Provillus for hair loss treatment

Provillus for hair loss treatment

Have you heard about Provillus for hair loss treatment for men and for women and you want to know if the company’s hair loss products really work? Provillus hair products seem to be a very popular natural way to encourage hair regrowth so does Provillus really work?


Baldness can be a sensitive issue for many people, not only does it affect physical appearance it can also have a negetative effect on ones state of mind, baldness can affect both men and women, the causes vary and in a lot of cases where hair loss products are used results can be disappointing.

Balding man

What are the causes of baldness

Let’s take a look at why men go bald first, its no secret a full and healthy head of hair is every mans dream, it adds to physical appearance and makes for more attraction to the opposite sex, just look at videos of Elvis!! Did he have a fabulous head of hair or what, you get the point. People associate thinning hair with getting older it isn’t always the case as younger men find it hard to cope with hair loss early in life because it affects them both physically and mentally.

Family genetics play a part in Male baldness, for example MPB or Male pattern baldness is a common cause where the men in the family have a bald spot and it can be inherited by their children this is called androgenic alopecia, its a hormonal imbalance the good news is that Provillus for hair loss treatment can help.

Now we will look at the reasons why women suffer hair loss, believe it or not one in four women get hair loss from female pattern baldness the first sign of which appear sometime around menopause, again Provillus for hair loss treatment can help with hair regrowth in a natural way.

Can too much brushing cause baldness?

There are many theories around the causes of baldness that range from too much brushing, hairdryers, or the use of perms, the truth is that none of these cause baldness, the scientific reasons for female baldness are simply female pattern baldness which is either hereditary, an imbalance in hormones or some other health condition.

What can Provillus do?

Provillus for hair loss treatment is a 100% FDA approved natural hair growth supplement formulated by Health Buy for hair regrowth in both men and women, Health Buy have been supplying top-notch supplements in the marketplace for a long number of years, they have based their unique formulas on scientific evidence and that is what makes their natural products so effective. The company is so convinced that Provillus for hair loss treatment will work in most cases that they are offering money back guarantee on this popular hair loss product, they have come great customer testimonials where people start to see hair regrowing in the first few weeks of treatment.

Provillus for hair loss treatment

How does Provillus work?

Provillus hair product is clinically proven to create a better environment for new and healthy hair to regrow naturally and without any surgery, Provillus is based on feeding your scalp with the correct nutrients so that any dead hair follicles are restored to your hairs natural growth process, its powerful mix of ingredients also prevents further hair loss from occurring.

There are loads of reviews on Provillus hair loss treatment for women and what type of product should be used to get the best results, there is a hair loss supplement and a hair spray combined that contains essential minerals, proteins and minerals that when used correctly can reproduce non pigmented healthy hair, the product combats some of the main reasons for hair loss in women that is zinc deficiency, toxins, low blood supply and stress.

Provillis formula for men and women has the ability to block dihydrotestosterone (DHT) it is a cause of hair loss, the unique Provillus formula was designed specifically to give the body missing nutrients to prevent loss of hair and to ti naturally allow hair to grow back. Provillus works to restore hair loss in three ways:

  • Provides essential nutrients such as zinc, calcium, magnesium and Vitamin B6 complex
  • Works on dead follicles as protection against DHT and cortisol
  • Energizes and protects hair follicles until they are strong enough to grow by themselves
  • Uses Minoxidil a well respected ingredient that stops hair loss and boosts hair growth
  • Results should be visible within weeks

Provillus for women

After ordering Provillus customers will get a topical solution that must be sprayed onto the scalp in conjunction with taking the nutrient rich supplements, the topical spray contains the special ingredient Minoxidil that has been approved by the FDA as a hair regrowth stimulator, the supplements contain special herbs and minerals and together with the topical spray is the basis for the treatment that helps dead hair follicles to regrow.

How many supplements per day

The Provillis hair loss treatment package contains both the spray to be used on any bald spot and the supplement to be taken twice a day during a meal and with a glass of water. The hair loss product by Health Buy is not recommended for women during pregnancy or breastfeeding and people that already take medication should consult their doctor, it is not recommended taking more than the manufacturers recommended dose because each body will adapt in its own way to the treatment.

The food supplement is to be taken orally for maximum absorption and to promote healthy hair regrowth, the ingredients are 100% naturally sourced with few reported side effects so you should feel assured and confident that the product is safe to take without any negetative side effects. The success rate of Provillus hair loss treatment is in the high 90s so that says a lot about its effectiveness, its important to note that women should only buy Provillus for women and not for men.

Clinically tested Provillus

Does Provillus really work?

I completely understand that you have reasons to be skeptical about Provillus hair loss treatment, that is entirely natural however it is important to point out that the company have spent a lot of money on research confirming that their unique ingredients are based on clinical studies.

For example, a study published in 2002 in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology reported that a clinical trial involving 352 males in the 18-49 age group were treated for hair loss using Minoxidil (5%) and other ingredients, the participants reported that after 48 weeks of treatment a 50% hair regrowth occurred taking into account hair count, baseline and the participants rating of hair growth in the scalp area.

For the purposes of the clinical trial a topical solution was used and a supplement both were analyzed, it was found that the nutrients such as magnesium and zinc were important in the formula as well as azeliac acid and Para amino benzoic.

Patience is needed

No hair loss product can be touted as a miracle cure, regrowing damaged hair follicles will take patience and time, fortunately Provillis hair loss treatment does work provided it is used consistently to regrow hair and bring it back to almost full coverage within 3-6 months.

Hair loss remedies

Our hair appearance is part of the overall look and is just as important as the rest of our body, most of us will be affected by it sooner or later, the cause will vary from aging, heredity, certain disease or stress, hair loss or alopecia can affect how we feel about ourselves. I believe that that is the case for both men and women so its important to know why your hair is falling out and what hair loss remedies are out there, it is possible with some care and attention to stop hairs falling out, did you know that even with the best care and attention each of us will lose about one hundred strands of hair daily?

Losing one hundred strands a day is normal but when you start to lose more hair from your scalp area and other parts its time to find out what is causing the hair loss, it could be alopecia that is brought on by aging, stress, hormone imbalance, heredity, anaemia, scalp infection, pregnancy, skin conditions, certain medications, menopause or any number of causes.

In most cases of hair loss DHT or dihydrotestosterone is the cause, stress can trigger it, DHT sticks to hair follicles and causes the progression of thinning hair meaning that hair follicles become less healthy and hair becomes finer, thinner and shorter until new hairs stop growing altogether

Doctor hair loss diagnosis

Get advice

Should you notice that your hair is falling or thinning out excessively its best to speak to your doctor for advice to find out what are the causes, Provillus for hair loss treatment is highly recommended as the most natural and effective way to get your hair growing again, its powerful natural ingredients makes it one of the top selling hair loss treatments on the internet.

Provillus hair growth formula for men and women gets to the root cause of hair loss in adults by nourishing the scalp, repairing damaged follicles and encouraging hair regrowth

Do you need a prescription?

No, you don’t need a prescription to buy Provillus hair loss treatment unlike prescribed medications that may stop your hair from falling out, there are some home remedies that you could try to regrow your lost hair for example:

  • Scalp massage: By using oil to massage your scalp each day may help to stimulate blood flow and provide nourishment for your hair follicles, try using olive oil, coconut oil, almond oil, sesame oil, make sure that you heat the oil up ever so slightly before massaging it into your scalp.
  • Aloe vera: Try using aloe vera gels to stop hair loss and provide nourishment for the scalp, just rub the aloe vera directly onto the scalp and gently massage it on.
  • Try lime seeds: Lime seeds and black pepper mixed can help to regrow lost hair by applying the ground seeds and pepper mixed info a paste with water onto any bare patches.
  • Fenugreek: This hair loss treatment takes a bit of time because you need to immerse a cup full of Fenugreek seeds into water for eight to ten hours, then you need to grind the seeds into a paste and apply the paste to your hair, a bit messy but it could help.
  • Honey and onion: Onions are good for circulation cell regeneration and inflammation reduction, honey reduces hair loss and nourishes dying follicles, mix one tablespoon of honey with one tablespoon of red onion juice, wet your hair and apply the mixture cover with a plastic bag, the longer you can leave it covered the better even overnight if possible, results can be good.
  • Coconut milk: Coconut milk is very rich in nutrients, minerals and vitamins that are essential for healthy hair, so apply some to your scalp and hair, wait for twenty minutes and begin to massage gently, rinse off with water and you should feel a healthier scalp whilst protecting the lifespan of the hair follicles.

Which treatment will work for you?

It’s hard to say, everyone is different and unique, if you decide to try these home remedies or Provillus for hair loss treatment I’m sure that one or the other will help your scalp to be healthier, encourage dead follicles to start regrowing strands of hair again, your head without hair is like a plant in a sandy desert without water or nourishment.

By giving your scalp the correct nourishment that it has lost along with essential nutrients you will be amazed at the difference Provillus hair loss treatment will make, just read the customer testimonials here.

Why should you buy Provillus?

I have read most of the customer testimonials and they seem to be heartfelt and genuine, the company Health Buy have been providing effective natural solutions for all kinds of conditions for more than 15 years, I believe that you can trust them to help you regain some of that hair loss, here are a few important considerations before you begin the treatment

Provillus for hair loss treatment

From reading the testimonials the first thing to understand is that growing hair back successfully will take some time so it won’t just happen instantly so great patience is required for you to be successful, how effective the product is depends entirely on how you use it, follow the instructions to the letter, don’t forget that 95% of users reported if go be effective, thanks for the most part to the ingredient Minoxidil.

Basically, you have absolutely nothing to lose and all to gain because the company is so confident that Provillus for hair loss treatment will work for you that they are offering you a 90-day money back guarantee, you have 90 full days to try this product out, if you are not satisfied with the results simply return the product for a full refund

The product is only available from the Health Buy website because the company want you to experience the authenticity of their offer so you are encouraged to buy the product from the people that know the formula works for hair loss, its best to buy the 6-month package because per bottle it works out a lot cheaper, remember this is a long term project so make sure you have enough supplies at the cheapest price.


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