Serrapeptase and scar tissue

Serrapeptase and scar tissue

Serrapeptase and scar tissue are linked because it is those wonderful natural enzymes that can dissolve scars and is very helpful in easing inflammation this post is about Serrapeptase and scar tissue, scar tissue can be external or internal causing pain, discomfort or an external scar can look very unsightly.

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What exactly is scar tissue?

Scar tissue is the result of damage that takes place to healthy tissues following a cut, significant injury or a scar can develop following surgery, scar tissue can also develop internally as a result of a disease, initially scar tissue may not be painful because the nerves and healthy body in the affected area may be destroyed.

Over a period of time as those damaged nerve endings begin to regenerate scar tissue can cause pain and discomfort especially internal scar tissue caused by disease, pain amounts will vary depending on how severe the initial wound was and what part of the body it is located in.

Serrapeptase and scar tissue are closely linked because it is the only natural enzyme known to work effectively at removing scar tissue, in fact these are some Serrapeptase testimonials from people that have used Serrapeptase,

“I’d keep going. It’s clearly working on something. Bodies know what needs to be cleared. That’s just my take on things. Serrapeptase has been incredible for me. Cleared scar tissue to finally get pregnant after my d&c after miscarriage last year. I am 14 weeks and still take 1 capsule per day.

Karen, that is a miracle enzyme…..keep going!! It can do no harm. Add Black seed oil to your regime as well……look onto vit d3 as well”

“Phyllis Moynagh I always prefer serraenzyme. My uncle age 84 was cleared off lung fibrosis by taking serraenzyme. He is still taking it for maintenance.

“It breaks down all scar tissue down over time”

I! Found out I was pregnant yesterday. I was diagnosed of bilateral tubal blockage. Started serrapeptase in May and I confirmed via ultrasound today. Keep taking it

We recommend the Serrapeptase as this is formulated for scar tissue”

Testimonials taken from Good Health Naturally the company that provide the original and best Serrapeptase, to find out more on to try Serrapeptase for scar tissue please visit the Herbs direct website here.

Scar tissue and infertility

Internal scar tissue is associated with infertility, the risk factors for infertility include polycystic ovary disease, ovulation, blocked fallopian tubes, uterine fibroids, stress, poor diet, age, uterine problems, internal scar tissue is also associated with lung disease.

Not only is scar tissue a problem in infertility but also a c section can cause damage to healthy tissue leaving an unsightly mark, discomfort and pain, you may be wondering if Serrapeptase can get rid of scar tissue, many people have used this “miracle enzyme” for any number of ailments going back over the last 35 years or so and the testimonials give the answer.

Serrapeptase and scar tissue go together because Serrapeptase is well-known as a safe effective natural preteolytic enzyme when taken in the recommended dosage can break down scar tissue allowing new healthy tissue to take its place.

Is Serrapeptase a drug?

Serrapeptase is most definitely not a drug, in fact it comes with so few side effects and in some cases is as effective as pain relievers like aspirin and paracetamol without causing any nasty side effects, it is a systemic enzyme meaning that it works by breaking down protein and discards it through the bodies waste system.

Serrapeptase and scar tissue research

Research on Serrapeptase

Over the years a lot of research on Serrapeptase has shown that it is one of the best enzymes for dissolving protein and removing excess fibrin, fibrin is long strands of insoluble proteins that form naturally in the body it is the primary component of a blood clot and scar tissue.

Serrapeptase is a beneficial enzyme for the body and it works in a number if ways for example:

  • Dissolves scar tissue
  • Accerlates the healing process
  • Helps recovery following surgery
  • Promotes healthy sinuses
  • Reduces swelling9
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Promotes healthier lungs
  • Relives the symptoms of carpal tunnel
  • Undoes blocked fallopian tubes
  • Promotes healthier joints

Dissolves scar tissue

For years people have been having success with Serrapeptase and scar tissue, it not only dissolves non-living tissue without harming healthy tissue it’s also the ideal natural alternative for removing cysts and other conditions related to scarring like fibrocystic breast disease, pulmonary fibrosis, peyriones, lung disease and uterine fibroids.

Can Serrapeptase help with inflammation?

Inflammation is without any doubt the root cause of so many disorders, inflammation is a very natural response by our bodies to an attack of some kind, some typical examples of inflammatory diseases are arthritis both Rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis as well as bursitis. Serrapeptase gets to work in tackling inflammation and the associated symptoms slowly start to dissipate, in fact more and more people are using Serrapeptase in preference to non steroidal drugs especially if the condition is long term, why?

Serrapeptase reduces inflammation over a period of time safely and effectively without causing any harmful side effects, will some have side effects? Possibly but if you stick to the recommended dosage when starting out taking Serrapeptase and slowly build it up there shouldn’t be any issues. Remember it is a preteolytic enzyme so be careful that you take it on an empty stomach with water, it is safe to take with prescription medications, I take a lot of heart medications along with 6x 250,000 Serrapeptase every day and I haven’t found any side effects.

Serrapeptase and scar tissue silkworm

Where does Serrapeptase come from?

Serrapeptase is taken from the silkworms intestines because scientists discovered how well the silkworm could eat it’s way out of the surrounding cocoon and turn into a moth, they took Serrapeptase and through a laboratory process turned it into a capsule or genetically coated tablet form for human consumption, Serrapeptase passes through the intestines straight into the digestive tract where it begins the healing process.

Serrapeptase the enzyme has huge benefits for your body, number one it works to remove and prevent scar tissue (fibrosis) forming in the body, as we age our bodies produce less natural enzymes especially after the age if 40, levels aren’t sufficient for our bodies needs, for example people that suffer from cystic fibrosis don’t have enough natural enzymes and become more susceptible to illness because of a lower immune system.

Scar tissue forms

Eventually, scar tissue forms as the lungs contact in size the body isn’t able to deal with high levels of scar tissue caused by injury and cuts, as a result it penetrates into blood vessels and internal organs causing some serious conditions like:

  • Uterine fibroids
  • Adhesions
  • Endometriosis
  • Fibrocystic breast disease

The best way to combat scar tissue is to take Serrapeptase in the recommended dose, give it time to work, be patient it does work to remove external and internal scar tissue, it is a very powerful enzyme that dissolves fibrin, to try Serrapeptase for scar tissue and other conditions go to the Herbs direct website here.





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