Sonic prostate massage what you need to know

Sonic prostate massage

A Sonic prostate massage device is similar to a Pro-State prostate massage device, it may just what you need if you are one of the millions of men that suffer from the symptoms of chronic prostatitis or congested prostate, by using a Pro-State prostate massager one to two times a week you can gently and effectively treat the cause of your prostatitis symptoms and begin to enjoy life again.

If you talk to medical people that specialize in urology quite a number of them will recommend this one specific treatment for chronic prostatitis that is a prostate massage at regular intervals, obviously it is preferable to do the massage therapy yourself at home rather than have the inconvenience of having to go to a doctors’ office.

Pro-State® Prostate Massagers

Pro-State® Prostate Massagers.

For more than 11 years Pro-State® Prostate Massagers have been helping men like yourself to alleviate conditions associated with prostate problems by rejuvenating sexual performance and helping lower pelvic health.

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The Pro-State® Prostate Massager is a patented hands-free mechanism, anatomically and precisely designed to let you massage the prostate in a safe and effective manner.

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Some urologists are enthusiastic about the Pro-State prostate massage while others are less so, let’s take a look at the reasons for using a prostate device like the Pro-State-prostate-massager and why should you consider ordering one for home use.

What you need to know

Keeping your prostate in a healthy state especially after the age of 30 means that you need to keep a healthy testosterone and thyroid stimulating hormone level, you need to keep the fluids that flow in your prostate gland at a balanced level and you need to keep the pubococcugeus muscle in tip-top condition, so how to achieve all four conditions?

To keep the fluids flowing in your prostate gland and the areas surrounding it you would need to run every day for about 60 minutes or walk briskly for 3-4 hours, this level of activity will keep prostate fluids flowing and prevent any congestion.

If you already have congestion in the prostate all the exercise in the world won’t help to restore normal fluid flow because once you get over 30 you start to lose muscle.

This progresses as you lose more muscle (about one third) between 50-80 this includes muscle around the prostate so once you go over 30 you need to increase the amount of exercise you do to keep blood and fluids that run through the prostate gland at the same level, you can imagine how much exercise you will need as the years start to creep up?

The team of specialists at Pro-State prostate massage have used science to discover how many micro vibrating waves your prostate gland is receiving during running for one hour, they found that the figure is 9,000-20,000 micro vibrating waves.

Following this discovery the team at Pro-State prostate massage have developed a massage device that that combines mechanical and Sonic wave technology with a frequency of 9000-20,000 micro impulses each minute that restores essential fluids in the prostate and surrounding area.

The Pro-State prostate massage device was designed for men just like you that have issues around chronic prostatitis and congested prostatitis, the success rate from people using this device is high at 85%.

Technical know how

The technical know how from the specialists at Sonic prostate massage means that the device is specifically designed to gently massage the prostate, anus lower colon and the muscles surrounding that area.

The patented product is unique and was developed during testing, sonic and vibrating waves shaping and wave channel design, the 90 degree massaging head extends specifically to be able to reach the lower colon area directly opposite the prostate gland for maximum effect.

How does it work?

Sonic prostate massage

A picture tells a thousand words, as you can see from the Sonic prostate massager picture the massaging head is placed into the anus with the help of a lubricant so there is no pain, start massaging the head inserted straight for 15-20 seconds to allow the anus muscles time to relax gently move the massaging head to the lower colon area for one to two minutes.

This action will improve the lower colon muscles and allow the lower colon to stay open and improve gas circulation, keep massaging in the prostate area for one to two more minutes and you are done.

Remember the Pro-State prostate massage device releases micro targeted vibrations that active metabolic processes in the body, it will stimulate muscle activity and most importantly reduce pelvic inflammation, the overall improvement is blood congestion drainage, nerve conduction restoration, improvement in rectal muscle activity, prostate and anus.

How long before you feel better?

Each person will find that symptoms usually improve within 10-15 uses of the sonic-prostate-massager so expected improvements in urination, pain, stool, and gas reduction should materialize within the first 4-5 weeks, some customers ha e reported improvements in symptoms even sooner.

Prostatitis or congested prostate is non-cancerous but colon cancer is one of the most common types of cancer that is diagnosed in the USA, in fact one in 19 American citizens will get a colon cancer diagnosis during their lifetime, colon cancer affects both sexes equally rectal cancer is found to be more common in males, if found early enough the chances of recovery are high at 90%.

What can the Pro-State-prostate-massager do for you?

The Pro-State prostate massage device was specifically designed to target the restoration of damaged nerve endings and address prostate health and erectile dysfunction, what can the Pro-State prostate massage device do for you?

  • Stimulate damaged nerve endings, improve ED and sexual performance
  • Improve semen flow and quality
  • Create better blood flow in prostate muscles anus and lower colon areas.
  • Strengthen and tone the muscles in the prostate area.
  • Make bladder control stronger
  • Improve urine flow
  • Relieve pain
  • Improve blood cleansing in the affected area


1.Pro-State massage therapy device was developed by a specialist team Doctor J Curtis, Doctor V Sprypnyk, it is a patented product applied under the ergonomics and ease of use category.

2.The product has been tried and tested as an at home device by 154 males over a four week period at the Department of Urology Columbia university, patients had BPH and following the trial reported significant improvement in symptoms.

3.The product has common therapeutic massage effects that include improvements in lymph fluid flow and that is responsible for blood cleansing in the affected area, the device strengthens and tones muscles in the prostate area, strengthens bladder control and improve urination.

4.The Pro-State prostate massage therapy device works by a combination of mechanical pressure and Sonic wave vibration using frequencies of 9,000-20,000 micro impulses per minute based on scientific studies that show how Sonic frequency impulses are effective.

If you decide to try the Pro-State prostate massage use it a specified in the instructions and for any reason you are not satisfied with your trusts you have a 60-day money back guarantee plus a one-year warranty on the device, to find out more on how to relieve the symptoms of congested prostate prostaglandins.

I’m terribly sorry about this

I’m terribly sorry about this, due to unforeseen circumstances the Sonic prostate device is no longer available, in its place I recommend that you take a look at a natural alternative that has some great reviews.

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