Choleslo HFL now called Cholesterol Optimizer

Choleslo HFL changed to Cholesterol Optimizer

Have you heard about this new cholesterol lowering supplement Choleslo HFL from Doctor Sam Robbins and you want more information on Choleslo HFL, you are in the right place to learn more about this natural supplement to lower cholesterol without the side effects associated with statin drugs.

What is Cholelso HFL

Basically, Choleslo HFL is a cholesterol lowering supplement created by well-known Endocrinology Doctor Sam Robbins, Dr Robbins wanted to help his parents with high cholesterol levels, they had been taking statin drugs but the side effects were horrible.Cholelso HFL Dr Sam Robbins

Doctor Robbins company HFL Solutions came up with a winning formula that supports healthy HDL or “good cholesterol” and LDL “bad cholesterol” ratios at the same time Choleslo HFL works to improve dangerous triglycerides levels and detoxes the liver in a natural way.

By taking Cholelso HFL as a healthy alternative to prescription medication (statins) you can achieve balanced lipid levels and achieve healthy cholesterol levels without dieting, however Doctor Robbins does recommend daily exercise as part of a cholesterol lowering routine.

To learn more on how Doctor Sam Robbins Choleslo HFL can help lower cholesterol naturally go here.

Let’s do a review on Cholelso HFL and discover how does Cholelso now Cholesterol Optimizer work? is it safe and effective, will it lower my cholesterol, how much does Cholelso HFL cost, what are the ingredients, are there side effects, and where to buy Cholelso.

HFL Solutions

HFL Solutions or Health For Longevity is Dr Sam Robbins company initiated in 1998 originally to help his parents and other family members to get healthier and stay healthier without using harmful prescription drugs, exhaustive exercise programs or dieting plans that restrict what you can eat.

Doctor Robbins stated that ” he wanted natural alternative solutions that were scientifically proven to work, simple to use, delivered fast effective safe results” during the past 20 plus years HFL Solutions has helped millions of people around the world improve their health, physical fitness and ultimately longevity.

By the way I want to let you know that I personally use some of Dr Robbins products, I almost died as a result of a massive heart attack when I was 45 years old (now 66) , I was one of the lucky ones to survive a 95% blockage in the main artery leading to the heart.

I found that prescription drugs made me feel tired and generally unhealthy, my research told me that not only was high cholesterol to blame for the blockage so was calcification of the arteries, to remedy the situation I take Dr Sam Robbins product Blood Flow Optimizer, I find it works to improve blood flow without any side effects.

To learn more on how Doctor Sam Robbins Choleslo HFL can help lower cholesterol naturally go here.

If you are a person that feels a need to try a natural alternative to cholesterol lowering drugs then I suggest that you give Cholelso HFL some serious thought, Dr Robbins has stated that his parents have been using Cholelso HFL for many years as a natural alternative to statin drugs.

Sorry, forgot to mention that this popular cholesterol supplement is now called Cholesterol Optimizer.

HFL Solutions claim that Choleslo helps you achieve all your cholesterol goals using only natural ingredients that support lower cholesterol levels sometimes within the first week and help you maintain a healthy cardiovascular system, let’s take a closer look at how Choleslo HFL works.

What is CholesLo?

How does Choleslo HFL work

Choleslo HFL or Cholesterol Optimizer does just that, it optimizes your good cholesterol while keeping your bad cholesterol under control, healthy triglycerides are supported as is liver detox, so HDL Choleslo works in 5 distinct ways to lower blood cholesterol:

  • Supports HDL or healthy cholesterol
  • Balances HDL/LDL levels
  • Fatty triglycerides are lowered
  • Promotes healthier homocysteine levels
  • Cleanses and supports a stronger liver

Did you know that more than 80% of cholesterol produced by your body is made in your liver, Cholesterol Optimizer cleans and repairs your liver, achieving healthier cholesterol levels and a better body balance.

How Does CholesLo Work?

What are the ingredients in Choleslo HFL

Doctor Sam Robbins Cholelso HFL now called Cholesterol Optimizer is a unique proprietary blend of all-natural ingredients, the formula is made up of 5 distinct formulas that include:

  • Lipid optimizer system: Cholelso HFL now called Cholesterol Optimizer lipid Optimizer system uses garlic, phytosterols, coq10, and artichoke leaf extract to balance both “good” and bad cholesterol as well as keeping unhealthy triglycerides under control.
  • Blood sugars regulator: This cholesterol lowering supplement uses R+alpha lipoic acid to support and regulate blood sugar levels.
  • Liver cleansing: Cholesterol Optimizer uses N-Acetyl L-Cystine and milk thistle extract to detoxify and clean the liver.
  • Reduces inflammation: Inflammation in the blood vessels caused by high cholesterol can lead to cardiovascular disease, Cholelso HFL now called Cholesterol Optimizer uses mixed tocoyrienols and Turmeric to keep inflammation under control.
  • Homocysteine lowering formula: Elevated levels of homocysteine in the blood are unhealthy and a marker for cardiovascular disease so Doctor Sam has included vital vitamins like B5, B6, B12, and folate to combat this harmful amino acid and keep your blood levels healthy.

CholesLo Ingredients

How much Choleslo do you need to take

HFL Solutions and Dr Robbins recommend that you take two Capsules a day, interestingly and unlike statin drugs you can stop taking this cholesterol lowering supplement on the weekends, each bottle contains 80 capsules enough for one month.

To learn more on how Doctor Sam Robbins Choleslo HFL can help lower cholesterol naturally go here.

Choleslo HFL customer testimonials

Choleslo HFL now called Cholesterol Optimizer has been on the cholesterol supplements market for more than 22 years, if proof were needed that this natural alternative to prescription drugs was safe, effective and without side effects all you have to do is visit the HFL Solutions website and read Cholelso now called Cholesterol Optimizer customer testimonials.

  • “Triglycerides from 333 to 111 in 3 months!My husband like many can’t take statins due to side effects. Taking this, 2 pills in am, cholesterol from 245 to 185, ratio from 5.6 to 2.9. I am telling everyone about this that will listen! If you want something that works, no side effects, THIS IS IT!!!!! The numbers don’t lie!!!! Wish I found this years ago but so blessed to have found it now!!! “


    I HAVE BEEN USING IT FOR AT LEAST SIX MONTHS “Cholelso HFL now called cholesterol Optimizer

Clinical studies on Choleslo HFL

Doctor Sam Robbins makes the claim that this supplement for cholesterol is Validated & scientifically researched, to be honest I’m not sure about this, it’s TRUE that some of the ingredients have been studied but not enough to warrant inclusion like prescription statin drugs.

Having said that the Choleslo HFL formula was put through a randomized, placebo controlled, double-blind study, the researchers involved people 150 in total (62 women, 88 men) all were overweight, all has high cholesterol levels with elevated markers for cardiovascular disease.

The randomized study took place over a 20-week period, the results showed that Cholelso HFL now called Cholesterol Optimizer significantly reduced both HDL, LDL and triglycerides, therefore the dosage is safe and effective to be used by people with high cholesterol.

Scientific Evidence for CholesLo

CholesLo and FDA warning

The FDA or federal drugs administration issued a warning in 2019 that Cholelso HFL contained an undeclared cholesterol drug called lovastatin, the drug wasn’t mentioned on the product label, I know understand that lovastatin is no longer part of the formula.

How much does Choleslo cost

HFL Solutions offer Choleslo now called Cholesterol Optimizer for $49.97 per bottle plus shipping, shipping costs will vary depending on where you live, you can avoid shipping costs by availing of the special offer on their website.

To learn more on how Doctor Sam Robbins Choleslo HFL can help lower cholesterol naturally go here.

CholesLo Pricing

Once you use Cholelso HFL and find that it lower your cholesterol safely, effectively and without side effects you may want to save money by taking advantage of their autoship program.

Can you get a refund if Cholelso doesn’t work?

Yes, if the product doesn’t live up to your expectations Doctor Robbins does offer money back guarantee, to learn more about this go to his site here.

Doctor Sam Robbins is a qualified hormone and anti-aging specialist, he began his career after college by studying natural ingredients to help his parents and family with common health conditions like high blood pressure and high cholesterol, he is a leading health advocate and believes that drugs are harmful over the long term.

He has successfully developed a small range of natural products to help people with many of the most common health conditions that include cardiovascular disease, diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, stress and anxiety, you can learn more about Doctor Robbins products on his official site here.

Dr. Sam Robbins


I hope that you now know more about Cholelol HFL now called Cholesterol Optimizer and how this natural supplement to lower cholesterol can help you to safely get your cholesterol under control and become healthier.

To learn more on how Doctor Sam Robbins Choleslo HFL can help lower cholesterol naturally go here


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