How can you remove plaque from arteries

How can you remove plaque from arteries

I had a serious heart attack at age 45, my cardiologist explained that my LAD was 95% blocked with plaque, I asked how can you remove plaque from arteries, his response, its impossible! I thought there must be a way to reverse plaque build-up in the arteries.

I believe through my research and my own efforts that I have found the answer to the question of how can you remove plaque from arteries, let me explain why.

Heart attacks and Alzheimer’s

Heart attacks and Alzheimer’s are two of the most common conditions that fill people with fear because both can be detrimental to your health, both diseases have more than one thing in common, both are characterized by plaque build-up, once plaque develops it’s very difficult to remove plaque, that is particularly the case in the brain.

The good news is that a relatively unknown supplement can prevent plaque build-up in the blood vessels leading to your brain and to your arteries, this supplement may even help to dissolve the plaque after it accumulates.

This supplement could be the answer to not only help people with Alzheimer’s but could also answer the question of how can you remove plaque in arteries.

How can you remove plaque in arteries

Blockbuster Allclear

Blockbuster Allclear is top of my list when it comes to answering how can you remove plaque from arteries, let’s take a look at what is plaque in arteries, what are the causes, what are the symptoms, what are the dangers, what is the medical advice, and finally how can you remove plaque from arteries.

What is plaque in arteries

Plaque in arteries are fatty deposits that build-up in the arteries doctors call it atherosclerosis, these fatty deposits consist of bad or LDL cholesterol, cellular waste products, fibrin (clotting material) and calcium. Over time plaque accumulates and builds up, this process the walls of the blood vessels to thicken causing the artery walls to narrow.

As the artery walls narrow blood flow to the heart reduces lessening the effect of much-needed oxygen and other nutrients getting to all parts of the body, of course blockages in blood vessels can cause a heart attack or stroke, obviously no one wants or needs a heart attack or stroke read on and let me explain how can you remove plaque from arteries.

What are the causes of plaque in arteries

There are a number of issues at play that cause plaque in the arteries for example

  • High cholesterol levels or bad cholesterol (LDL) is dropped into arteries causing plaque to form.
  • High blood pressure puts pressure on the arteries carrying blood to the heart over time the arteries become damaged causing atherosclerosis.
  • Excess alcohol consumption causes fatty substances to deposit in the arteries.
  • Smoking can weaken the arteries.
  • Excess Calcium is diverted to the blood vessels adding to plaque build up.
  • A poor diet lacking in fruit and vegetables and that is high in sugars increases the chances of atherosclerosis.
  • A lack of regular exercise is unhealthy for the body’s metabolism causing excess fats to deposit in the arteries.

Symptoms of plaque in arteries

What are the symptoms of plaque in the arteries

If you are reading this because you want the answers to how can you remove plaque from arteries its important to know what are the symptoms associated with arterial plaque, if the coronary arteries are too narrow the heart won’t get enough supply of oxygen and nutrients.

The heart has to work much harder when there is plaque build-up especially during exercise, initially this decrease in blood flow may not cause symptoms however as the plaque progresses and builds up the following symptoms may develop:

  • Shortness of breath can occur because of a lack of oxygen and nutrients for your body’s needs.
  • Chest pain or angina this can be mild or extreme in the form of tightness or pressure in your chest, in extreme cases it will feel as if a heavy weight has been placed on your chest. Chest pain is usually brought on by physical activity or stress, it can be felt in the arm, neck or back, for some it will go away, if it is a heart attack the chest pain will escalate.
  • In the case of a heart attack the chest pain will persist and pass into the shoulder or arm it will be difficult to breathe and unrestrained sweating.

What are the dangers of plaque in arteries

Obviously the greatest danger of plaque in arteries is the very real risk of a heart attack or stroke, if you notice any of the above symptoms do not delay, go to your doctor immediately.

What is the medical advice

A medical doctor that deals with cardiovascular disease is called a Cardiologist, the normal treatment for heart disease or atherosclerosis can include lifestyle changes in the form of a heart healthy diet, cholesterol and heart medications a medical procedure or surgery, the aim is to:

  • Lower the risk of blood clot formation.
  • Prevent atherosclerosis associated disease.
  • Relieve the symptoms.
  • Lower cholesterol especially LDL to slow plaque progression.
  • Heart bypass to allow blood to flow.

I have had many conversations with cardiovascular surgeons since my heart attack at age 45, not one of them could offer an answer to my question how can you remove plaque from arteries, the only medical advice given was diet, medication and exercise.

Blockbuster allclear how can you remove plaque in arteriesI’m not saying that you shouldn’t follow this advice, however I do believe that I have the answer to how can you remove plaque from arteries the form of a daily dosage of Blockbuster Allclear, this natural alternative is a real game changer in reversing plaque build-up in arteries.

Here are some examples of what Blockbuster Allclear can do for people with clogged arteries, blocked blood vessels, atherosclerosis, peripheral artery disease, poor circulation, and high blood pressure.

Blockbuster Allclear testimonials

“I have been taking this product for several years. i had blood clots in my leg and in both lungs. I took this product with the guidance of the manufacturer and my blood clots were all gone and left no scar tissue in the lungs. I take this daily to keep the clots from happening again. My husband takes this after he had open-heart surgery 30 years ago and he has not had any problem with the arteries narrowing nor has he had to have any other heart surgery. We won’t go without this product

“Blockbuster is a must for people who take their health seriously, I notice the difference when I run out, energy level goes down, makes going to the bathroom easier and believe it or not it helps my sex drive”

Why not give Blockbuster Allclear a try, in my opinion it truly is part of the answer to your question how can you remove plaque from arteries, you will still need to keep taking all of your prescription medications, eat healthy and get regular exercise.

To purchase Blockbuster Allclear from the people at Good Health Naturally go to the official website here, depending on the severity of blockages in your arteries you may need to allow a good number of months for the product to become effective, Blockbuster on it’s own may need to be used in conjunction with a Vitamin K2 and D3 supplement spray to help with calcium build-up in the arteries.

Blockbuster allclear labelWhat is in Blockbuster Allclear

Blockbuster Allclear was developed by the people at Good Health Naturally, it is completely natural and safe to take, the ingredients are an effective and powerful blend of antioxidants and pretolytic enzymes, in case you aren’t aware a pretolytic enzyme is a protease enzyme that breaks down proteins.

Pretolytic enzymes are produced by plants, animals, bacteria and fungi, certain pretolytic enzymes can be found in supplements that include Serrapeptase, trypsin, niacin, bromelain and chymotrypsin, pretolytic enzymes are commonly used for any number of conditions that include digestion issues, swelling, pain, wound healing.

Blockbuster Allclear uses the combination of Nattokinase, Serrapeptase antioxidants, and digestive enzymes to support cardiovascular and arterial health, as a combination these enzymes extract unwanted and unhealthy proteins such as plaque and fibrin from the arteries and blood vessels in a natural way making the arteries cleaner and healthier.

Blockbuster Allclear contains 80,000 IU of a wonderful enzyme called Serrapeptase, Serrapeptase calms any inflammation in the arteries and supports circulation.


A very important ingredient in Blockbuster Allclear is Nattokinase an extremely potent fibrinolytic enzyme produced from fermenting soybeans using Bacillus substillis, the effect means that Nattokinase can actually dissolve harmful plaques and unwanted debris lodged in the arterial walls.

Nattokinase or natto is a long-standing folk remedy in Japan, it has been used successfully for hundreds 9f years by the Chinese alternative medical practitioners to support people with heart and circulatory issues, Nattokinase has shown great promise during many scientific studies over the past 20 years.

With all of these amazing natural ingredients I strongly recommend that you try Blockbuster Allclear to answer the question of how can you remove plaque from arteries, to learn more go to Good Health Naturally here.

How many do you need to take

The recommended dosage of Blockbuster Allclear to remove plaque from arteries is 2 capsules daily to be taken on an empty stomach with a glass of water, each bottle of Blockbuster Allclear contains 60 capsules, to purchase go to Good Health Naturally here.

Ubiqunol Coenzyme Q10

I also suggest that you consider taking Coenzyme Q10 (100 milligrams of Ubiquibol) because so many studies show that long term use of statins drugs can cause you to lose energy, statins actually cause a depletion in CoQ10 that is mainly responsible for producing energy.

If you have atherosclerosis I’m sure you are taking prescription statins, you can boost your energy levels by simply taking a daily Coenzyme Q10 supplement, to purchase go to Good Health Naturally.


I speak from my own experience of heart disease that resulted in a massive heart attack, through my own experimentation I found how to remove plaque from arteries, not by stopping the medical advice but by supplementing with natural alternative products that are formulated to work in a natural way.

Vitamin D2 and D3In conclusion, I highly recommend that you give Blockbuster Allclear a try to remove plaque from arteries, in addition use a quality Vitamin D3 and K2 spray for calcium in the arteries, if you are on statin drugs and feel you have less energy than you used to why not give Ubiquibol (Coenzyme Q10) a try.



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