Serrapeptase and blocked fallopian tubes

Serrapeptase and blocked fallopian tubes

If you are finding it hard to become pregnant because of blocked fallopian tubes then read about Serrapeptase and blocked fallopian tubes, many women have had success using Serrapeptase as a natural way to unblock fallopian tubes.

Many people have referred to this wonderful enzyme Serrapeptase as perhaps the most widely used natural supplement the world has seen because of its naturally calming effect on inflammation, and its ability to remove scarring and lesions both internally and externally.

Serrapeptase information blocked tubes

For many years Serrapeptase has become so popular for a wide variety of disorders, it has proven to be so effective for many health conditions that people have been calling it “the miracle enzyme” this is so very true especially in relation to Serrapeptase and blocked fallopian tubes.

Serrapeptase and blocked fallopian tubes Silkworm

Why is it called “the miracle enzyme”

Serrapeptase has been called “the miracle enzyme” because it is a natural anti-inflammatory originally found in the silkworm, the silkworm really is amazing because it produces the most beneficial enzymes naturally through saliva making it easy for it to digest tough mulberry leaves whilst it is still in a worm stage.

The silkworm manages to spin a white cocoon around itself in preparation to turn into a moth, it takes about 10-14 days for this to happen the something fantastic happens, the silkworm now transformed into a moth makes use of the saliva enzymes and literally eats itself out of the white cocoon, isn’t that amazing.!!

What’s even more amazing is that this wonderful enzyme can work it’s magic and help people with blocked tubes, that’s why I’m writing this article entitled Serrapeptase and blocked fallopian tubes.

What science did with Serrapeptase

Going way back to around 1970 scientists found a way to culture Serrapeptase in the lab by giving it protein, the result is a dry white powder that is tasteless and contained those important Serrapeptase enzymes, Serrapeptase supplements are now produced commercially through a fermentation process by growing the microorganism Seratia E15 in plants.

Up until recently Serrapeptase wasn’t available in the USA, in Europe it has been in use for more than 40 years as a natural alternative to NSAIDs like ibuprofen and aspirin, not only that it is used to treat hundreds of other ailments,

What does Serrapeptase do

Serrapeptase is a type of marauding harmful tissue hunter, it actually goes around the body and searches for dead tissue, it actually dissolves dead and harmful tissue and doesn’t cause any harm to good living tissue, so by taking Serrapeptase and blocked fallopian tubes together it is possible to dissolve the dead tissue that is preventing you from becoming pregnant.

What else is Serrapeptase good for

We know that Serrapeptase can dissolve unhealthy tissues inside or outside the body, so its effective for any number of ailments that include:

  • Blocked fallopian tubes
  • Pain
  • Swelling
  • Edema
  • Chronic sinusitis
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Fibroysystic breast disease
  • Nerve damage
  • Blocked arteries
  • COPD
  • Fibroids
  • Rhinitis
  • Endometriosis
  • Traumatic injury

Did you know that many ailments are caused by inflammation, therefore Serrapeptase can be a valuable natural alternative for so many health conditions, you name it Serrapeptase can help.

Doctor's best Serrapeptase

How can Serrapeptase help with blocked fallopian tubes

If you are struggling with painful blocked fallopian tubes or finding it hard to conceive a baby, you want to know how Serrapeptase can help to unblock fallopian tubes then read on, over the last 5-10 years many women have spoken about how Serrapeptase has given them the chance to become pregnant by dissolving the blockage in the fallopian tubes naturally,

Natural alternative to IVF

Now it is no longer necessary to have surgery for blocked fallopian tubes because Serrapeptase for blocked fallopian tubes is the natural alternative, Serrapeptase comes in easy-to-use supplement form, compare that to the sometimes risk of surgery on those delicate fallopian tubes, if you use Serrapeptase regularly over time it will help your body to heal itself.

How long before Serrapeptase works on blocked fallopian tubes.

To be honest, each person is so individual that it is impossible to tell how long it will take Serrapeptase to work on unblocking those precious fallopian tubes, having said that many customers of Good Health Naturally have had some excellent success with Serrapeptase and blocked fallopian tubes.

Customer testimonial Serrapeptase for blocked fallopian tubes

.”I’ve been on Serrapeptase as part of the blocked fallopian tubes plan which was in the book I got with my first order (special offer). I also have endometriosis. I bought all the products and followed that plan and I don’t know if it was them of anything else I did but I am now 8 weeks pregnant!

I never got sick taking these, I was strict to take them hours before or after food. I have continued at a lower dose throughout pregnancy and so far this is the furthest I have got with a healthy heartbeat seen on scan this week. I found the book and magazine articles on fertility very helpful especially for those TTC.”

The people at Doctor’s best are there to take care of you, they recommend Serrapeptase as the best product for blocked fallopian tubes, it contains 120,000 IU of Serrapeptase, plus it also contains MSM {Methylsulfonlymethane} to support skin and connective tissues, joint function, and respiratory health.

Serraplus also contains mature fulvic micro nutrients, these are mineral deposits that help to increase the bio availability and absorption of Serrapeptase and blocked fallopian tubes.

Delayed release capsules

Serrapeptase is available throughout the world from Doctor’s best , click here to order Serrapeptase , it comes in a delayed release capsule, meaning it is to be taken on an empty stomach where it passes through the stomach and gets to work in the small intestine.

How many do you need to take

Doctor’s best recommend that you take 1-3 capsules up to 3 times per day until you feel something good has happened, each bottle of Serrapeptase contains 90 capsules, it really is so good for overall health.

To get the best value for money click here to take advantage of the special offer, buy 3 for a good reduction.


I hope that you are now wiser about Serrapeptase and blocked fallopian tubes, Serrapeptase provides an effective, safe and fast solution to the problem of blocked fallopian tubes, it is a naturally occurring preteolytic enzyme that works at dissolving blockages in the fallopian tubes.

Serrapeptase contains enough Serrapeptase {120,000 IU} to clear out dead cells {scar tissue} and getting rid of them through the body, by clearing out the fallopian tubes allows the body to heal and get back to normal.

As soon as the fallopian tubes are back to normal women find that their chances of conceving increase and many of them go on to become pregnant naturally and safely.

To order your Serrapeptase for blocked fallopian tubes go straight to Doctor’s best , delivery worldwide.

Side effects of Serrapeptase and blocked fallopian tubes

Because Serrapeptase is a natural enzyme that has been on the market for more than 40 years side effects are few, however if you would like to familiarize yourself on Serrapeptase side effects go here.





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