How can you reduce plaque in your arteries

How can you reduce plaque in your arteries

You want to know how can you reduce plaque in your arteries, heart attacks and strokes are primarily caused by hardened plaque in your blood vessels.

If you have arterial plaque build-up it is possible to clean clogged arteries if you follow the steps outlined here.



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Many of us think that cholesterol is something that is bad for our health, to some extent that is true if bad cholesterol (ldl) is too high it can cause problems.

On the other hand cholesterol is a very important organic molecule that our bodies need to produce hormones, bile acids and cellular walls.

Without an adequate supply of cholesterol our bodies just wouldn’t function properly, hormones levels would fall, cell function would be compromised and the digestive system would be in disarray.

Problems occur if your diet is unhealthy, if you are a smoker, if you don’t exercise and carry excess weight or if your family has heart disease.

We only need a certain amount of cholesterol to function, excess cholesterol causes plaque to form on the arterial walls.

This process is compounded by excess calcium deposits as well as unwanted debris floating around in the bloodstream, put all these together and oxidation occurs causing the plaque to harden.

Plaque in your arteries

Hard plaque in the arteries reduces their flexibility and prevents them from dilating this has a serious effect on the production of nitric oxide.

Nitric oxide is essential in keeping the endothelium (thin layer inside the arterial walls) flexible so that blood flows normally to all parts of the body.

Hard plaque build-up can have a very serious impact on your health especially your heart, reproductive health and the smooth delivery of oxygen and valuable nutrients to the organs, muscles and brain.

So how can you reduce plaque in the arteries safely?

Coronary arteries how to reduce plaque in your arteries

Plaque build-up

When plaque begins to build up on the walls of your arteries they become stiff, inflexible and narrow, this condition is called atherosclerosis.

The figures are astounding, up to 43% of people that die each year in the USA die from symptoms directly attributed to atherosclerosis resulting from plaque formation.

It’s a no brainer if you can reduce plaque in your arteries the chances of dying from atherosclerosis reduce dramatically.

Heart disease

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Do you have you heart disease?, do you know if your arteries have plaque build-up, is there a history of heart disease in the family, have you high cholesterol, have you high blood pressure, do you have chest pain, have you had a heart attack already.?

If any of these questions apply to you then its possible, or most likely probable that you have plaque in your arteries.

Then please read on and I will inform you as to how you can reduce plaque in your arteries in a number of ways because arterial plaque is problematic for three reasons:

1. Its primarily caused by bad cholesterol and high triglycerides leading to dangerous plaque build-up.

2. It damages the arterial walls

3. White blood cells cause cholesterol to oxidize and harden

The silent killer

A heart attack or stroke is sometimes called “the silent killer” or “the widow maker” and with good reason.

Plaque build-up in the arteries could be happening to you right now even if you are still relatively young (30’s).

You may not even know about it until something happens with sometimes disastrous consequences.

Arterial plaque can be there but you may not have any symptoms, it can break off into smaller pieces and cause blockages in the blood vessels.

Worse still it prevents the arteries from dilating and constricting properly.

The signs that this has happened could be in the form of high blood pressure, chest pain extreme tiredness as further damage is cause to the arteries.

Plaque in arteries

How many of us have arteries with plaque?

Unfortunately and even with the best diet, regular exercise, not smoking or taking excess alcohol plaque can still build-up in the arteries.

In our modern world nearly every person has some amount of plaque in their arteries.

The choices available to us in terms of food choices is mind boggling, a lot of food that we eat contains high trans fats.

The food is processed in hydrogenated oils, fried or deep-fried, it couldn’t possibly be good for your cholesterol levels and that is bad news for your arteries.

You need to take action to reduce plaque in your arteries, not only that but to prevent any more of it building up.

According to medical experts it’s almost impossible to get rid of arterial plaque, sure you are told that by taking statins it will lower your cholesterol and it will slow down plaque build-up.

But at what cost to your health, statins are well-known to have side effects and they just don’t suit a lot of people.

There are natural ways to reduce plaque in your arteries along with supplementation.

Where do you start

I wish there was a magic bullet to help you reduce plaque in your arteries but there isn’t.

However with a healthy diet, exercise, natural supplements it is very possible that you can to reduce plaque in your arteries.

1. Lower your bad cholesterol and increase your good cholesterol

2. Change your diet

3. Repair the damage to the arteries

4. Reduce plaque in your arteries

Lower cholesterol

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You may already be taking statin drugs to control your cholesterol and that’s fine.

However as good as statins are at lowering bad cholesterol and triglycerides the studies show that they don’t do such a good job at raising the good HDL cholesterol, besides that many people complain about side effects.

One major side effect of statin drugs from my own experience is a lack of energy, I have checked the scientific literature on this and it’s TRUE statins inhibit the production of Coenzyme q10 it is responsible for the production of energy in the mitochondria.

That problem needs to be addressed, according to the scientific studies you need to take a high quality Coenzyme q10 supplement to increase energy levels, to lower cholesterol and to boost the good cholesterol levels in your body.

Change your diet

The modern diet is too high in carbohydrates and bad fats like trans fats, hydrogenated oils, as well as chemicals that are harmful to our bodies

Bad food choices cause inflammation leading to damage to the arteries so it’s time to change your diet.

Foods to eat

By eating heart healthy foods you can reduce plaque in your arteries, the heart associations across the world recommend that you eat omega 3 fatty acids found in fatty fish like salmon mackerel and others..

These can contribute to slowing down plaque, other studies have shown that vitamin c, avocado and olive oil can help in this area, get more fiber into your diet by eating more fruit and vegetables, garlic, nuts and seeds.

Foods that are dense in nutrients like most fruits, vegetables and nuts help to reduce artery plaque, they are rich in fiber.

Foods not to eat

First and foremost avoid foods that contain too much sugar, its bad for your arteries, avoid processed foods, refined foods or fried foods, eat red meat only once a week, keep alcohol consumption to a minimum.

Repair damage done to arteries

Hardened plaque in your arteries not only causes atherosclerosis but also causes damage to the arteries when inflammation comes into the picture

Your body uses inflammation to take care of damage but too much of it can damage the walls of your blood vessels.

It’s very important to repair damage done to arteries and begin the healing process so that your arteries can function normally again.

According to scientists Nitric oxide is responsible for keeping the arteries smooth and flexible.

Our bodies produce Nitric oxide when we eat certain foods, however other factors contribute to less Nitric oxide being produced so you need to take a quality l arginine supplement to increase your nitric oxide production and repair the damage done to your arteries.

Reduce plaque in your arteries

You may be interested to hear that digestive enzymes are shown to dissolve fibrin and protein in the body by breaking them down and disposing of them through the bodies waste system.

Those fatty deposits called plaque consist of cholesterol, calcium, cellular waste and fibrin.

There are two digestive enzymes that are known to dissolve plaque, one is Serrapeptase and the other is Nattokinase.

Serrapeptase is a natural powerful digestive proteolytic enzyme that can digest any dead tissue outside or inside the body without causing any issues for living tissue.

Serrapeptase is an antioxidant and anti inflammatory, it is produced in the laboratory using a specific plant fermentation process.

Serrapeptase has been used by doctors and Healthcare professionals for over 50 years for heart disease and circulation problems.


Nattokinase is a supplement produced from natto a soybean dish that is a popular folk remedy and meal in Japan.

Many studies on Nattokinase have proven how effective it is at degrading plaque or fibrin, both enzymes are effective and safe for removing plaque in the arteries, By combining  is the way to go and answers in part the question on how can you reduce plaque in your arteries.

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I hope that you have found the information that you were looking for in relation to how can you reduce plaque in your arteries.

Reducing plaque in your arteries can be done.

First start to lower your bad cholesterol and increase the good cholesterol take a Coenzyme q10 supplement, carefully watch the foods you eat, repair the damage done to your arteries by supplementing with a l arginine supplement and finally reduce artery plaque with the Blockbuster all clear supplement containing Serrapeptase and Nattokinase.

I would advise that this process to reduce plaque in your arteries will take some considerable time, please be patient you could be looking at a 12-month process, stick with it get plenty of exercise and drink sample amounts of water.

By taking those steps you will reduce your risk of heart disease and stroke, if you have questions on heart disease there are answers at this page, if you have any questions please use the contact form.


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