How to build the immune system up

How to build the immune system up

People ask how to build the immune system up, apart from eating healthy foods and getting daily exercise I recommend that you take a close look at Resistol the new natural formula supplement designed to support the immune system. Resistol has been formulated by Doctor Zand and the team from Advanced Bionutritionals, by combining the top five nutrients Resistol in a short space of time has become a very effective supplement at building up the immune system.

What’s so special about Resistol?

The formula is based on trusted Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine that has been proven over the last 2,000 years, by utilizing the natural immune boosting and healing properties of five plants Resistol is so good that some customers have reported feeling stronger and more able to cope with winter chills after taking the supplement for a few weeks.

Seasonal changes immune system

Just after September the evenings start to close in, next thing you know Autumn has arrived and with that comes colder weather with cold and sickness not far behind, people start to think about how to build the immune system up especially since the Covid 19 virus seems to have taken over the world.

No matter how healthy you are there are times when your immune system just isn’t strong enough to fight off airborne pathogens or infections, that’s exactly why an immune boosting supplement like Resistol can help your body to be better protected against illness.

The unique formula is designed to focus on stopping harmful illness before it gets a hold of your immune system and becomes difficult to shift without having to go to your doctor, Resistol knows how to build the immune system up by removing harmful toxins out of the body and stopping any illness before it actually starts.

How does it build the immune system up?

From the beginning the company behind Resistol Advanced Bionutritionals wanted to produce a natural plant based supplement that would work effectively and help people to start feeling better within the first week, the formula works to slow coughing and stop it altogether, it aids congestion and supports fever reduction.

Because Resistol is a leading supplement that works to build the immune system up, the company have made it affordable, Resistol is now available at the discounted price here on the website.

People often ask how do the five plants in this unique formula combine so well to be strong enough to protect the immune system against illness, let me explain why Andrographs, Platycodon, Eleuthero, Licorice and Prickly Chaff Powder work so well together to build the immune system up.
Andrographs how to build the immune system up


Bet your’ve never heard of this ancient Chinese herb, it is found in an Asian shrub, the Chinese have used it for many years to heal respiratory and lung conditions, Andrographs are also used to treat fever and pain, it works by increasing the white blood cell count, reducing inflammation and supporting the digestive system, all are beneficial ways at how to build the immune system up.

Platycodon how to build thr immune system up


Platycodon is extracted from the roots of Platycodon grandiflorum, used quite often in Koren food but also used for coughing and sore throats, it works by loosening congestion in the lungs allowing easier breathing, Platycodon is thought to have many other health benefits such as lowering cholesterol, antiviral properties and neuroprotective effects.

Prickly chaffPrickly chaff

Prickly chaff is a herb found in the prickly chaff flower, it is a natural anti-inflammatory and works by easing pain and swelling in the throat and sinuses, it is used in Ayurvedic medicine as a way to prevent the spread of inflammation and to speed up the healing process.Licorice


Licorice has been used traditionally to treat a number of conditions in a variety of cultures from Egyptian to Indian to Chinese, licorice can help with a variety of conditions like kidney disease, poor circulation, liver and lung disease, in more recent times the licorice root is used as a dietary supplement for other conditions that include viral infections, menopausal symptoms or digestive issues.

Eleuthero Eluethero

Resistol’s formula is heavily influenced by herbs used in Chinese medicine for hundreds of years, Eleuthero is a great example of a herb that is closely associated to an adaptogen, that means it works to support different bodily functions so that the body can change and adapt to stress.

There you have it, Resistol is the perfect way to build the immune system up, the formula works in tandem with a healthy diet, daily exercise and stress reduction, Resistol is cost effective especially if you order more than one bottle, the winter can be long with many threats to your immune system.

Why not give Resistol a try, go to Advanced Bionutritionals website here to find out how you can avail of the special offer.


A lot of customers that are thinking of using Resistol to build the immune system up want to know how long before they feel results?

The answer is that everybody’s immune system is unique, some have reported a marked improvement within the first few days of taking Resistol, having said that results will vary depending on lifestyle and immune system condition.

How much should you take?

Depending on how you feel, most customers start off by dosing up on the immune system supplement in the first week, so take 2-3 capsules per day to give your immune system time to build up.

Resistol will give your immune system protection and support at the time of year when all of those illnesses are in the air, the natural ingredients are based on ancient Chinese medicine that has worked for centuries to make people healthier, to find out more details on how to build the immune system up using Resistol go to this website.

To learn more about the doctor formulated supplements at Advanced Bionutritionals go to this page.


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