Prostate massager for enlarged prostate

Prostate massager for enlarged prostate

A prostate massager for enlarged prostate can help to alleviate the symptoms of the prostate gland becoming enlarged, it is a a very common condition that happens to most men as the years roll by.

The prostate is simply a gland that is connected to fluid production associated with sperm when you ejaculate, the prostate gland borders the urethra a tube that urine flows through and out of the body.

The prostate becomes enlarged because the glands become bigger causing the urethra to narrow putting pressure on the urine flow, this process can cause pain and other symptoms.

An enlarged prostate is not cancerous and is referred to as benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH)

What are the causes of BPH

Even though the majority of men will develop BPH, the exact cause has yet to be discerned, it is said by doctors that cell membrane, testicle changes and the aging process all play a role in the swelling of the prostate gland, other factors are elevated levels of testosterone levels in males.

In the case of testicular cancer the Male testicles may be removed, in that case BPH will not develop, the same rule applies if Male testicles are taken out because bph develops however this type of treatment isn’t standard procedure.

Symptoms of BPH

The seriousness of symptoms in men with enlarged prostate gland issues will vary, in most cases the symptoms will get worse over time, the most common symptoms to look out for are:

  • Constant or pressing need to pee
  • Excessive frequency of urination during the night
  • Difficulties beginning urination
  • Feeble urine flow or one that starts and stops
  • Trickling when finished urinating
  • Unable to fully empty the bladder

Less standard symptoms and signs are:

  • Infection in the urinary tract
  • Blood in the urine when peeing
  • Unable to pee

Does the size of the prostate matter

The size of the prostate doesn’t determine how severe the symptoms are, in some men with slightly enlarged prostate the symptoms can be severe, on the other hand men with a very enlarged prostate may only have insignificant urinary symptoms.

It is possible that in a number of men BPH symptoms will stabilize over time and may even get better.

Other causes of urinary symptoms

Other causes that can bring on symptoms like those associated with an enlarged prostate are:

  • UTI’s
  • Prostatitis (inflammation of the prostate)
  • Prostatitis (reduction of the urethra)
  • Surgical scarring in the neck of the bladder
  • Bladder/kidney stones
  • Issues with nerves controlling the bladder
  • Prostate cancer or cancer of the bladder

When to visit a doctor

If any of the above symptoms are causing an an issue for you or you have problems urinating it’s time to visit a doctor, your doctor will help to rule out any underlying conditions, if left undiagnosed or untreated there could be issues leading to an obstruction in the urinary tract.

If you find yourself unable to pass urine at all you should contact your doctor immediately.

Prostate massager

A prostrate massager for enlarged prostate is a relatively new therapy where the prostate is gently massaged for medical and therapeutic reasons, many men have reported progressive improvements by using a quality prostate massager for the condition as well as erectile dysfunction and chronic prostatitis.

Benign prostatic hyperplasia

How does a prostate massager work?

A prostate massager works by clearing the prostatic duct that or pipeline that runs between the prostate and the remainder of the reproductive and urinary structure, by using the prostatic massager it produces an instinctive fluid secretion that assists in clearing any fluid present in the prostatic duct.

The fluid reduction corresponds to the elimination of any symptoms that you are experiencing.

Although a prostatic massager for enlarged prostate use isn’t widely supported through research, a large number of people have reported the benefits of a prostate massager by clearing the fluid build up in the prostatic duct and relieving the symptoms.

Pro-State® Prostate Massagers

Pro-State® Prostate Massagers.

For more than 11 years Pro-State® Prostate Massagers have been helping men like yourself to alleviate conditions associated with prostate problems by rejuvenating sexual performance and helping lower pelvic health.

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The Pro-State® Prostate Massager is a patented hands-free mechanism, anatomically and precisely designed to let you massage the prostate in a safe and effective manner.

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A Prostate Massager benefits

A prostate massager for enlarged prostate can have health benefits for certain groups of men that suffer from the following symptoms:

  • Prostatitis: caused when the walnut sized prostate that is located under the bladder in men becomes inflamed and swells causing painful or difficult urination.
  • Erectile dysfunction: a common problem for men, caused by the blood supply to the penis being cut off, other causes include heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes, a prostate massager for enlarged prostate can be used to treat ed
  • Urine flow: the prostate covers the urethra, as the inflammation takes hold swelling may have an effect on urine flow or stop it altogether, the prostate massager therapy can help to reduce the swelling and improve the symptoms.
  • Painful ejaculation: caused by fluid blockage in the reproductive system leading to pain or discomfort when ejaculating, a prostate massager may help to ease the fluid build-up and symptoms will improve.

What are the risks

The only risk in using this therapy for enlarged prostate symptoms is that some people are too vigorous when inserting it and make the symptoms worse, the secret to getting the prostate back to optimal health is to use the prostate massager for enlarged prostate as gently and sensitively as possible.

Better still, if you try the Pro-State Prostate Massager and it doesn’t work for you, the company offer a 60 day 100% money back guarantee, to learn more about how you can’t lose when you try the best prostate massager on the market.

Prostate massager for enlarged prostate

Pro-State prostate massager

The Pro-State prostate massager is a top selling product because it is specifically designed to restore the prostate to full health by using sonic wave technology that creates flat non turbulent waves and prevents any potential damage to the prostate gland.

Pro-State prostate massager unique design and features makes the job of insertion and massaging a perfect experience culminating in positive results in around 2-5 weeks following regular use.

In fact the numbers of satisfied customers that use this device are as high as 95% that tells you a lot about the quality and performance of this top selling product.

“Finally!! I’m writing to you because after 8 long years of living chronic prostatitis I thought I’d never find a cure to relieve the annoying symptoms. After using 3D Sonic Massager for 2 months, I’m now feeling better than I ever did. Thank you so much and hooray for Sonic Massager!

Shane T Brighton, UK”

Pro-State Prostate Massager


Why not try Sonic prostate massager?

If you are suffering from any of the symptoms associated with an enlarged prostate like difficult or painful urination, painful ejaculation, prostatitis or erectile dysfunction then why not try sonic prostate massager, if used properly and regularly (2-3 times a week) results are generally seen in the first 2-5 weeks.

I’m terribly sorry about this

I’m terribly sorry about this, due to unforeseen circumstances the Sonic prostate device is no longer available, in its place I recommend that you take a look at a natural alternative that has some great reviews.



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