Reversing calcification of the arteries

Reversing calcification of the arteries

Studies confirm the use of Vitamin K2 and D3 in supplement form in reversing calcification of the arteries, calcification of the arteries is closely linked to cardiovascular disease the number one cause of death worldwide, CVD is influenced by a number of issues including genetics, diet, stress, a lack of exercise, smoking and diabetes.

What measures can be taken to mitigate CVD

Cardiovascular disease comprises heart attacks and strokes, measures can be taken to mitigate the risk of CVD that includes a healthy diet, regular exercise, avoiding smoking and excessive alcohol, its estimated that 17.3 million people die every year from CVD, that’s approximately 31.5% of all deaths worldwide.

Of that number roughly 7.5 million are as a result of a heart attack and 6.7% are caused by stroke, in Europe 47% of all deaths are caused by CVD it is by far the leading cause of premature death in both men and women in most countries, what do these figures have to do with calcification in the arteries and how do you go about reversing calcification of the arteries.

Is it possible that a simple Vitamin K2 and D3 supplement could help in reversing calcification of the arteries??

Cardiovascular disease reversing calcification of the arteries

Is calcium good for you?

Calcium is a necessary nutrient, it is important for muscle contraction, bone health, nerve signaling and a number of other metabolic functions, Vitamin D3 assists calcium to be absorbed through the intestines and into the bloodstream where it is used productively to build bones and other important functions.

Calcium is good for you but if your body gets too much calcium or it doesn’t become fully utilized it causes a calcium imbalance in the body, soft tissues in the body become damaged, that triggers inflammation and creates deposits of calcium especially in the blood vessels.

Calcium deposits in the blood vessels are part of plaque build-up the leading cause of heart attacks in people, this process is called calcification of the arteries, a combination of Vitamin D3 and K2 can help in reversing calcification of the arteries, these natural vitamins go together to protect your heart from CVD.

To find out more or to purchase the Vitamin D3 and K2 spray go to the Good Health Naturally website here, the natural product is sold in spray firm because it gives far greater and faster absorption into the bloodstream than in capsule form.

What happens when you get too much calcium

It is possible to get too much calcium whether you get it from the foods that you eat or from calcium supplements, too much calcium is unhealthy because the soft tissues in the body especially in the circulatory system and the arteries begin to absorb excess calcium and integrate it into the arteries.

The process is known as calcification, reversing calcification of the arteries is possible by using this Vitamin D3 and K2 spray.

Other signs of tissue calcification or the improper use of calcium by the body are skin calluses or kidney stones, studies have shown that a degree of calcification in the pineal gland is above normal in Alzheimer’s patients, your body needs Vitamin K2 and D3 to better support the absorption of calcium and be effective at bone mineralization.

Heart attack reversing calcification of the arteries

Pressure on the heart

Because it’s a mineral calcium provides structures and strength to bones, however over time the soft tissues become calcified harder and far less flexible, this is the case with atherosclerosis where the calcified arteries and blood vessels become too stiff to allow enough oxygenated blood to be pumped by the heart.

This process causes pressure on the heart because if has to work an awful lot harder to pump enough blood around the circulatory system for your bodies needs especially during physical exercise or work, it’s no surprise that blood vessels and arteries lose flexibility during calcium build-up (atherosclerosis).

This build-up consists of calcium, bad cholesterol and other unhealthy fatty substances in the blood is called plaque, it reduces elasticity in the blood vessels and compounds the stress on the heart, plaque build-up reduces the area for normal blood flow consequently the heart has to work so much faster just to keep up with demand.

The presence of calcification of the arteries further increases the risk of a heart attack or stroke because calcium plaque can become dislodged into the bloodstream and create a blockage in the circulatory system leading to a heart attack or stroke, so it doesn’t take a genius to work out how important it is in reversing calcification of the arteries.

Calcification of the arteries

Calcification of the arteries is a predictor of CVD, it is a progressive condition that accumulates over a period of time, calcification of the arteries can begin in some people in their early 30s, arteries become stiff and increases with age, the circulatory system becomes dysfunctional and symptoms of heart disease appear for example chest pain, less energy, less stamina, trouble sleeping, heavy sweating.

How to reverse calcification of the arteries

Taking a daily Vitamin D3 and K2 spray is the best possible way to reverse calcification of the arteries, it may take some time so buy enough of the Vitamin D3 and K3 spray (click here for the special off buy 4 get one free!) K2 has been proven in studies to reverse calcification in the arteries, it is also hugely beneficial in restoring elasticity and flexibility, .

Vitamin K2 and D3 also regulates calcium in the body, Vitamin K2 acts as a factor that activates osteocalin proteins, these are produced by osteocalin cells found in your bones, when activated it binds calcium in the blood transports it and integrates it into the bone matrix for bone building effectively.

When the process is finished any calcium that isn’t used is excreted by the body, the daily recommended dose in most countries of Vitamin D3 and K2 is in the range of 67-120 µg, the sublingual spray supplied by Goid Health Naturally provides 5×67 µg per day enough to reverse calcification of the arteries over time, build strong bones and boost the immune system.Vitamin D3 and K2 spray


MGP is short for Matrix Gla protein, it is a very important enzyme that acts to protect the heart from the unhealthy effects of too much calcium, MGP is activated by the Vitamin K2, when this happens MGP makes excess calcium stick in the blood and stops it from being deposited in the arteries.

Studies have demonstrated that lower Vitamin k levels are directly correlated to non activated levels of MGP levels and lower survival rates amongst people with cardiovascular disease, to sum everything up it is essential to use KD and D3 in reversing calcification of the arteries.


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