Advanced adrenal factor for adrenal fatigue

Advanced adrenal factor.

Is Advanced adrenal factor the best supplement for adrenal fatigue?, the symptoms of adrenal fatigue can be alleviated with a quality supplement formulated by doctors, read on and discover what’s the best supplement for adrenal fatigue symptoms.

What exactly is adrenal fatigue.

The words “adrenal fatigue ” are commonly used to describe a number of symptoms that people feel when they are under pressure from long term emotional, mental or physical stress, people that feel these symptoms will say that it is more likely that they will develop if you are in a stressful job, work nights or long shifts, work part-time in college, if you are a single parent or the parent of a special needs child, in a broken relationship or if you abuse alcohol or drugs.

Supplements are often touted as the answer to many health conditions, anecdotal evidence would suggest that advanced adrenal factor can help to stimulate the adrenal gland, so is advance adrenal factor the best supplement for adrenal fatigue.?

Adrenal fatigue What are the symptoms

The symptoms of adrenal fatigue vary from person to person the main symptoms include:
• Tiredness
• Fatigue
• Light headedness
• Trouble going asleep
• Unexplained weight loss
• Hard to wake up in the morning
• Sugar craving
• Coffee cravings

These symptoms are associated with adrenal fatigue but they could also be linked to other conditions, they can also happen as part of everyday life.

How do you know you have adrenal fatigue?

Adrenal fatigue may be diagnosed by having a blood test and stimulation tests that can detect an inadequate level of adrenal hormones, a lot more research is needed to prove conclusively the theory that inadequate levels of adrenal hormones are unable to keep up with your bodies demands.

Existing blood and stimulation tests aren’t finely tuned enough to diagnose lower levels of adrenal hormones however your body can.

It can be very frustrating to have continuous symptoms that a medical doctor can’t give you a satisfactory explanation for how you feel, indeed a number of people have been wrongly diagnosed, and mentally that can have a negative effect.

People that have the symptoms of adrenal fatigue may not even bother going to their doctor but instead opt for lifestyle adjustments, they change their diets, reduce alcohol intake, go to bed earlier, exercise more, try supplements for adrenal fatigue, no doubt supplements can help but is advanced adrenal factor the best supplement for adrenal fatigue.

Could a mushroom like plant known as cordyceps in supplement form be the answer to adrenal fatigue?

What is cordyceps and how can a supplement containing cordyceps be helpful in reducing the symptoms associated with adrenal fatigue.


Cordyceps looks a bit like a mushroom that grows in the Himalayan mountains at high altitude, it can be hard to harvest because of where it grows and expensive so only the well-off could eat it for its beneficial effects on health.

Until recently cordyceps was exclusive to the wealthy then some researchers in China discovered that it could be grown in the laboratory, this meant that the cost of producing cordyceps dropped dramatically and it is now available in supplement form so that more people can experience its unique health benefits.

Cordyceps is used by the sherpas or the invisible men of Mount Everest to boost their energy as they go about climbing the heights of the mountain, people like me and you can now boost our adrenal hormone levels by taking Advanced Adrenal Factor the best supplement for adrenal fatigue on the market today.

The formula for this new adrenal fatigue supplement has been put together by a team of doctors so you can be assured that the best and most natural ingredients are in this adrenal fatigue supplement.

How does it work?

Advanced adrenal factor containing cordyceps works in two ways, initially the supplement supports the adrenals by creating a hormonal balance, this is due to the fact that cordyceps is an adaptogen known to create balance in the body.

Basically, it means that if your hormones are unbalanced, i.e. one is up and the other is down the adaptogen assist both to become balanced.

Stress is kept under control by balancing cortisol, less cortisol is produced if your body is under stress for a prolonged period of time and that takes its toll on your body.

The second and most amazing way that cordyceps works and what makes it the best supplement for adrenal fatigue is its ability to restore your body’s energy by boosting your bodies energy molecule ATP, this molecule is the single most important molecule in your body when it comes to energy production.

The truth is the more of this vital molecule ATP that you have the more energy you have the longer you can keep going each and every day, cordyceps has undergone clinical studies and this is what was found:

• During one particular study of elderly people and cordyceps whereby the participants were put on an exercise bike 50% were given a cordyceps supplement the other half were given a placebo, the results were amazing.

The researchers measured things like oxygen processing, energy produced whilst cycling, how fast they could cycle, what they found was the people on cordyceps were way ahead on each measurement compared to the placebo group.

• One other cordyceps study revealed that the participants on cordyceps showed an increase in energy levels of 55%.

• A published study in the Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise journal suggested that cordyceps boosted the body’s cells ability to process oxygen by a whopping 50%.

Advanced adrenal factor When you look at Advanced adrenal factor it is the best supplement for adrenal fatigue because it makes complete sense to take a supplement that contains cordyceps.
It really is remarkable that clinical trials have proven how beneficial this supplement can be in boosting the adrenal hormones and increase energy levels, this is what one customer had to say about Advanced adrenal factor.

Advanced Adrenal Factor *
By Ingrid O. (GREEN VALLEY, AZ) – 9/13/2018
I have taken Adv. Adrenal Factor for 11 days. I’m amazed how much better I feel since I have started this supplement – feel more energized and have better mood. I Recommend This Supplement Verified Customer
Excellent supplement if you struggle with fatigue *
By Camille S. (Longmont, CO) – 6/7/2018
This supplement greatly increases my energy levels throughout the day. It also makes my hair thicker and my nails stronger. I am also much happier. I highly recommend for anyone struggling with fatigue and sluggish adrenals. I Recommend This Supplement Verified Customer

To find out more about this wonderful herbal supplement for adrenal fatigue go to the Advanced bionutritionals website.


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