Advanced memory formula review

Advanced memory formula review

I’m going to cover this new memory formula supplement in my extensive Advanced memory formula review, I’m very aware of the effects of memory loss, my late mother-in-law suffered from Alzheimer’s disease, of course as we age many of us have memory issues so can Advanced memory formula help us to improve how we remember things?

Formulated by doctors

The first thing that I looked for as I started my Advanced memory formula review was to find out who is behind the company that created this unique formula, sure enough the company behind this memory supplement is Advanced Bionutritionals it is supported by four medical Doctors, Dr Shallenger, Dr Rand, Dr Eliaz and Dr Kroening.

All of the natural products in the Advanced Bionutritionals range of supplements are formulated by the doctors and are based on the most up to date scientific evidence on natural substances and their therapeutic effect for many common health conditions.

The company have been in existence for 30 years, I found little evidence that Advanced bionutritionals are a scam, if anything they put a lot of resources into finding unique herbs and nutrients that are scientifically proven to have effective and beneficial effects on peoples health.

Advanced memory formula review

Advanced memory formula

This new memory pill is backed by science, the ingredients are proven in one way or the other to boost memory cells, for example the Nobel prize was given to Doctor Levi-Montalcini following his discovery that a protein known as ngf (nerve growth factor) has a therapeutic effect on memory by:

  • Reversing memory loss and cognitive failure caused by aging
  • Assisying in the maintenance and longevity of brain cells
  • Protecting and repairing any damage to brain cells
  • Acting to prevent the brain from reducing as you age.

Following this amazing discovery further studies were carried out, some patients were give an NGF capsule to block brain shrinkage or to slow it down, the results showed that the implanted ngf capsule had a significant impact on brain shrinkage however implanting ngf wasn’t going to work in the long term so the scientists thought that there must be a simpler way to boost levels of ngf.

After many years of testing a host of nutrients, scientific evidence pointed to an antioxidant called Luteolin that possessed the same qualities as ngf, studies show that not only does Luteolin increase ngf but it also improves memory and the ability to learn, Luteolin also works as an anti-inflammatory so the first part of the formula was initiated.

Nobel prize

Scientists knew that brain cells die as we age so they wanted to know if it was possible to grow brain cells, the Nobel prize was given to Doctor Kandel when he discovered an essential protein that the brain uses to grow new brain cells, this compound is known as BDNF or brain derived neurotoxic factor.

To prove that the theory worked a group of people were given BDNF and tested for memory recall, the results showed a 20% increase in memory recall compared to a placebo group, based on this evidence my Advanced memory formula review found that BDNF is an important part of the unique formula that makes this memory supplement stand out.

Advanced memory formula review

Coffee fruit concentrate

The numbers of people that drink coffee these days is astounding and with good reason, coffee is a stimulant and most of us just love that pick me up every morning, my Advanced memory formula review found that scientists were taken aback by how dramatic the effects were on people that took coffee fruit concentrate and their research discovered the reason why.

It’s something called Neurofactor, it’s a fruit concentrate taken from a coffee plant Coffee Arabica, it has no taste, smell or color, it doesn’t contain caffeine but it packs a punch and Advanced memory formula contains 100 mg of this powerful fruit concentrate to keep your brain cells working to their maximum as you age.

What are customers saying

I believe its important to find out what customers are saying about Advanced memory formula review so here are some comments taken from the official Advanced Bionutritionals website.

Better than I imagined *


“I was afraid that my memory was going to go too fast. Then I found your memory formula. It’s only been a few weeks but I have already noticed a remarkable change in my forgetting names and places. It has made me very happy to not beat myself up for those forgetful times. Thanks, I’m younger again !! Larry”

Outstanding memory returning just after nearly a month *

By Mark A R. (FOREST GROVE, OR) – 3/7/2019

“As a 53-year-old student, I have found that my mind is not what it used to be and I have been struggling using everything under the sun to help. Until I found this formula in less than a month I already feel better my thinking if coming back. Do you know what it is like to tell someone something get in the middle of the sentence and not remember a word and what you were going to say? It is returning again”

The formula seems to work

The formula seems to work maybe not for everyone but based on the evidence it could be worth a try if you suffer from memory problems, to find out more on Advanced memory formula go to the website here. So what other ingredients are included in the formula?

Doctor Otto made such a profound discovery way back in 1936 that he was awarded the Nobel prize in medicine for, his discovery involved how the brain worked by sending messages through the brain cells as a form of communication, the brain does this by using acetylcholine something that stores memories and recalls them as you need to.

Acetylcholine is pivotal to how you store your memories and how you can recall them at will, however the aging process has a negetative effect on levels of Acetylcholine in your brain and that’s when those moments of memory loss occur.

So the scientists came up with something called alpha glycero phosphocoline (alpha GPC) it helps your brain to produce more Acetylcholine as was proven in clinical studies.

Review on Advanced memory formula

Advanced memory formula contains Alpha GPC to help with memory and recall, the doctors at Advanced Bionutritionals have gone a few steps further to make this memory supplement the best there is by adding phosphatodylserine it is a vital building block of the cell membranes in your brain.

Phosphatodylserine helps with communication so that your brain reacts faster, you feel sharper, your focus is better and your thinking is clearer, during my Advanced memory formula review I honestly couldn’t find any fault with this formula.

If you find that your memory just isn’t as good as you would like it to be why not give the doctor formulated Advanced memory formula a try, perhaps science can help to restore those brain cells back to where you want them to be.


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  1. Hello there, thanks a lot for sharing this beautiful piece of information here with us. I must say i really did enjoyed going through your review as it contains valuable informations one needs to be aware of.  Wow, this is an incredible one I must say. This has been a priority for my mum so I’ll share this formula with her. Thank you so much 

  2. Very interesting read… I’ve noticed that I tend to forget names quite often these days and I’m not sure if it’s because I have so many things on my mind and so many things to do or if it’s because of some form of early memory loss… I’m always hesitant to take pills as I’m concerned about other possible long term side effects and I wonder if there is a natural way to counter the effects of the ageing brain…?

    • Hi Mohammad,

      That depends on your age, if you are still young keep your brain active by doing things that challenge you, a good diet and regular exercise is also recommended.



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