Advanced vision formula reviews

Advanced vision formula reviews

This article is about Advanced vision formula reviews, your eyesight is so important, age or disease impact on your eyesight, if you are looking at a natural remedy to improve your sight this Advanced vision formula reviews article will help you to understand why this doctor formulated supplement can help your vision to improve.

Advanced vision formula reviews What is Advanced vision formula?

Advanced vision formula is a herbal eye supplement sold by Advanced Bionutritionals based in Norcross, GA, the unique top selling eye supplement was formulated by Dr Frank Shallenberger a strong believer and user himself of herbal supplements for better health.

During my research for Advanced vision formula reviews article I discovered that product is a Zeaxanthin and Lutein rich supplement designed specifically to enhance eyesight though natural herbal “healthy vision” nutrients that are based on science.

These nutrients focus not only on eye health but brain health also, specifically important neurons located in the optic nerve.

How blue light affects your eyes?

The modern age tells it’s own story why so many people are suffering with vision problems, all you have to do is look at the number of times we as human beings look at our phones our computers, our TVs, we expose our eyes far too much to blue light, that is the light that hits your eyes from all of these devices.

This blue light is called LED it is a big part of everyday living however it does affect your eyes in a negetative way, so you need to protect your eyes in a natural way by taking two nutrients called Zeaxanthin and Lutein.

I discovered while writing this Advanced vision formula reviews article that Zeaxanthin is vital for the health of the middle part of the retina (macula) it is a nutrient found in specific carotenoid rich foods vegetables and fruit such as:

  • Spinach
  • Kale
  • Turnip greens
  • Broccoli
  • Corn
  • Collatd greens
  • Kiwi fruit
  • Oranges
  • Zucchini
  • Vegetable marrow

Research into Advanced vision formula reviews Research

Harvard medical researchers tested Zeaxanthin levels on quail because the similarity of the quail retina to the human retina, the research subjects were divided into three groups, one that didn’t eat carotenoids in their diet, one that did and one were given Zeaxanthin, the trial took six months.

At that point all of the quail were exposed to blue light when they checked their eyes the ones with no Zeaxanthin in their diet had damaged retinas creatinine spots, the quails that had Zeaxanthin had far less damage to the retinas.

The researchers concluded that Zeaxanthin protected the photo receptors in the eyes, however that isn’t the full story because there are other photo receptors located in the area surrounding the centre of the macula and that’s where Luteiin is effective.


Lorient is a nutrient found in leafy greens, it protects the outer part of the macula and improves the density of the macular pigment giving healthier vision, in the UK researchers completed a one-year study involving 72 people between 50-80 years of age. At the beginning lutein levels in the blood were measured, macular pigment and an eye test were also completed.

During the next phase of the placebo controlled trial involved giving half of the participants 10 mg of lutein each day, the remainder were given a placebo for the 12-month duration, the results showed that the placebo group showed no change in lutein levels while the lutein participants showed an average rise of 300% in lutein and density of macular pigment levels!.

Not only that, the researchers noted a reduction in vision for the placebo group and those with poor vision that were given lutein had a remarkable 30% increase in vision!.

The study proved three things about lutein and eyesight, by taking 10 mg of lutein improves the macular pigment dramatically, blocks more of the harmful blue light from affecting the eyes, prevents visual acuity from deteriorating and improves vision.

While researching for this Advanced vision formula reviews article I found that Advanced vision formula contains 10 mg of Lutein, 3 mg of Zeaxanthin along with a host of other nutrients and herbs that are beneficial for healthy eyes.

FAQ Advanced vision formula

People want to know how many tablets of Advanced vision formula to take, the company Advanced Bionutritionals recommended two tablets per day with ample amounts of water.

How long does Advanced vision formula take to work?

The company say that improvements in vision can be expected within the first two weeks, further improvements can be expected after that time period.

Does Advanced vision formula have a guarantee?

Yes, Advanced vision formula has a 90-day money back guarantee, if the product doesn’t meet your expectations you need to return it to the company for a no questions asked full refund, the postage is your responsibility.

How much does Advanced vision formula cost?

  • One-Month Advanced Vision Formula Start Pack: $69.95 + S&H
  • Three-Month Advanced Vision Formula Savings Pack: $188.85 + free S&H
  • Six Month Advanced Vision Formula Super Pack: $347.70 + free S&H

What are customers saying about Advanced vision formula?

I read many of the Advanced vision formula reviews from customers, here is a small sample of what the experience was

And here’s what Frank K, from Marlborough Massachusetts says:

“My vision has improved tremendously. I no longer require glasses when I am driving. I can clearly see all posted road sign and my night vision is no longer bothered by the glare of approaching vehicle headlights.”

83-year-old Robert Mathein says…

“After years of treatment with no success, I started Advanced Vision Formula about a year ago. Didn’t happen overnight, but now I’m seeing changes for the better. I take off my glasses and see better. I’ll need new glasses and THAT is a good thing.”

Carol M. from Spring Harbor, Michigan says:

“When I started taking the vision formula I almost immediately saw (literally) a huge change. I was able to focus again and see much better. Later a new ingredient was added and I noticed my night vision became demonstrably clearer.

This formula really works. I also give it to my 92-year-old friend, and I am sure it’s the reason her eyesight has been almost stable for several years.”

Christian S from Australia says:

“I am sure due to taking the Vision Formula I am still without glasses at the age of 72. People often think it is costly to take those supplements but I think it is a small price to pay for not needing glasses and the convenience of not looking for them.”

Mary K. from Texas says:

“I was so pleased that after taking it consistently for one month, I noticed that I could drive at night without my glasses. After two additional months I really didn’t need to wear my glasses. I will continue on this product for the rest of my life.”


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