Dr Janet Zand and Nitric oxide the full story

Dr Janet Zand and Nitric oxide

What’s the connection between Dr Janet Zand and Nitric Oxide? Have you heard about Circ02 a powerful and best-selling Nitric oxide enhancer from Advanced Bionutritionals.

Read on and let me tell you about how and why Dr Janet Zand became involved in this winning Nitric oxide formula that is helping so many people with poor circulation, aches and pains, a lack of energy and vitality.

Who is Dr Janet Zand?

Dr Janet Zand OMD, LAC is a well-respected Board-certified Acupuncturist, lecturer, author, a Doctor in Traditional Chinese Medicine, she has helped many thousands of people through her work formulating natural herbal and nutraceutical supplements and products.

Dr Janet Zand has a vast reservoir of knowledge in natural health, she is the editor of Women’s Health Letter, a weekly newsletter, she advises her newsletter readers on ways to get healthy.

Dr Zand is focused on providing science backed solution oriented natural supplements for the leading nutraceutical company Advanced Bionutritionals.

Doctor Zand is an author and health adviser to a number of professional athletes, movie stars and rock stars, her 25 years in natural medicine has led to the establishment of McZand Herbal and Zand Herbal Formulas.

These products are for sale in leading natural health stores in the USA. Dr Zand has written and co-authored three books around natural health and healing including The Nitric Oxide Solution, Smart Medicine for a Healthier Child and Smart Medicine for Healthier Living.

Dr Janet Zand and Nitric 4

The connection between Dr Janet Zand and Nitric oxide

As I mentioned Dr Zand was involved in writing The Nitric Oxide Solution a book that details how important Nitric oxide is for your health, Nitric oxide is essentially a molecule or gas that is produced by your body naturally and is so important for many aspects of your health.

Nitric oxide or NO is pivotal to vasodilation a function that relaxes the endothelium or inner muscles in your blood vessels making them wider and allowing blood and nutrients to travel throughout the cardiovascular system, by eating vegetables high in nitrates and foods high in antioxidants ensures a steady supply of Nitric oxide for your body’s needs.

What affects Nitric oxide production?

Similar to a lot of conditions caused by ageing Nitric oxide production is affected also, the process of making this molecule is harmed by any number of diseases as the body weakens, less Nitric oxide in the body can cause:

• Lower energy levels

• Less vitality

• Creaky bones

• Cardiovascular disease

• Poor circulation

• Varicose veins

• Faster ageing

• Declining memory

• Hypertension

• Aches and pains

Nitric oxide supplement

The good news is Dr Janet Zand and Nitric oxide has the answer in the form of Circ02 a Nitric oxide supplement developed and formulated by De Zand and the team at Advanced Bionutritionals, this supplement is supplied in lozenge form for easier absorption and faster results, its particularly good for adrenal fatigue.

Circ02 is a top selling supplement to boost Nitric oxide levels and increase blood circulation to all parts of the body, when the arteries begin to relax more wonderful things happen, energy levels increase, vitality and a feeling of improved health follows, Dr Janet Zand and Nitric oxide have the ingredients in Circ02 that makes better health possible for thousands of people.

“My husband and I have been taking this for several years and find at age 70 that we are still very active with running, golf, hiking, yoga, strength training and just overall good health. Our blood work is great, and we are so much healthier than others our age”

” I have been taking it for 3 months and I feel much better and more inclined to do things, I have more energy and don’t want to just sit around anymore”

Dr Janet Zand Nitric oxide CircO2

Dr Janet Zand Nitric oxide and CircO2

Circ O2 came into being because of Dr Zand and Nitric oxide based on her knowledge of what would be the best natural ingredients to add to this unique formula to make the most effective and safe to take Nitric oxide supplement on the market.

CircO2 was formulated by Doctor Janet Zand and is marketed by a well-respected nutraceutical company Advanced Bionutritionals, the product is targeted at those people that want to remain active for as long as possible, the product is provided in lozenge form that easily dissolves into water, not only that you are provided with a Nitric oxide test strip to check your levels of NO.

To find out more about Dr Janet Zand and Nitric oxide (CircO2) go directly to Advanced Bionutritionals here.

What is in Circ02?

CircO2 is full of natural ingredients that include essential minerals and nutrients,

• Beetroot powder (proprietary blend to boost Nitric oxide production)

• Magnesium to enhance blood flow

• L-Citrulline

• Sodium nitrate

• Hawthorn berry extract

• Vitamin C to improve energy

• Vitamin B12 to boost muscle tissue use

What are the health benefits?

The benefits of taking Dr Janet Zand and Nitric Oxide CircO2 for your health are many such as:

• Better energy

• Better focus

• A feeling of wellbeing

• Better circulation

• More vitality

• Less aches and pains

• Better mental health


In a nutshell

In a nutshell Dr Janet Zand and Nitric oxide Circ02 is a reliable Nitric oxide supplement that you can take on a daily basis dissolved in a glass of water that will help your body to produce more NO and make you healthier, it doesn’t take a genius to work out that Circ02 is the way to go if you find that you have poor circulation and you are low on energy,

The impact of Dr Janet Zand and Nitric oxide CircO2 on your health is clear, NO widens the blood vessels as a result each cell and organ in your body gets an improved amount of vital minerals and nutrients that enhance your health, customers of this wonderful Nitric oxide supplement have so many good things to say, just go over to the Advanced Bionutritionals website and read Citc02 testimonials here.


From reading customer testimonials on Dr Janet Zand and Nitric oxide (Circ02) it’s clear that a natural supplement that enhances Nitric oxide in the body is a must for those that find their “get up and go” has been lacking, it is safe to take even with medications, the ingredients are all natural and packed with vital vitamins and minerals that are backed by science.

To find out more about Dr Janet Zand and Nitric oxide (CircO2) go directly to Advanced Bionutritionals here.



2 thoughts on “Dr Janet Zand and Nitric oxide the full story”

  1. Dr. Janet, can you please address sodium nitrate in CircO2? This is a great product[CIRCO2]but I am concerned about ingesting sodium nitrate long term.

    • Hi Charles,
      Sodium nitrate is a natural part of any diet, and while excess amounts can be bad for you, it also has a place in medicine.

      For example, a study in the New England Journal of Medicine concluded that dietary supplements of inorganic nitrate can reduce blood pressure.
      The amounts of sodium nitrate in Circ02 are insufficient to cause harm.

      One container of the CircO2 supplement contains 30 nutrient-rich pills. You must take one pill a day to experience maximum health benefits.

      CircO2 should be consumed by the people who feel maximum fatigue, have heart disease, high blood pressure, erectile dysfunction or for people who are experiencing low energy levels due to advancing years.

      CircO2 is great for heart patients as well. However, some people may be suffering from critical BP problems or other health problems too.

      In such cases, it is better to check with your doctor and see if this is the correct supplement for you.

      CircO2 is certainly not for children and pregnant women at all. You can only take this supplement if you’re above the age of 18 or 20.

      Experts recommend consuming CircO2 for at least three to six months so you can see how the supplement works on your body.

      You can order as many boxes of CircO2 as you like. And you can put it to the test for a full 90 days.

      Chances are you won’t need that much time to see that it’s working for you. But we want to make sure you’re convinced!

      If for any reason you decide you’re less than 100% satisfied, then simply return it to us within 90 days, even if the boxes are empty. We’ll promptly refund you the entire purchase price you paid! You only pay return shipping.
      I hope this answers your question.
      Take care,


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