Is Blood Flow Optimizer a scam?

Is Blood Flow Optimizer a Scam

Have you read about Dr Sam Robbins and his blood flow supplement Blood Flow Optimizer and wondered is blood flow optimizer a scam?

Decreased blood flow can cause a number of problems for health including heart disease, high blood pressure, varicose veins, erectile dysfunction, peripheral artery disease and many others.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could just take a blood flow supplement like Blood Flow Optimizer and all of your blood flow problems would simply disappear, or is it the case that this natural product doesn’t actually work so yes would be the answer to your question is Blood flow optimizer a scam.

Let’s take a closer look at blood flow optimizer, Dr Sam Robbins and his company behind the product HFL solutions, who is Dr Sam Robbins?

Dr Sam Robbins

Over 20 years ago Dr Sam Robbins decided that what was being taught in medical schools may not necessarily be the only way to deal with so many age related health challenges so he set about learning all he could about nutrition, natural hormone re balancing, exercise physiology.

Following his education he gained a Doctor of Physiology diploma through University of California, he has gained a wealth of experience in naturopathic medicine from where he set up his own company Health Fitness and Longevity Solutions out of Las Vegas, Nevada in 1999.

HFL Solutions provide a large range of natural solutions for many age related illnesses from arthritis pain, high blood pressure, erectile dysfunction, cholesterol, low testosterone, diabetes, and many others, for this article let’s take a closer look at the answer to the question is blood flow optimizer a scam.

What are the ingredients in Blood flow optimizer


What effect on blood flow does each ingredient have

Blood flow optimizer consists of 3 blends and they are based on the best scientific evidence available out there, they are,

  • Synergy Optimizer blend
  • Vitamins and minerals
  • Magna Max blend

Synergy Optimizer Blend

The reason for using the Synergy Optimizer Blend is that each ingredient has a distinct function for example it contains n-acetlyn l-cysteine according to science has many health benefits, including being used in the body to produce antioxidants.

L-Carnitine L Fumarate: A powerful ingredient that is strongly associated with helping the body to produce energy, energy that is vital for heart and brain function, it also helps with many moving parts in the body including muscle movement.

Ginger: Ginger has been used for centuries by the Chinese and Indian populations in ginger root form as a tonic, it is very popular for a number of ailments including its ability to reduce cholesterol and support fat metabolism, ginger root may help in reducing diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Willow bark extract made up of it and 24% Salicin, has the same effect as aspirin and works as an anti-inflammatory.

Green tea extract is included in this unique blend because a component in green tea extract called catechin is thought to be the active chemical component that is associated with fat burning antioxidants.

Nattokinase is a well researched natto soybean enzyme, it has proven fibrinolytic properties that mean it can dissolve any excess fibrin that may be affecting blood flow in the arteries.

Glycine Propionyl L-Carnitine is found in some drugs that are used to treat poor circulation or congestive heart failure.

Acetyl L-Carnitine a powerful amino acid usually produced naturally in the body to make energy, energy needed for normal heart and brain function, it also helps the heart muscle to pump oxygen rich blood to all parts of the body.

N-Acetyl L-Cysteine is an antioxidant with many associated health benefits

Vitamins and Minerals
I don’t believe that Blood Flow Optimizer is a scam especially when you take a close look at the science behind the formula, each ingredient has a number of proven health benefits, no supplement would be complete without essential vitamins and minerals for example Blood Flow Optimizer has:

Vitamin D3 proven in many studies to be beneficial to the cardiovascular system.

Vitamin C many studies link Vitamin C as a booster for the immune system, not only that it can also help with high blood pressure.

Coral calcium helpful for bone loss

Magnesium is included not surprisingly there are a host of studies on Magnesium showing its effectiveness for endurance during exercise, depression aid, hypertension, insulin reduction, type 2 diabetes, as an anti-inflammatory.

Magna Max Blend

What helps to make Blood Flow Optimizer is its Magna Max Blend, the formula contains the very best Magnesium Glycinate, Magnesium Asparate and Magnesium Oxide to help cells to function at their optimum, these sorts of magnesium absorb easily into the body for maximum effectiveness.

Blood Flow Optimizer how does it work

Picture over 60,000 miles of arteries and blood vessels in the body, imagine how well you feel when normal blood flow is coursing through your veins and arteries, on the other hand imagine how you feel when you have things like plaque build-up obstructing normal blood flow through your body.

Literally plaque build-up and blood clots can cause untold damage to normal blood flow leading to things like high blood pressure, a lack of energy, chest pain, leg pain inflammation, cardiovascular disease or stroke, is Blood flow optimizer a scam, in my humble opinion I believe Blood Flow Optimizer to be effective at:

  • Thinning your blood naturally
  • Promoting flexible and stronger blood vessels
  • Keeping inflammation in the arteries at a safer level
  • Anti aging benefits by reducing free radical damage
  • Helping to remove plaque build-up
  • Removing harmful toxic metals
  • Lowering cholesterol

The circulatory system is blood flow optimizer a scam


Scientific evidence ingredients Blood Flow Optimizer

There is a lot of scientific evidence to answer the question is Blood Flow Optimizer a scam, the ingredients have been carefully chosen to improve circulation, by improving circulation blood flow to all parts of the body improves, free radical damage is reduced, but does Blood Flow optimizer work as promised.?

Let’s take a look at what customers are saying about this improved blood flow product, I had a look at the customer testimonials and to be honest this one caught my eye, it may help to reassure you that Blood flow optimizer is definitely not a scam, you can read more customer testimonials here.

“Your Blood Pressure Optimizer has blown my mind. I can’t believe how good, and how fast this stuff works. My blood pressure and pulse are absolutely perfect. I will be getting off of my Lisinopril ASAP. Doesn’t look like I will need anything from my doctor anymore.

You should make a pill for as many ailments as you can. Arthritis, joint pain, etc… I am a true believer in your work and products. What an absolutely amazing product, that does exactly what is says it will do. My mind is clearer now as well. I don’t know how to explain it. It’s magic

Thank you!!!!”

Blood Pressure Optimizer

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Are there side effects from Blood Flow Optimizer

According to HDL solutions there are very few reported side effects, however they do warn that you should consult a healthcare professional if you are pregnant, trying to conceive, lactating, under 18, taking any blood thinning medications.

Where is the best place to buy Blood Flow Optimizer

Blood Flow Optimizer isn’t a scam, the product can be purchased directly from the company, HDL solutions emphasize that the product does work for most people as is evidenced by sales of 65,000 over the past seven years.

Why not give Blood Flow Optimizer a try, go to HDL Solutions here.

How much does it cost?

Is blood flow optimizer a scam image

Each bottle has 60 capsules and costs $49.95

Cheaper by Autoship $39.97

Buy 4 bottles get 15% off

Prices correct at time of publishing

To get the latest price go to the HDL Solutions website here

Dr Sam Robbins and Blood Flow Optimizer

Blood Flow Optimizer official website

Product guarantee

It is very rare that a company would offer a 200% satisfaction guarantee, that’s right a 200% guarantee that statement answers perfectly for me the answer to is Blood Flow Optimizer a scam. How does the offer work?

What do you have to do if you aren’t happy with the product

When you purchase Blood Flow Optimizer for the first time you are considered to be a new customer and as such you have 365 days to return the product for a refund providing it hasn’t been opened, should you return the product unopened within 31-90 days for a 100% refund excluding shipping and handling.

After 90 days you have the option to exchange the product or get a 200% credit to spend in the company’s store, for a full explanation on the terms and conditions go to this page.

Pros & Cons of buying Blood Flow


The product may help to improve blood flow, most of the ingredients are natural herbal extracts with clinical studies indicating their health benefits, finally you have little risk because of the money back guarantee.


Like every supplement you don’t know if is going to work for you or if it will have side effects, only available on the internet, in some ways price could be an issue.


I don’t believe there is any truth to the question is Blood Flow Optimizer a scam, the product has been in existence for over seven years with many satisfied customers, that tells me that despite the odd negetative feedback most people are happy to try Blood Flow Optimizer because of its health benefits.



8 thoughts on “Is Blood Flow Optimizer a scam?”

  1. Good day, I’m pleased to come across this important information. I had never read about Dr. Sam Robbins and his blood flow optimizer before, but I’m thrilled to know that decreased blood flow can cause some problems for our health. So, I think it may be ideal to take blood flow supplements. This is a very helpful information, thank you so much.

    • Hi Kokontala,

      Yes decreased blood flow can lead to a lot of health problems, Blood flow Optimizer is the ideal answer.

      Thank you,


  2. It is with every product that some are very happy with it and some are very dissatisfied. Thanks for this brilliant presentation of Blood flow optimizer in the article Is Blood Flow Optimizer a scam? Now I know that there is a product on the market that has a great effect on our blood circulation. Already when reviewing the ingredients, I see that they are inside the ones that have a great effect on our body.
    Are you taking this Blod flow optimizer supplement? If so, what are your experiences?

    • Hi Nina,

      Thank you for your comments, Blood Flow Optimizer has been around for a long time, you are correct it won’t work for everyone, however for those with poor circulation issues it certainly is worth a look at, I don’t need it tg my blood flows excellent.


  3. My dad suffers from high cholesterols and has been dealing with for the last twelve years. I recognize some of the ingredients mentioned in this review and I think blow flow optimizer is indeed a legitimate product. Dr Robbins has over two decades of experience and knows what’s best to deal with high cholesterol and what’s not. 

  4. My cholesterol level often goes high and as a result blood pressure increases. I feel nausea, vomiting, and vibration through my whole body. I have been often prescribed medicines that consist of vitamins and minerals, and at home, I keep taking remedies based on ginger and garlic. I think these are the components you need to take control of your blood flow. Lack of smooth blood flow can cause blockage in arteries and can result in various heart problems.

    Going by the ingredients in the blood flow optimizer, I don’t think it is a scam. In fact, I feel it is a balanced mixture of all the necessary components one needs to smoothen the blood flow. Dr. Sam Robbins seems to have done lots of research and came up with these pills. I am not sure if it suits everyone but it should be given a try with refund policies in place.

    Thanks for sharing this.

    • Hi Arif,

      Yes, Dr Robbins has had some great success with his unique formulas over the past 20 years or so, thank you for your comments.



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