Is Nattokinase for circulation

Is Nattokinase for circulation

Is Nattokinase good for circulation? It would seem to be so, people with poor blood flow may benefit from Nattokinase the enzyme, Nattokinase is being talked about as one of the most exciting discoveries for improved blood flow in a long time.

Natto is what makes Nattokinase so special in terms of what it can do for blockages in the blood vessels, by improving blood flow in the cardiovascular system and other blood vessels means improved health and peace of mind.

Studies on Nattokinase

There are dozens of clinical studies showing how natto dissolves fibrin, this unique ability helps to keep blood flowing freely and it keeps the arteries and blood vessels smooth, so natto is a key nutrient in keeping blood pressure normal. The problem is not everybody likes the taste of natto so scientists have managed to integrate natto into a supplement called Nattokinase and make it widely available to everyone.

How is Nattokinase good for circulation?

To understand how is Nattokinase for circulation let’s look at the emerging research that deals with enzymes and nutrients and their ability to heal and enhance overall well-being, for example cardiovascular health is an area where remarkable strides have been made in terms of scientific evidence linking enzymes like Nattokinase with enhanced health benefits, to understand better how Nattokinase works its important to know the role of fibrin in the body.


What is fibrin?

Fibrin is a protein that is essential to stopping excess blood loss following a trauma or injury, more than twenty enzymes play a role in assisting blood clotting and only one can break a blood clot down that is plasmin, inflammation occurs in the blood vessels when bacteria, toxins, fungus and viruses present in the bloodstream causing excess cross linking of fibrin.

The danger with cross linking of fibrin is that when a trauma occurs the fibrin will start to circulate in the bloodstream and eventually it will stick to bad cholesterol and calcium to form plaque that over time hardens, this hardening of the arteries causes problems like slowing blood flow and increasing blood viscosity, the end result is high blood pressure and heart disease.

The dangers of fibrin

In the blood vessels going to your heart the fibrin that is part of plaque build-up can block the flow of blood to your heart muscle, as a result oxygen supply to the tissue in the heart muscle is reduced and that can lead to angina or a heart attack, it can become fatal if this process is prolonged.

Additionally, blood clots can travel upwards to the brain and block the supply of blood and oxygen reaching this vital organ resulting in a stroke, senility or a combination of both, blood circulation is so important is Nattokinase for circulation definitely!!

How was Nattokinase discovered?

More than 25 years ago a young Japanese researcher Hiroyuki Sumi MD was studying physiological chemistry in a laboratory at the University of Chicago, he was doing some research on thrombolytic enzymes to find out if a natural enzyme could dissolve blood clots associated with heart attacks or strokes.

Doctor Sumi discovered that natto a fermented soybean found mainly in Japan demonstrated strong blood clot busting properties activity, he was so impressed with his discovery that he said Nattokinase showed much more potency than any of the other enzymes, is Nattokinase for circulation based on the findings of Dr Sumi I believe so.

Further, studies have confirmed the findings of Doctor Sumi in fact seventeen in total, two of those involved human trials researchers at two laboratories Biotechnology Research Labs and JCR Pharmaceutical in Kobe Japan tested the ability of Nattokinase to dissolve blood clots in carotid arteries of rats.

The animals were given the enzyme, it was found that sixty-two percent of blood flow was regained while the placebo group were given plasmin only regained fifteen percent of blood flow.

Human trials

Human trials of Nattokinase

A human trial to test is Nattokinase for circulation was conducted by scientists from Miyazaki College, JCR Pharmaceuticals and Oaklahoma State University on a dozen healthy people (6 men and 6 women) the age group ranged from twenty-one to sixty-five and there were 200 participants in the trial. Each volunteer was given 200 grams of the natto soybean and the fibrinolytic activity was tracked by a series of plasma blood testing

The testing suggested that natto exhibited an increased ability to break down blood clots, the average measurement on the participants ELT or measurement of how long it takes for a blood clot to dissolve fell by a whopping 48% after only two hours of the enzymatic treatment, not only that the trial participants held on to the ability to break down blood clots for between 2-8 hours afterwards.

To control the trial method, the scientists at a later stage gave the same amount of natto to the participants and used the same method of plasma testing to track the clot busting activity there were no changes of any significance proving the theory that Nattokinase for circulation is correct.

How can Nattokinase help circulation

We have seen how important it is to have good circulation in the blood vessels, Nattokinase is a very potent enzyme because it enhances what the body is doing to keep arteries clear, fermented natto soybean isn’t a particularly flavorsome way to improve circulation so it is now available in capsule form making it easy to administer, confirming its efficacy, prolonging its effects and making a Nattokinase for circulation affordable.

Is Nattokinase for circulation better than conventional drugs to break up blood clots? It would seem that these types of drugs such as plasminogen activators, streptokinase or urokinase are only effective therapeutically if taken internally within the following twelve hours of a heart attack or stroke.

Nattokinase on the other hand can actually help to prevent blood clots building up by simply taking 2,000 FU twice a day, to find out where you can purchase Nattokinase go to this website.
Is Nattokinase for circulation

Why is Nattokinase for circulation

Nattokinase is a natural enzyme derived from the natto soybean now available in capsule form and proven to dissolve arterial plaque and blood clots, it also helps your body to activate plasmin an enzyme that degrade blood clots, it is no surprise that many people are using Nattokinase for circulation, other important benefits include:

  • Decreases blood thickness
  • Helps to maintain healthy circulation
  • Keeps blood pressure normal
  • Reduces blood clots
  • Good for varicose veins
  • Good for spider veins


I hope you have enjoyed this post on is Nattokinase for circulation, Nattokinase is a proven supplement that works for circulation, many studies have confirmed it efficacy, it is safe to take except if you are taking blood thinners or during pregnancy, don’t forget Nattokinase is a blood thinner so it shouldn’t be used with blood thinning medications.

If you are having health problems because of poor circulation why not give Nattokinase a try, I’m sure you will feel the benefits to your health once you give it time to work, to find out more go to this website.





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