Scar tissue pain relief try Serrapeptase it works!

Scar tissue pain relief

Scar tissue can become inflamed and swell causing pain that doesn’t go away too easily, if you are looking for scar tissue pain relief let me tell you about a fantastic enzyme Serrapeptase, I highly recommend that you take a closer look at Serrapeptase for scar tissue pain relief.

Scar tissue

Most people have a scar or two somewhere on their bodies, exterior scars could be the result of an injury, surgery, birthmark or after a wound has healed, scars are part of the healing process, over time most fade but really never disappear altogether.

Scar tissue pain relief

Types of scars

A scar can be abnormal growth of tissue, or it could be a fine line or indented hole on your skin, if you ever had a minor wound such as a cut you will notice that when it heals it leaves a fine raised line, most of these gradually fade and flatten out over time.

Most types of fine raised line scars flatten out over a couple of years, however most people are left with a line or visible mark.

What are keloid scars

Keloid scars are an excessive growth of tissue that occurs when a bit too much collagen is created at a wound site, unfortunately this type of scar tissue keeps on growing even though the wound has healed. Keloid scars are pink of red raised above the skin, they can be painful or itchy, sometimes movement can be restricted or tight if they are close to a joint.

What are hypertrophic scars

Similar to keloid scars hypertrophic scars are caused by excess collagen production around the wound site, however the difference between them is that hypertrophic scars do not grow any further than the extremity of the original wound.

Scars caused by skin conditions

Chicken pox or acne can cause scars that have a pitted or sunken appearance, other conditions that cause this type of scar are injury or a reduction in underlying fat.

Internal scarring

Internal scarring is caused when bands of scar tissue or adhesions make internal organs stick together when that should not be the case, in most cases internal scarring is caused by a previous surgery, some are caused by a previous pelvic infection, in many cases women are looking for scar tissue pain relief because of severe endometriosis.

Endometriosis scar tissue pain relief

Can scars be removed completely

Its almost impossible to completely remove scars, however most exterior scars will fade gradually over time, scar tissue pain can be experienced by some people as a result of fibrosis, pulmonary fibrosis is thought to be caused by exposure to smoke or a virus.

Pulmonary fibroids are internal they cause inflammation and pain, as a result many people look for scar tissue pain relief, Serrapeptase is a great alternative for scar tissue pain and inflammation relief, simply take the recommended dosage with a glass of water on an empty stomach.

Recommended Serrapeptase for scar tissue pain relief, Doctor’s Best Serrapeptase

Doctor's best Serrapeptase

Fibrosis scar tissue

Fibrosis is a condition that occurs when the body manufacturers excessive amounts of scar tissue, it causes adhesions that manifest into ongoing inflammation, pain, and functionality of the tissue or joint, during scar tissue growth fibroblasts tend to form.

These are cells that form when excess tissue begins to grow, these cells are the mainly responsible for fibrosis, when fibroblasts don’t clear over a period of time, prolonged inflammation and pain will persist.

Endometriosis scar tissue

Many women suffer from endometriosis scar tissue pain and look for endometriosis scar tissue pain relief, the endometrial like tissue thickens, it breaks down and causes bleeding during your periods, the endometrial tissue doesn’t have a way to exit your body so it is trapped.

If endometriosis is associated with your ovaries harmful cysts form causing the tissue surrounding it to become irritated, over time adhesions and scar tissue develop causing pain sometimes severe especially during the menstrual cycle, many women have fertility issues because of endometriosis.

Serrapeptase for endometriosis is a natural alternative to surgery, many women have reported success with this wonderful enzyme in dissolving internal scar tissue naturally, by dissolving the troublesome cysts scar tissue pain relief is achievable over a couple of months of using Serrapeptase for scars.

Are there other ways to treat scars

External scars will never disappear completely, they will fade over time, to improve their appearance a number of treatments are available such as:

  • Steroids
  • Pressure dressings
  • Surgery
  • Silicone gel sheets
  • Topical creams

Fibrin and scar tissue pain

External scar tissue is a result of a trauma to the body, this process produces an essential protein called fibrin, not only does it form externally it also forms internally, fibrin in the blood is used for clotting purposes where it is needed to prevent blood loss or infection.

Fibrin and blood clots join together to form a strong protective barrier consisting of scar tissue covering the injured area.

Scar tissue formation

When trauma occurs the body automatically replaces healthy scar tissue to support the healing process, when the injured site is healed naturally occurring systemic enzymes mostly plasmin should do the job of dissolving excessive e scar tissue, all part of the natural healing process.

Abnormal scar tissue formation

Like a lot of conditions that are a result of the aging process your body could be imbalanced because it is producing less plasmin, this has an effect on fibrin levels as they grow unchecked, so your body doesn’t produce enough systemic enzymes to dissolve the fibrin.

If you suffer a trauma, infection or have surgery that excessive fibrin collects around the affected area and turns into painful adhesions or unhealthy tissue, unhealthy tissue is associated with inflammation, swelling and pain, hence the reason people for scar tissue pain relief.

I highly recommend that you try Serrapeptase as a natural alternative for scar tissue pain treatment.

Main causes of unhealthy adhesions

Adhesions or unhealthy fibrous tissue can be caused by any of the following

Infection: PID or pelvic inflammatory disease are a result of infection, they frequently lead to unhealthy adhesions in the fallopian tube area, unhealthy adhesions are a primary cause of infertility, scar tissue has also been found around the heart causing restrictions in its functionality.

Surgery: During surgery adhesions can form in particular during pelvic abdominal surgery, adhesions can form and bind tissues or organs together causing female infertility, small bowel obstructions or chronic pain, some women have found that a c-section or a hysterectomy can leave adhesions behind in organs like the uterus, fallopian tubes, or the bladder.

Hormones: Hormonal changes especially during menstruation cause endometrial tissue to shed, endometrial tissue can get a hold in areas where it shouldn’t like the ovaries, the uterus, bowel, fallopian tubes or the lining of the pelvic cavity.

This abnormal growth of unhealthy adhesions is known as endometriosis, endometriosis is a seriously painful condition for many women, adhesions or scar tissue are the culprit people for scar tissue pain relief, Serrapeptase can help with old scar tissue that is causing pain.

Here is what one lady had to say about her experience of using Serrapeptase

“I never write reviews, and I’m pretty skeptical of supplement reviews in general but Serrapeptase is fantastic, and it is effective. I know the research behind it, but each time I use it regularly it makes a difference in my life. It’s helped me with random abdominal pains no doctor could help me with (likely due to internal scarring from an operation decades ago acting up , I’ve subsequently found out – which explains why serrapeptase helped), and more recently it’s about the only explanation for what finally put an end to the strangest heart palpitations I was having for over two weeks. It was the only variable that changed between having the palpitations and then having them stop. Stress I suppose also plays a role, but again – that variable remained quite unchanged. Frankly I still can’t find much scientific research on that particular topic of heart issues and Serrapeptase (besides the obvious artery clearing advantages), but it’s certainly something worth trying if anyone else comes across this post who has the same problem if sudden ongoing palpitations / arrhythmia

Excess fibrin complications

We know that excess fibrin causes inflammation and pain, did you know that it can also cause arterial plaque, arterial plaque is connected to blood clot formation, calcium excess and LDL cholesterol, arterial plaque is associated with cardiovascular disease and stroke, using natural systemic enzymes like Serrapeptase and Nattokinase together can help alleviate arterial plaque build up.

To learn more on how Serrapeptase and Nattokinase together can help with cardiovascular disease go here.

About Serrapeptase

Serrapeptase was discovered over 45 years ago in the laboratory when scientists isolated Serrapeptase from the Serratia family of bacteria found in the silkworms intestines, Serrapeptase is a known pretolytic enzyme meaning that it slowly and safely breaks down proteins into more absorbable pieces for the body to digest.

Indian scientists have done a lot of research on Serrapeptase to find out more about its therapeutic effects on the body, scientific reports state that Serrapeptase has many health benefits not only in breaking down protein, but it can also work for scar tissue pain relief, fight inflammation, and improve the immune system.

How does it work

Serrapeptase is a system pretolytic enzyme that naturally dissolves fibrin protein that makes up unhealthy scar tissue, the inherent beauty of Serrapeptase is its innate ability to only dissolve the unhealthy protein and leave healthy protein untouched.

Because of its ability to break fibrin down safely Serrapeptase has the ability to offer support for many conditions caused by excess fibrous tissue build-up and so it can help people with the following symptoms:

  • Endometriosis pain
  • Uterine fibroids
  • Surgical scarring causing pain
  • Scarring because of infection
  • Atherosclerosis chest pain
  • Fibrocystic breast disease
  • COPD
  • Sinusitis pain
  • IBS pain
  • Lupus
  • Cysts
  • Cystic fibrosis
  • Scar tissue pain relief

Serrapeptase health benefits

Serrapeptase is a healthy alternative to prescription medication like NSAIDs and steroids, Serrapeptase supplements are used to treat many types of pain that are caused by inflammation, Serrapeptase is particularly effective at breaking down mucus build-up that causes sinusitis, it is also known to help with carpal tunnel pain relief.

How much Serrapeptase for scar tissue pain relief

I recommend that you try the strongest dose of Serrapeptase for scar tissue pain relief, that is 250,000 IU, you can purchase that product from the Good Health Naturally website here, take the recommended dosage, if symptoms persist don’t be afraid to double or triple the dose until pain eases, then it is recommended that you continue with a maintenance dose.

If you are not sure how much Serrapeptase to take, please drop me an email and I will help you.

 When should you take Serrapeptase

As mentioned Serrapeptase is a preteolytic enzyme, so it will break down the protein in the food that you eat, it will also break down unhealthy adhesions so it’s best to take the supplement on an empty stomach so that the enzymatic activity can work at its maximum.

Take Serrapeptase on an empty stomach at least one hour before food or at least two hours after food.

Are there side effects

Serrapeptase is a tried and tested natural alternative for scar tissue pain relief along with many other health benefits, it has been researched thoroughly in many studies, Serrapeptase is perfectly safe to take even with other medications, however in a small number of cases it was found to cause

  • Muscle ache
  • Diarrhea
  • Joint pain


If you are looking for help with scar tissue pain relief or other pain relief, keep in mind that if you have any concerns talk to your doctor first before deciding to take this wonderful enzyme.


Pelvic Adhesions (scar tissue)

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  1. Is there a danger for people that has had by-pass surgery in using serrapeptase ? Could serrapeptase damage the grafts ?

    Thanks in advance for your reply
    Hi Terry,
    Serrapeptase is a wonderful enzyme that once it enters the system it tackles any unwanted or unhealthy fibrous tissue without harming any healthy tissue, I don’t believe that it can cause any harm to grafts following heart surgery. I do recommended that take a closer look at Blockbuster Allclear it has a mix if Serrapeptase and Nattokinase a powerful combination that can work to dussolve what causes plaque build-up in the arteries.
    I use it myself following a massive heart attack, love to hear how you get on, all the best,


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