Sam Robbins Alphaviril boost your SEX LIFE!!

Sam Robbins Alphaviril

You may have read or heard about Sam Robbins Alphaviril and want to know more about how to use this excellent testosterone supplement to boost your testosterone levels, gain lean muscle mass, produce fat loss and have a much improved sex life.

Let’s take a closer look at Sam Robbins Alphaviril to find out why HFL Alphaviril has over the past 21 years has become one of the best-selling male and female testosterone supplements, what are the ingredients in Alphaviril, how does Alphaviril work, how much does it cost, and finally where is the best place to buy Dr Sam Robbins Alphaviril.

Some people are of the opinion that Sam Robbins is a scam, I can assure you that Dr Sam Robbins is a genuine doctor, he has studied Endocrinology and Pharmacology, he started his company HFL Solutions over 21 years ago with the aim of offering people natural alternative solutions for some very common health problems including:

  • High blood pressure
  • Heart disease
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • High blood sugars
  • Anxiety and depression
  • High cholesterol
  • Low energy
  • Weight loss (not a medical condition)

Sam Robbins Alphaviril formula is designed to tackle low testosterone levels that are primarily responsible for keeping the Male sex hormone at a level where your sex life is not what you would like it to be, neither is your energy or sexual desire. Alphaviril can work wonders to boost testosterone levels.

Click here to try Sam Robbins Alphaviril (a hormone expert) and feel the difference in your overall well being.

if this customers testimonial is anything to go by it seems to me that Dr Sam Robbins Alphaviril is worth a try.

Alphaviril customer testimonials

I had a quick look at the HFL Solutions Alphaviril website to check out what Alphaviril testosterone supplements are doing for people, this customer testimonial caught my eye:

Woman’s feedback

“I originally got Alphaviril for my husband and it worked REALLY well. Everything with him improved. His sex drive obviously, but also his energy and best of all, his mood. He was much happier and more positive.

I was really happy, but I was also in need of better testosterone levels. My levels were so low, that it almost didn’t’ register on the blood test. I didn’t see any reviews by women, but I did notice a “female cycle”. So I gave it a try. Just one pill to start.

my results were similar, but not as pronounced. Much more energy and libido has increased. THIS made me happy and we are more aligned now. I’m pleasantly surprised with the results”

Sam Robbins Alphaviril

What can you expect from Sam Robbins Alphaviril

Dr Robbins has studied Endocrinology, meaning he knows a lot about hormones and their effects on the body, at the time he formulated Alphaviril he was feeling a bit tired both physically and mentally,.

He was beginning to lose muscle mass and strength, his belly fat was beginning to bother him, worst of all he found that his sex life was under pressure.

Sam wanted to find out why this was the case and he wanted to put together a natural alternative to prescription drugs that just didn’t address the real reasons for his loss of libido, he did try to change to a healthier diet and he started to exercise regularly, however he found that these steps just weren’t enough.

He began to study the reasons for a low libido, lack of sexual desire and energy, sure enough his training in medical school led him to the conclusion that the problem with lower testosterone levels lays with negative changes in male and female hormone levels because of aging.!!

He discovered that lower testosterone levels can start for males as early as their 20’s!!

Click here to try Sam Robbins Alphaviril (a hormone expert) and feel the difference in your overall well being.

Sam Robbins Alphaviril is according to the HFL Solutions website “the secret to being able to have the best sex of your life” that’s quite a statement, along with boosting male and female testosterone levels and supporting a healthier sex life the company say you will also gain lean muscle mass and lose belly fat.

HFL Solutions

Sam Robbins company HFL Solutions or Health, Fitness, Longevity is based in Nevada, USA was started back in 1998 initially to help Sam’s parents and family members get healthier for the long term without using harmful drugs, exhaustive exercise programs or very restrictive diets.

Dr Robbins insists on only using natural ingredients that are proven by science to work, all the products including Alphaviril are manufactured under strict FDA guidelines, the products are tested for their effectiveness and safety under controlled lavatory conditions.

I have every confidence that Sam Robbins Alphaviril is the right solution for you to boost low testosterone levels in a natural and safe way, you only have to look at the customer testimonials to see a very high satisfaction rate of 97%.

Sam Robbins Alphaviril ingredients

What’s in Sam Robbins Alphaviril

Sam Robbins Alphaviril testosterone supplements formula contains 7 unique blends specifically designed to boost and optimize male and female testosterone levels that include:

1. Testosterone Optimizer

Contains testofen fenugreek extract because of it’s positive impact on male and female libido, sexual performance and it’s ability to boost testosterone levels, it’s not generally known but this extract also lowers bad cholesterol, improves the function of insulin, and increases your energy levels.

2. Maca root

Maca root is included in the blend to improve libido, fertility and reduce the chances of erectile dysfunction.

3. Avena Sativa extract

Avina sativa extract works mainly to increase sexual drive, a pleasant extract that also reduces insomnia.

4. Tongat Ali extract

Tongat ali extract is found mainly in Malaysia, it is a ginseng that has been used for hundreds of years as an aphrodisiac, tongat ali extract is key to improving erectile dysfunction symptom, semen count, libido, also helps to support weight loss.

5. Tribulus terrestris extract

Tribulus terrestis extract supports luteinizing hormones, they send signals to the testes to manufacture more testosterone.

6. Ginger extract

Ginger extract also acts to increase luteinizing hormones also reduces follicle stimulating hormones.

7. Stinging nettle

Stinging nettle supports the balancing of DIH (dihydrotestosterone levels)

8. PDE-5 nitric oxide optimizer

Renowned to boost blood flow to the penis.

9. Horny goat weed

Horny goat weed is a popular herb that increases energy, improves memory and inhibits ed.

10. Sensoril ashwagandha extract

This extract is used to lower stress levels, it has a calming effect, it increases sperm count, improves concentration.

11. Macuna pruriens

Macuna pruriens is a wonderful herb that helps one to feel relaxed, it improves sleep quality, mental clarity and concentration.

Click here to try Sam Robbins Alphaviril (a hormone expert) and feel the difference in your overall well being

How does Sam Robbins Alphaviril work

it’s hard to stop the effects of aging, your body goes through a lot of changes, one of those changes in men is a continuing decrease in testosterone levels due to hormonal changes, if you are in this category you may notice the changes that are happening for example,

  • Lower energy levels
  • Less libido
  • Belly fat
  • Muscle loss
  • Erectile dysfunction

Females can have issues with testosterone because as the years go by estrogen hormones begin to elevate, one hormone in particular called an aromatase enzyme converts testosterone into estrogen, increased body fat creates more estrogen.

A little known fact is that chemicals in the air can cause excess estrogen, all this excess estrogen creates a problem for the female body because too much estrogen prohibits the production of quality testosterone.

Improved sex life

Testosterone optimizer

The ingredients in Sam Robbins Alphaviril include testosterone optimizer, it reduces estrogen and prolactin, by supplementing with Alphaviril you help to reduce the embarrassing man boobs, lose body fat, build lean muscle and increase you desire for sex.

Sam Robbins Alphaviril works to balance sex hormones in the body, by safely and effectively balancing all of the sex hormones in your body testosterone levels are restored to normal levels, you will find improvements in your sexual appetite, libido, reduced cortisol levels meaning less stress, less body fat, more muscle mass.

How long does Sam Robbins Alphaviril take to work

To be honest it’s difficult to say exactly how long it will take for Sam Robbins Alphaviril to work for you, I would urge you to have confidence in HFL Solutions Alphaviril testosterone supplement, the track record of this natural supplement for testosterone over the past 21 years is excellent.

Here is what one customer had to say:

“Raised my testosterone by almost 300 pts

I’m a former physician and now retired, age 71. I looked for many products to see if they had clinical studies, blood tests for the reviews or anything to show real medical evidence. I found NON, except for Dr. Robbins’ AlphaViril. I was actually very surprised with all the data.

So, I’m posting this in hopes of helping other older men like myself.

May 2018, my testosterone was 254 – very low.

I changed my diet and did HIT training.

Nov 2018, my testosterone was 307 – still low. I was hoping there would be a larger increase.

Feb 2019 I start AlphaViril at 2 pills daily for 2 weeks, then 3 pills daily.

May 2019, my testosterone is 472. WOW, big improvement. Only change was AlphaViril

I take 2 weeks off and start with 4 pills daily

Nov 2019, my testosterone is 541. It continued to increase. I was actually hoping for more. But, at my age, this is very good.

SUMMARY: AlphaViril really works. This was my only change during this year. My libido, energy and strength are all up.”

From one doctor to another, thank you!

To learn more about Sam Robbins Alphaviril for bigger and harder erections go to the official website here.

Sam Robbins Alphaviril

How much does Sam Robbins Alphaviril cost

Believe it or not you can buy Sam Robbins Alphaviril testosterone supplement for as little as .49 cent per capsule if you avail of the special offer on his official website here, if you just want to try the product you can avail of the 30 day money-back-guarantee here.

Dr Robbins is so confident in Alphaviril that he has a special offer for you, he promises that if the product doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do within the 30-day period you are guaranteed your money back plus $100, if Doctor Robbins is so positive that Alphaviril will work for you why not give it a try, go to his website here.

Are there side effects

In the main natural alternative testosterone supplements don’t have side effects compared to some prescription medications, having said that some people do have side effects such as nausea, cramps, stomach upset, my advice is to stick to the recommended dose, if you have side effects simply return the product for your money back.


I hope you are better informed about Sam Robbins Alphaviril, there are a number of benefits you can expect when you buy Alphaviril for example higher positive hormone levels, higher sex drive, less belly fat, leaner muscles, improved blood flow, overall a better sense of well being.

Click here to try Sam Robbins Alphaviril (a hormone expert) and feel the difference in your overall well being.

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