Sonic prostate massager

Pro-State prostate massager

Having prostrate problems? Pro-State prostate massager can help to alleviate the symptoms of BPH or benign prostatic hyperplasia, if you have been diagnosed with BPH then this popular prostate massager may be of help to you.

What is the prostate?

Your prostate is a little sinewy gland located in the Male reproductive structure, it encircles your urethra a small pipe, your prostate produces the majority of the fluid in your semen, during sexual intercourse the muscular nature of the prostate allows it to pump fluid and semen through your penis.

However, in a lot of men especially over the age of 50 the prostate gland can grow to the extent that it causes symptoms and other disorders, the statistics show that almost 80% of males across the world develop a number of prostate problems before their 60th birthday.

Enlarged prostate

The prostate grows

The prostate grows because prostatic cells start to diminish during the aging process, this causes the prostate to enlarge causing a condition known as BPH, the cells in the gland start to increase causing the prostate to swell, this action affects the small tube (urethra) and limits urine flow.

BPH is a non-cancerous disorder it doesn’t add to the risk of getting cancer but it does cause symptoms that undoubtedly affect quality of life. If your quality of life is troubling you then the Pro-State prostate massager may be the solution for your symptoms such as:

  • Penis pain during sex
  • Itchy penis
  • Penis pain during ejaculation
  • You feel uncomfortable if sitting
  • Irratition in the testicles , groin or penis
  • Burning sensation during urination
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Reduced sexual desire

Can Pro-State prostate massager help?

Relief from the symptoms may only be a few weeks away with the help of the sonic prostate massager, you probably have read somewhere that a prostate massager is a natural, drug free and pain free way to not only relieve symptoms but also to promote healing in the prostate area and restore your Male reproductive health.

How does Pro-State prostate massager work?

The gland is swollen so it needs to be provided with more oxygen and nutrient rich blood do that the healing process can begin and most of the symptoms will slowly disappear.

The clinic prostate massager provides stimulation that increases the blood flow in that area by gently massaging the area, increased blood flow leads to healthier blood cells and a healthier body.

More and more doctors are finding that a proactive approach is the best way to deal with prostate problems, prostate massage can stop prostrate cancer, prostatitis and BPH in their tracks, prostate massage is a more holistic and effective way to deal with prostate related complications.

The Pro-State prostate massager is an easy to carry vibrating massager specifically designed to sooth the prostate gland in addition to the rectal muscles by producing stimulating vibration’s.

This popular prostate massager was designed by a group of doctors and is recommended by health experts, it is a therapeutic solution for the treatment of pain and other symptoms associated with prostate enlargement.

What are the features of Pro-State prostate massager

Firstly you may have tried prostate supplements that didn’t work or your doctor has advised that you may need surgery which isn’t very appealing, or you may not like the idea of having to go to your doctor for a prostate massage.

Pro-State® Prostate Massagers

Pro-State® Prostate Massagers.

For more than 11 years Pro-State® Prostate Massagers have been helping men like yourself to alleviate conditions associated with prostate problems by rejuvenating sexual performance and helping lower pelvic health.

To find out more about how Pro-State® Prostate Massagers can help to massage your prostate go to the website here.


The Pro-State® Prostate Massager is a patented hands-free mechanism, anatomically and precisely designed to let you massage the prostate in a safe and effective manner.

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I’m terribly sorry about this

I’m terribly sorry about this, due to unforeseen circumstances the Sonic prostate device is no longer available, in its place I recommend that you take a look at a natural alternative that has some great reviews.

Sonic prostate massager is the ideal hands on home therapy method to deal with your symptoms. This compact and lightweight prostate massage therapy unit is non-invasive, effective and sure as hell better than having to visit a hospital, by using it for only 2-3 minutes at a time will gently make all your prostate problems slowly disappear.

What will it do for you?

This accessible and straightforward prostate massager has a number of health benefits for you that include:

  • Revitalize nerve endings that improve erectile dysfunction and sexual performance
  • Improved blood flow in troubled muscles around your prostrate gland, lower colon and anus.
  • increased lymph fluid flow, making blood cleansing more efficient
  • Strengthens and tones up the muscles in the prostate area
  • Improves the flow of semen
  • Relieves pain
  • Strengthens bladder control
  • Improves urination flow

Scientists have shown that prostate massage leads to increased blood flow to the prostate gland in a more effective and safe manner than any other treatment known to man, prostate massage is the number one option in healing symptoms associated with enlargement of the prostate.

Sonic prostate massager

How does the device work?

The device uses sonic waves as a way to stimulate the prostate, the sonic wave frequencies go between 9,000-12,000 vibration’s per minute, if this sounds a bit intimidating I can assure you it is not.

The speed of these sonic vibration’s means that it gets the job done in a more effective and efficient manner than other methods, the design is based on science, it is classed as a medical device not a sex toy like some of the other so called prostate massage devices.

After your sonic prostate massager has arrived at your home, remove it from the packaging, apply lubrication to the anus area, start the device and insert the head of the massager and gently move it forward until you feel it touching the prostate gland.

This registered medical device starts to automatically create vibrating waves designed to relax your prostate and relieve pain.

Pro-State® Prostate Massagers


This well-designed effective device not only releases micro vibration’s that support multiple bodily functions but it also stimulates muscle activity and reduces inflammation in the pelvic area.

Reduced inflammation causes blood congestion to drain away and allows for the rehabilitation of nerve transmission and greater stimulation of the rectal muscles, prostate and anus.

Why is Pro-State prostate massager so good

An enlarged prostate is a medical problem, the team of doctors that designed the sonic prostate device did do to deal with the symptoms in a more holistic way, sonic wave treatment has been proven in studies to have a beneficial effect on enlarged prostate so the good doctors developed this popular product to solve the problems associated with the condition.

It works by stimulating blood flow to the prostate gland and surrounding areas the flat non turbulent waves are scientifically formulated not to cause any damage to the enlarged gland, its unique design makes it the safest and more comfortable prostate massager on the market.

According to the manufacturers of this health product it will give a perfect massage to the prostate in a safe manner, you can expect to feel the results within the first 2-5 weeks, almost 95% of sonic prostate massager have reported improvements in the symptoms associated with this common disorder.

Better still, if you try the Pro-State Prostate Massager and it doesn’t work for you, the company offer a 60 day 100% money back guarantee, to learn more about how you can’t lose when you try the best prostate massager on the market.

Pro-State prostate massager testimonials

I hope that you are now more informed on this wonderful device, I’m sure it will help with your symptoms in a gentle and non-invasive way, this is what one customer had to say

“Great product.
High Island Health

Definitely recommend it! I suffer from chronic Prostatitis and experience tightness in the rectum and pelvis very often. This device actually made me feel better and I’ve been feeling more sexual as a result.”

I’m terribly sorry about this

I’m terribly sorry about this, due to unforeseen circumstances the Sonic prostate device is no longer available, in its place I recommend that you take a look at a natural alternative that has some great reviews.



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