Natural herbs and energy

Natural herbs and energy

Are you feeling a little bit tired lately and lacking in energy, did you know about the connection between natural herbs and energy? Natural herbs actually work to give you a boost not only that the natural herbs contained in Advanced Bionutritionals Advanced Adaptogen Complex are specifically formulated to give you long-lasting energy and stamina like no other herbal product.

Imagine having loads more energy that keeps you going all day long, I’m not talking about the temporary boost a cup of coffee or chocolate can give some people, no I’m talking about natural herbs that give you a natural energy boost and will sustain you throughout the day.

The unique blend of herbs formulated by Dr Zand is based on the latest scientific evidence that makes Advanced Adaptogen Complex so powerful it’s actually helped an astronaut stay healthy and strong in space for a total of 437 days! Not only that it has helped an Olympic sprinter win the world 100 meters sprint. So, what are these specific natural herbs for energy?

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Have you heard about adaptogens or what they can do for energy and stamina? Adaptogens are a wonderful non-toxic herb, root or fungi that increase or make the body adapt to everyday stresses and restore its functions to work normally again, I can tell you that I’m a big believer in these adaptogens as powerful natural medicine. Adaptogens are to be found in coffee alternatives, powders, sublingual sprays and infused teas, when taken regularly they help to enhance mental performance, reduce anxiety, diminish stress levels and increase energy naturally.

Adaptogens are quite unique, having been used in Ayurvedic medicine for centuries they have a special ability to boost your energy levels if you feel fatigued, Adaptogens can also help your body to adapt to anxious situations and calm you down, remember stress tends to not only physically wear you out but also physiologically.

Russian science

Russian science discovered the connection between natural herbs and energy a long time ago, they put their knowledge to good use by developing an androgen formula that their astronauts could use up in space, the formula allowed those astronauts to stay mentally stronger and have more energy allowing them to stay in space for more time than ever before.

The scientific community in the West caught hold of the adaptogen formula idea and what they found through the research was that Adaptogens:

• Boost your energy to new levels

• Make you more alert and better focused

• Have a calming effect especially if you’re anxious

• Stimulate your immune system

• Boost stamina so you can enjoy your day

• Help you to sleep better

Natural herbs and energy

What herbs are best for energy

If you are interested in natural herbs and energy you need to know what herbs are best for energy so let’s take a look at the Russians secret formula, a key herb called Rhodiola an artic root that is found high up in the Siberian mountains, it’s amazing to think that this androgen can survive in extreme cold, low oxygen and intense UV sunlight.

Because Rhodiola has such impressive qualities it was also found that it can boost energy at a cellular level by triggering adenosine triphosphate (ATP) otherwise called the energy molecule, Rhodiola also plays a part in boosting creatine levels increasing the amount of muscle energy you have, increased muscle energy means longer endurance and faster recovery.

When the people in Russia made this discovery, they started to give this amazing herb Rhodiola to their top athletes because performance in the areas of endurance, speed, strength and reaction times dramatically improved leading to winning more Olympic medals.

Rhodiola studies

Rhodiola has been studied a number of times, an example one study it was given to a bunch of students preparing for an exam, those taking the herb scored higher in their tests and were better able to concentrate, a second study where doctors on the night shift were given Rhodiola they were scored on memory, concentration and alertness results showed improvements in those areas.

Rhodiola is particularly good at calming you in stressful situations by reducing cortisol (a stress hormone) it also supports neurotransmitters such as dopamine, norepinephrine and serotonin these are helpful for sleep and mood, to summarize Rhodiola is a powerful adaptogen contained in Advanced Bionutritionals Advanced Adaptogen Complex natural herbs and energy formula, to find out more on how to boost your energy go here.


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Unique formula

The unique energy formula created by Doctor Zand and the team at Advanced Bionutritionals have taken another natural herb for energy called Eleuthero and added it to the formula because this potent plant compound helps to give your energy a boost by fighting stress and boosting stamina.

In today’s modern world people have a hectic lifestyle especially in the cities where its non-stop activity 24/7, life is a rush with little time to rest, that causes stress and strain that ultimately affects your energy and stamina, added to that people that have young families find they are totally stressed and exhausted as they try to gain a work/life balance.

That’s where Eleuthero can help with your energy, studies on this plant compound have shown how effective it is at boosting energy and stamina in all kinds of people from elite athletes, office workers, factory workers, pilots, and astronauts, one of the studies where cyclists were given Eleuthero found that their oxygen intake had increased by 12% and their endurance levels by as much as 23%.

Adaptogens natural herbs and energy

No doubt about it, adaptogens go hand in hand as natural herbs for energy, the Russians discovered them initially and now many companies have Adaptogen formulas for sale, however don’t be misled many companies sell them in capsules as dry herbs or they go the cheap route and take extracts from single herbs and throw them together.

Doctor Zand has gone to great lengths to make Advanced Adaptogen Complex a best-selling combination of natural herbs for energy by using a unique process that gets the maximum power from these amazing herbs, they start by blending the herbs together, add water and alcohol to extract those powerful compounds from inside the adaptogens, there are other adaptogens in the formula to find out more read what Doctor Zand has to say here.

The process is quite detailed and can take up to 6 weeks to complete, when completed the end product is a liquid Adaptogen formula.

Why does the process take so long?

There is a reason why Advanced Adaptogen Complex is a top selling herbal formula for energy and stamina is the fact that liquid adaptogen is 5.5 times stronger than a dried herb formula meaning that by simply adding a drop of the natural herbs formula into your coffee, tea, juice or whatever is your preferred liquid you will be able to go like the clappers all day long without feeling fatigued.

Then there’s my friend Marilyn, who used to be so bone-tired by the end of the day she’d crawl into bed by 8:30 p.m. But once she started taking Advanced Adaptogen Complex, she told me, “I can stay up until 11:00 p.m. if I want, to spend time with my husband or to read a good book. I don’t feel burnt-out and foggy-headed anymore.

People that have discovered the connection between natural herbs and energy formula say that the longer that you take this unique formula the better it works because your energy and stamina are regulated like never before, basically your body has a strong foundation to stay alert be more energetic and keep going strong all day long.


Advanced Adaptogen Complex


If you decide to give Advanced Adaptogen Complex a try you may find that you friends and family start taking notice of your new-found energy and vitality, that’s not surprising considering the science and effort that goes into producing this quality natural herb and energy formula, to give it a try go here


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