What is Wartrol? Get rid of warts FAST!!

What is Wartrol?

Warts can be troublesome and can appear on many parts of the body, Wartrol can help to dissolve warts, let me explain what is Wartrol and why you should consider trying this popular fast acting liquid wart removal product.

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What are warts

Warts can be horribly embarrassing, so many other words come to mind ugly, unsightly, grotesque, awful looking, horrible, and worst of all warts can be irritating, if you are having a hard time with warts I’m sure that you only have one thing on your mind.

Relief.! or to put it another way you want to know what is the best way to get rid of warts without having to visit your doctor and pay for wart removal techniques that take up a lot of time, can be painful and time-consuming.

Luckily there is a safe, effective alternative that you can use in the comfort of your own home called Wartrol, let me tell you more about what is Wartrol and how you can use Wartrol to safely remove those hideous warts from just about anywhere on your body including your hands, arms, legs.

Can you use Wartrol for genital warts

The genital area is a very sensitive part of the body, it is not recommended that you use Wartrol to remove genital warts, consult with your doctor for a more appropriate treatment.

What is Wartrol and why is it so popular for removing warts quickly, the main ingredients in Wartrol is salicylic acid, the Federal Drugs Administration recommended the use of salicylic acid to effectively remove warts in the comfort of your own home.

People want to know what is Wartrol and does it really work, the evidence is clear Wartrol is an inexpensive natural way to remove those unsightly warts from almost anywhere on the body. Wartrol really works here is what some people that have had success with Wartrol had to say.

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How do warts happen

People often ask how do warts happen, according to the NHS website warts are caused by specific strains of HPV or the human papilloma virus, the virus is found in the skin cells of warts, HPV is associated with a virus family that has an impact on the skin and tissue of the body, .

In fact there are more than 100 differing HPV strains that are linked to the various types of warts, various types of warts include:

Common warts or verruca vulgaris, if you have these they will be:

  • Be round or possibly oval shaped
  • Be stiff and standing up
  • Be irregular, rough, and be shaped like a cauliflower
  • Often found on the finger, knuckles or knees
  • Will be different sizes, vary from under 1mm-10mm

Verrucas or plantar warts

Very often found on the soles of your feet, affected areas will be

  • Usually white with a blood vessel in the middle
  • More flat than standing up
  • May be sore if located on a weight bearing area

Filiform warts or verruca filiformis are lengthy and slimline in appearance, they often begin to form on the face or neck.

Periungal warts are usually found around or under fingernails or toenails, they normally

  • Have a rough exterior
  • Affect how the nail is shaped
  • Can cause pain

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Plane warts

Plane warts can develop in their hundreds or in clusters, they are normally

  • Yellowish in Color
  • Flat topped, smooth and round
  • 2-4 millimeters in diameter
  • Quite common in younger children, affecting mainly the face, hands and legs.

Mosaic warts often grow in a cluster and develop a “tile like” pattern, they are usually found in the palm of the hand and or the soles of the feet.

What is Wartrol is the answer as the best way to combat the symptoms of warts, Wartrol works pretty quickly, just apply it to the wart as outlined in the instructions here, .

Having said that there are self care measures that you can take to help control the spread of warts for example:

  • Avoid scratching warts
  • Avoid picking at warts
  • Avoid touching warts
  • Make your partner aware of the condition
  • Practice safe sex
  • Make sure to wash your hands often
  • Always be aware of how easily warts can spreadWhat is Wartrol official website

Important points about Wartrol

Wartrol is a popular wart removal product and has been for many years because it contains many of the same ingredients that doctors and dermatologists use to remove warts in their surgeries, typically a visit to these professionals would cost many hundreds or even thousands of dollars while you can purchase Wartrol for a fraction of that with the same results.

To purchase Wartrol from the official website at a discounted price go here.

What is the Wartrol formula

Scientific evidence underpins the Wartrol formula, the natural ingredients are a long-standing method to safely and effectively remove warts quickly, each ingredient has been clinically proven and approved by the FDA as a safe way to remove warts, the unique formula used in Wartrol makes it the best wart removal product that money can buy.

Specifically Wartrol offers fast and effective relief from those hideous warts using a unique natural blend of oils that start a process called Keratolysis, as this process evolves Wartrol thins out the tough outer layers of each wart that comes about as a result of the presence of the HPV virus.

As the tough exterior softens and begins to shred the HPV virus begins to weaken and the warts are removed quickly and effectively.

Why Wartrol for warts

Wartrol contains the most important ingredient that a product needs to be effective at removing warts that ingredient is salicylic acid, salicylic acid is pivotal to removing warts safely and effectively, we know that the HPV virus causes warts in the first place.

Salicylic acid makes up most of what is Wartrol, salicylic acid is a fantastic antiseptic do it protects the skin against unhealthy microorganisms (that includes viruses) Wartrol will act quickly to dry out the wart, then the wart will fall away and allow the skin to become healthy again.

There are other ways to remove warts that include, radio waves, liquid nitrogen or laser treatments, having said that these options are quite expensive in comparison to what is Wartrol, in a nutshell Wartrol is the least expensive, safe, natural and effective way to get rid of warts fast.

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Which type of warts can Wartrol be used for?

What is Wartrol effective against, this natural best-selling product is effective against nearly every type of wart including:

  • Verrucas
  • Mosaic
  • Plantar
  • Water
  • Thread like warts
  • Plane
  • Periungal
  • Filiform

What can you not use Wartrol for

Do not put Wartrol on irritated skin, do not use if skin is reddened, do nor use if you have poor circulation or if you are a diabetic, do not use Waltrol if you have genital warts, warts on your face, or warts with hair growth, if the product happens to get into the eyes wash out with water immediately.

Are there side effects

The main ingredient in Wartrol is salicylic acid, it has an excellent safety profile approved for use in the treatment of warts by the FDA, there are no serious side effects however there was a reported dry skin and a mild redness of the skin.

How to use Wartrol

An important point before you start to use Wartrol is to make sure that you wash the wart and thoroughly dry the area around the wart.

  • Open the Waltrol bottle, take the dropper and fill it
  • Allows 1-3 does to fall onto the wart
  • Allow two minutes for the wart to dry
  • Don’t rinse the wart after applying Wartrol
  • You can apply Wartrol up to 3 times (do it once before bed)What is Wartrol image

How long before Wartrol works?

Providing you apply Wartrol as directed (eg 3 times a day) the warts should disappear within 7-14 days, it’s a good idea to avail of the special offer so that if the warts come back you have enough Wartrol to get rid of them again, it can happen that warts begin to reappear so it’s better to have a 3 months supply just in case.

.Wartrol testimonials

  • “I had a genital wart and I’ve tried many OTC products for months. Thank God I came across Wartrol. It helped me to get rid of warts in just 10 days! After a few days, I noticed that the wart had begun to dry and to change its shape, and then it just vanished. I would recommend Wartrol to everyone.”
  • “Upon the recommendation of a doctor, I began using Wartrol. In the beginning, I was suspicious that this product may help me with the problem of genital warts and I was already preparing myself for laser treatment, but after only a few weeks, I didn’t need to worry about this issue, because Wartrol removed every trace of wart.”
  • “I have had a problem with my hands (specifically with eczema) for years, and a few months ago, I got another problem – a wart on the ring finger of my right hand. I came across Wartrol on the internet and then consulted my doctor. After the doctor gave me the green light, I bought it on the internet and after only one week, the wart was gone. I advise all those who are planning laser or radio wave treatments to use Wartrol, because it helped me a lot.”


Up to this point we know of no known interactions

Can it be used long term

Warts can in some cases be a long term problem, it’s quite safe to use Wartrol over the long term

Where can I buy Wartrol

Wartrol is available online from the official website at a very nice discounted price.


I sincerely hope that you have enjoyed reading this post on what is Wartrol, you can also read the best way to remove warts by going here.




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