Tingling numbness hands and feet

Tingling numbness hands and feet

If you suffer from tingling numbness hands and feet this article will help you to understand why your hands and feet are numb and tingle, you will also learn how to relieve the pain of numb fingers and tingling.

The symptoms could be caused by a vitamin deficiency that can be fixed using a completely natural solution.

Tingling or numbness In your hands or feet?

There is finally a natural solution that has been shown to work.

There is a natural remedy for numbness and tingling in your feet and hands, that has been discovered by Japanese Scientists. 34 studies have been done on this natural breakthrough.

And it works by taking care of the tingling at its root cause.

Reasons for numbness tingling

The reason for tingling numbness hands and feet is the fact that they function much like as telephone wire, carrying information from one part of your body to yet another.

As you age, the less effective your nerves become at transmitting information.

They can be slowed down by environmental toxins such as second hand smoke, poor diet and lack of exercise.

The peripheral nerves slow the worst. These nerves are in your feet, hands, toes and fingers, and are carried by a thinner cable.

Any damage that they take dramatically slows them down.

Exactly what are you able to do about it?

Doctors have long known that vitamin B1 helps send signals from your brain to your toes, and also that high doses of vitamin B1 can promote healthy nerve tissue. And vice – versa.

Thiamine is, unfortunately, water-soluble. And so it is rapidly excreted through your urine. As a result, your body has a hard time building up reserves.

Japanese scientists discovered a way to fix this problem by creating a fat-soluble form of thiamine that’s a lot longer in the body than regular thiamine to help with tingling numbness hands and feet.

Benfotiamine (ben-foe-TIE-uh-men) is the fat-soluble form of thiamine.

It is also well proven in dozens of studies all over the globe to be safe and effective.

One study numbness tingling hands and feet

In one study

Doctors tested the ability of people to sense vibration in one study.

To begin with, they positioned a tuning fork near the foot.

Then the fork was vibrated so that the patient felt the vibration.

This test is used to determine the degree to which people can feel in their limbs.

The majority of the patients had no sensitivity to vibrations within their feet when they started this study.

The doctors then divided the individuals into 2 groups and gave them either benfotiamine or placebo.

The doctors and patients didn’t know which group of patients received benfotiamine.

The doctors repeated the vibration test nine weeks later.

They were amazed at the results

Those who were not able to feel some vibration just nine weeks earlier were now in a position to feel their feet.

Just weeks before, they could feel in their toes, which had been numb for weeks.

Benfotiamine treatment continued nine months later to improve the vibration sensitivity.

And it did so with no unwanted side effects.

But that is not all, read on and get all the answers to tingling numbness hands and feet.

Addresses the Real cause of Tingling

A second analysis discovered that benfotiamine gets right down to the root cause of what causes pain, numbness, and tingling:

Blood glucose.

As I mentioned before, when your blood sugar is too high, your organs will become unhealthy.

Unhealthy because it is caused by a process called glycation.

Glycation is simply the process of combining sugar with protein or fat.

You saw how glycation works in the kitchen. For instance, when you put the bread in the toaster, the sugars and protein rich foods in the bread cause it to turn brown.

When you combine sugar with protein, or fat with sugar, the same browning takes place.

It happens, for example, when you glaze a chicken, when you grill ribs, and when you caramelize onions.

Glycation doesn’t just happen in the kitchen, though. It can also occur in your body if you have a excess blood sugar.

Too much blood glucose image

Too much blood glucose

If you’ve a lot of blood glucose, your body is not able to metabolize it fast enough.

The extra sugar interacts with the proteins in your cells, and the proteins become “toasted,” which leads to the development of Advanced Glycation End Products, or AGEs.

It is these AGEs that cause your nervous system to tingle, become numb and painful and is the primary reason for tingling numbness hands and feet.


Researchers gave individuals a meal very high in AGEs-producing food, to see if benfotiamine reduces tingling, numbness and pain.

Then they determined how AGEs affected the bodies of the patients.

As soon as they took these measurements, they divided the patients into 2 groups:

A benfotiamine treatment was administered to one group. Another group received placebo, and the blood was measured again after 28 days.

The benfotiamine group had a 40 % lower level of AGEs in their blood!

This is astonishing because age effects are usually permanent.


Benfotiamine can be taken to help you treat numbness and tingling in your feet and hands.

Benfotiamine is, in my opinion, one of the most crucial breakthroughs in the field of nerve health in the last 50 years.

That’s why I reached out to Advanced Bionutritionals and asked them to provide a natural solution that would work to relieve tingling numbness hands and feet for you.

Advanced nerve support

Advanced Nerve Support is the name of the product that resulted.

Incidentally, the studies that have been done show that Advanced nerve support has the proper amount of benfotiamine, which is in line with what the experiments recommend.

But that’s not all I added, so I added four more ingredients.

Such ingredients as:

The B Vitamin which can reverse your tingling, and numbness painfulness.

Vitamin B12 is one of two different types, and those are cyanocobalamin and methyl-cobalamin.

Nevertheless, in case you would like relief from your tingling, pain or numbness, then you should take methylcobalamin.

The methylcobalamin is found in the form of vitamin B12 and is a bit better utilized by the body to reverse pain, numbness and tingling from the nerves.

Tingling numbness feet hands image

A recent analysis

In a recent analysis, researchers collected rats with damage to their peripheral nerves.

The researchers determined how well the rats logged either pain or feeling.

Then they measured compound muscle activation potential (or CMAP) for short.

The researchers divided the rats into 3 groups and one of the groups received no treatment.

In another study, a second group received an extremely low dose of methlycobalamin.

In addition, a third group of participants got a high amount of methylcobalamin.

They noticed something strange when they evaluated the rats again.

Rats receiving a high dose of methlycobalamin achieved higher compound muscle action potentials.

This means that the rats were able to feel and move their muscles more easily.

Then, something even stranger – the scientists discovered that peripheral nerves and myelin sheaths were actually rebuilding themselves!

Nerves heal themselves

The methylcobalamin helped the rats heal the nerves themselves, and also the methylcobalamin helped them heal.

You also want to keep these newly healed nerves protected from any damage in the future.

While the researchers in this study used rats as subjects, they concluded that methylcobalamin in humans may provide the very same support for peripheral nerves in higher doses.

In Advanced Nerve Support, you get the exact dose that you need to relieve tingling numbness hands and feet.

Advanced nerve support

Advanced nerve support

Right now you can purchase Advanced Nerve Support Formula for just USD 33.25. Which can save you around USD 85.50 monthly!

And since you can get all of the nutrients you need in one convenient supplement, the whole process is a lot easier because you don’t have to spend time mixing and matching individual nutrients.

All of the work has been carried out for you! Save over 40 dollars!

Not just that, Methylcobalamin improves additional ingredients in Advanced Nerve Support.

Helping Them Work Much Better.

And since you can get all of the nutrients you need in one convenient supplement, the whole process is a lot easier because you don’t have to spend time mixing and matching individual nutrients.

All of the work has been carried out for you! Save over 40 dollars!

Not just that, Methylcobalamin improves additional ingredients in Advanced Nerve Support, helping them work much better.

Coping with tingling/chronic pain makes you miserable.

Your health Can Be Destroyed By It!

Your chances of getting cardiovascular disease skyrocket.

Chronic pain contributes to problems of the heart and blood pressure, according to a study published in the Journal Of Pain Medication.

You experience sleep issues.

The same part of your brain which processes pain also decides when you sleep and awaken.

So you lie awake till your mind settles – then jolt awake in the middle of the evening.

The cells in your brain die prematurely.

Extra activity like that “wears out” your brain cells a lot quicker, researchers say.

As much as an 11 % reduction in the size of the brain was recorded in one study.

Your relationships suffer.

Depression, anxiety, and fatigue can all be caused by living in pain. This can cause you to experience a low self- esteem, lack of sexual intimacy and many other problems in your relationship.

That is why about seventy-five % of marriages for individuals with numbness or tingling ultimately lead to divorce.

You have to endure the pain all through your life.

The more time you live with tingling, the more it resets your mind, until it is impossible to treat.

More energy and lower blood Sugar with this anti-oxidant

The Cell communicator

Sometimes a deficiency of vitamin B6 can cause nerves to tingle, numbness or pain. Vitamin B6 is thought to support the production of neurotransmitters, which is essential for nerve function.

That’s not all, though.

There are more than 100 enzyme reactions in your body that require vitamin B6.

Vitamin B6 is thought to be one of the components in Advanced Nerve Support, which makes it even better for the rest of the ingredients.

Your nerve cells boost energy with this ingredient

Acetyl L-Carnitine is the last component in Advanced Nerve Support. Acetyl L-Carnitine is another one that can end up eating at your nerve endings, which is why I have included it in the formula.

When nerves are frayed like that, the natural processes of your body for dealing with pain become disorganized.

This is something that acetyl L-Carnitine helps to prevent by protecting the mitochondria inside your nerve cells.

Your nerves cease sending these pain signals when the power is back on, and you finally get some relief from tingling numbness hands and feet.

Advanced Nerve Support contains FIVE of these ingredients – all in one bottle!

You can get this 5-in-1 relief for just USD 1.10 a day! Now that’s the way to go to get natural relief from tingling hands and feet.

Advanced Bionutritionals guarantees that each ingredient is of the highest quality and is in the right dosage for you.

The best thing about this deal is that it provides your nerve support system time to adjust to the changes it requires – a 6-month supply will give your system time to adjust.


Tingling numbness hands and feet is a subject that interests a lot of people, I’m hoping that you are now more aware of the reasons for tingling numbness hands and feet, the symptoms and how a natural solution can help.











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