised by the symptoms of COPD somit needs to be looked after, by lowering the number and frequency if chest infections will help to heal any damage done to lung tissue in the long term. Over time the coughing, mucus build-up and irritation cause scarring on the lung tissue making it harder for lung function to operate normally, the lung tissue becomes stiffer and wont expand making breathing more difficult as the disease gets progressively worse.

Can COPD be reversed

Even though many believe that they are stuck with COPD for life I believe that it is important to look at a natural remedy for COPD  because it is essential that we do everything that we can to help our bodies to become healthier by using nit only conventional medicine but natural enzyme therapies as well. I am convinced that COPD diseases can be reversed you only have to go down the page to read what people that took the natural remedy COPD route have experienced.

Serrapeptase by the way also known as SerraEnzyme, Serraplud, Serratiopeptidase, or just the plain old silkworm bacteria is used by people in healthcare for over 50nyears now to reduce inflammation following trauma, surgery or injury. It is a preteolytic enzyme with a wonderful ability to break down harmful proteins for example scar tissue in the lungs is harmful protein so is excess mucus, Serrapeptase can work wonders for symptoms such as these without causing any harm.

Recommended natural remedy COPD for more information go to Good Health Naturally Natural remedy COPD

Curcumin 4000 x

COPD Relief Working After 6 Days

“I have started my Serrepeptase 80,000IU for my Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and I must say I believe that its working for me already after just six days.

Serrapeptase is truly a miracle. I’m writing this comment for people with COPD/emphysema/asthma and all lung deceases. My mom is 65 and was diagnosed with COPD many years ago. Her condition got worse every year; she has been in a hospital, used an oxygen mask and barely could function past years. For years, I’ve been searching for a natural cure but could not find anything helpful. This October 2011, I came across a site with a story about Serrapeptase ‘The Miracle Enzyme’. I was sceptical in a beginning but decided to give a try and ordered a book called “Is Serrapeptase the Miracle Enzyme? “. I was impressed that there is an action plan of what to do including basic food plan and the supplements. My mom followed the recommended basic health plan, and took Serrappetase 80,000 3-4 caps 3 times daily plus CurcuminX4000. She had a lot of mucus coming out and some days were better some worse. Now just 2 month later 12/29/2011 she’s able to breathe, function and not taking prednisone. Her blood pressure and blood sugar levels are normal and her doctor was impressed with her lung and overall conditions and blood test at last visit. If you interested you can order a book and products at

“To begin with, he took two tablets on an empty stomach, four times per day. Later, he reduced to four capsules per day, and finally, as maintenance, he reduced to a couple per day.

One day he walked in unassisted and said that in the early days so much rubbish was coming up that he thought his lungs might be disintegrating, but he soon realized that it was a big clear-out underway.

“He started to feel so much better and he was no longer on antibiotics, no longer on oxygen cylinders, and he was no longer using his sprays.”


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