Is advanced memory formula a scam?

Is Advanced memory formula a scam?

Advanced memory formula scam

Is Advanced memory formula a scam? Your memory is precious but sometimes it can be hard to remember things, brain supplements for memory concentration may be able to help.

A new supplement for memory loss called advanced bionutritionals memory formula has been making headlines recently. Can this brain supplement for memory concentration help you to remember things ?

Suffering from memory problems

If you are suffering from memory problems you may be interested to hear about a Nobel prize winning discovery made by Dr Levi-Montalcini about a protein in the brain called nerve growth factor {NGF}.

The doctor discovered that ngf has the potential to reverse age related memory loss and repair damaged cells, since then many studies have been completed on this brain protein, one in particular demonstrated that it worked in patients with brain shrinkage.

The study participants all had brain shrinkage confirmed by having an MRI, each was given NGF capsules by implantation for 12 months, amazingly the brain shrinkage had slowed down significantly.

Of course nobody wants to have to go to a hospital to have an NGF capsule implanted on a regular basis so scientists began to look for a better way to support brain health.

Many nutrients were analyzed until a short list of 33 promising nutrients were tested, one nutrient came to prominence it is called luteolin, the studies confirmed that luteolin can boost NGF and improve memory and the ability to learn.

People ask Is advanced memory formula scam, it’s hard to believe that when you see that luteolin is part of the formula.


Memory problems can be attributed in part to inflammation, inflammation in the brain disrupts your memory and can cause brain fog making everyday things harder to focus on, suddenly you forget words and names that you know well and it becomes frustrating.

The studies on luteolin were completed on mice where they were given luteolin in water, after 3 weeks inflammation in their brain was created by toxin injection.

The results were amazing because the mice that were given luteolin had far less inflammation in the hippocampus {where memories are formed} than the placebo group, for the first time a protein was able to reach that part of the brain with very positive effects.

The data on luteolin convinced the doctors at Advanced Bionutritionals to include this amazing protein into their advanced memory formula so that it would boost NGF levels and protect the brain from shrinkage and inflammation.

I think that the answer to the question is advanced memory formula a scam seems to be less so when you consider they have added luteolin to the formula.

Advanced Bionutritionals have gone a step further by including another Nobel prize winning discovery by Doctor Eric Kendel a neuroscientist that by growing new brain cells you can rebuild your brain and age doesn’t come into it!

Scientists wondered if it was possible to regrow brain cells until Doctor Kendal made the breakthrough discovery that BDNF {brain derived neurotropic factor} a compound or protein made by your brain plays a pivotal in the growth of new brain cells.

Studies on BDNF have demonstrated that by injecting BDNF into brain cells in a petri dish can make those brain cells sprout new brain cells, a very important discovery when you consider that brain cells are needed to transmit signals when communicating with other cells.

A further study showed that by testing first for levels of BDNF and then asking the volunteers to look at a rapid bunch of photos to test their memory recall, it was discovered from the results that those volunteers with the highest levels of BDNF had the better memory of the photos that they had seen.

Is advanced memory formula a scam? it would appear to be less so when you find that Advanced Bionutritionals have included BDNF in their unique formula to build new brain cells.

Advanced Bionutritionals is headed up by Doctor Frank Shallenger to provide top quality supplements for your heart, brain and overall well being, each formula has been carefully selected by the team of doctors and scientists backed by scientific evidence that the ingredients actually work!

That is the case with their Advanced Memory Formula, there are twelve clinically proven nutrients to boost your memory and brain health in the formula, proof if proof were needed to the question is advanced memory formula a scam, the unique formula has over the years worked for so many people, you only have to read advanced memory formula customer testimonials to see for yourself.


Memory loss caused by aging, free radical damage, inflammation or other factors can be improved by growing new brain cells, boosting production of NGF, reducing inflammation, boosting BDNF in the brain and speeding up your thinking.

Just imagine how you will feel if you memory becomes healthier due to the positive effects of Advanced Memory formula, no longer fear forgetting people’s names or where you left your keys or phone, to find out more information on why Advanced Memory isn’t a scam go to their website here.


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  1. “The data on luteolin convinced the doctors at Advanced Bionutritionals to include this amazing protein into [sic] their advanced memory formula …” — luteolin is a flavonoid, not a protein.


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